Title: Waiting for the Rain | Artist: Sakamoto Maaya | Show: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk / The Asterisk War

Description: It’s the ending theme to Asterisk, one of the 3 magic high school shows in the Fall 2015 season. Asterisk is the middle child of the three: much worse than Chivalry, not quite as bad as Antimagic. I’m holding off on going in-depth on the show because I’ll be doing the Ani-TAY Review on it...


Why You Picked It: New Year’s Eve is my mother’s birthday, and I decided to go with a song I could actually get her to listen to. Waiting for the Rain is a mostly slow-paced song performed in Engrish, with a strong, beautiful piano line and a little bit of synth. The animation centers on Julis, the show’s main heroine, and abstracts the art style of the show rather nicely while still keeping to the hexagonal visual theme. It’s slightly reminiscent of Chivalry’s opening in terms of being both stylish and thematic, but like everything else it shares with Chivalry, at best it’s not quite there and it’s quite a bit more fanservicey. Oh well.