Description: It’s the Right Time is the ED of Parasyte - the maxim - a show that I have mentioned is my favorite more than one. You can find Let Me Hear the OP here.

Why I Picked it: Parasyte is a show with a lot of emotional highs and lows, using its action and horror in just the right mix to keep you glued to the screen as the story unfolds. Because of this it can be a bit draining to watch, and that is were It’s the Right Time steps in. In contrast to Let Me Hear, and its high enengy rock that gets you pumped for the show, It’s the Right Time is smooth, calming and combined with images of everyday life acts to reset your mind after each episode. Reminding you that the story is still set in a world that continues to move forward, regardless of the horrors it might witness.

Title: It’s the Right Time | Artists: Sonic Groove | Show: Parasyte - the maxim-

Here is my last OP/ED a Day:

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