Title: Forces | Artist: Susumu Hirasawa | Show: Berserk

So, despite knowing Berserk existed for a long time and absorbing a surprising amount of knowledge of the franchise by just merely being in the anime community for nearly two decades, I never actually watched or read anything from Berserk, until relatively recently. Last year Netflix added the first of the three Berserk: The Golden Age Arc films (they have yet to add the other two for.....reasons, I guess), and that was my the first time I actually truly experienced anything Berserk related. With the new season looming on the horizon (just 3 weeks away!) I decided to watch all three films so I’m at least caught up on the core aspects of Guts’ backstory, which I completed the other day.


So decided I wanted to honor Berserk as we are finally on the cusp of having something besides the Golden Age Arc be animated, and since local mega fan jonuiuc covered the OP to the original Berserk anime last year, I decided to go another direction and picked what has to be the most famous piece of music to come from Berserk, the amazing OST track, “Forces” by the phenomenal Susumu Hirasawa. This track is considered by many to be one of the best OST tracks in anime, if not the best.

Since the track is already in its full form, I’ll instead toss in the almost equally beloved God Hand Mix remix below:

Aw screw it, it’s god damn “Forces”! I’m gonna go all out! Here, have a metal remix as well!

And one last, insanely trippy thing, here is Susumu Hirasawa, performing the 1.5 version of “Forces” live, by himself. Unfortunately you can’t really hear his vocals too well, but just the sheer sight of him playing this rather complex sounding song, completely solo, is still amazing.