Title: Clover | Artist: Meg Rock | Show: Solty Rei

Description: This is the opening to Solty Rei, a show whose plot was so weak I completely forgot about it until I watched the opening again. The main guy, a hardboiled cop or ex-cop or whatever, lost his daughter a while back, I don’t remember how she died. This cyborg girl he picks up in the first episode initally annoys the hell out of him, but her mannerisms begin to remind him of his daughter. Eventually, he warms up and starts to treat her almost as his own child while he saves her from various badguys that are out to get her. (I REALLY don’t bloody remember much of the plot details, like why she was being chased or what exactly she could do that was worth sending assassins and whatnot after her. The show was definitely forgettable.)


Why You Picked It: Despite the show being mediocre, this song has been one of my favorites for quite a while. I’m a big fan of songs with slower verses that ramp up for the chorus, and this one does a really good job of that. The lyrics talk about chasing after fairytale endings and finding happiness through your own power, so it’s a cute and uplifting bit of fluff on that end, too. It’s a solid, catchy song and it’s earned itself a permanent spot in my playlists.