Barely a few weeks after my first Nendoroid, Miss Monochrome, came in, my second one arrived. This time it is Iona from last year's excellent series Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova. Now before we look at Iona, I must state, I am a huge fan of the Arpeggio anime. Like massive, massive fan. It was my favorite series from last year that didn't continue into 2014(so my third favorite overall, because I only liked Kill la Kill and Silver Spoon more than it). Hell it even currently occupies a spot in my Top 10 favorite anime(though it is the one closest to the chopping block/in danger of being knocked out).

I'm so big of a fan that I bought model kits of Takao's and Iona's ship forms months ago...and still haven't put them together because I lack the tools to assemble them(in my defense, when I bought them I assumed they were snap together models like my Muv Luv one).

Needless to say I was all over the Iona Nendoroid the moment it went up for pre-order(just like I will with Takao's upcoming Nendoroid). So, how does Iona's Nendoroid stack up? Well, let's find out. And like last time, I tried to match all of the "official" poses on the box.

Not much to say about the box. Well except for the fact that they really took the series name to heart, cause there is a lot of blue going on.

Default Iona, straight outta the box. Kind of interesting that they made her default form the smiling face(Iona rarely expresses emotion in the anime).

Um.....Iona sticking her hand out?

Iona staring at a starfish. You see, Iona kind of has this thing with starfishes. For whatever reason, she likes to poke at the starfish that collect along her hull.

Dynamic jumping pose! Kind of amazed they included a second tie that looked like it was in motion, pretty much specifically just for this one pose.

Iona activating her Fog abilities/doing computing stuff(kind of the same thing, really....the Fog are alien machines.....). And seriously....screw those rings. They were such a damn pain to deal with.....T_T

Iona sitting on top of her console....thing inside her helm.

And that's it for the official poses! But that's not all the poses I took pics of. Did a couple more, mainly because, well, to be frank, her official poses were kind of...lame....compared to Miss Monochrome's.

Like I said, Iona likes to poke at starfish, so I decided to at least try and recreate that.

And now the pose I am displaying her in. You see, while the official pose of Iona using her abilities isn't wrong, she does actually stand up to do it from time to time, the overwhelming majority of the time, she uses her powers while sitting down just like that.


As for my overall thoughts on Iona's Nendoroid. Well, I mean it isn't bad. Just kind of odd how Miss Monochrome's was cheaper, but Iona comes with fewer accessories. I chalk that up to Iona technically having two stands(with one being rather complex), so I guess it is a wash. Also it was a pain doing the poses where Iona needed her"arm" connecting her to the stand, because her hair is really long in the back, forcing you to put the arm in at an odd angle and kind of limits her head's movements. The poses without the arm(the three where she is sitting), were much easier to do. All in all, if you liked Arpeggio of Blue Steel, I definitely say you should get this Iona Nendoroid.

As for what my next Nendoroid shall be? Well aside from any I buy at my upcoming local anime convention in two weeks, it will be....

Oh. Hell. Yes.