The New Vanguard Season, which is Called Cardfight!! Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis has been airing for some weeks. To tell you the Truth…It is Amazing!

When I say Amazing, I am not just talking as a Fan of the Franchise, but as a watcher. I can say this is one of the Best Seasons in the whole Series, including the seasons of the original Anime. I mean, on the fandom the consensus were more or less this:

Season 1- Awesome.

Season 2- Enjoyable if you tolerate the Dejavus.

Season 3- Good.

Season 4- A Chore that overstayed it´s welcome (It should have been a 20 something chapter instead of 40 something)

G Season 1- Divisive. Some likes it and others hate it.

But now. With GIRS Crisis, we might be seeing a Season that even can surpass the First Season of the Original Series. From History, Characters and more. Let us see why I think that way:

It Puts you up quickly to what happened before.

If you are hesitant because you didn´t watched the past season Don´t Worry! You can always Read My Cover Articles-, I mean the anime summarizes quite easily and fast what happened. Which is that Our Heroes (Team Try3) defeated a powerful Team (Team Demise) who participated on the Nationals and then defeated a Branch Chief, making him Quit. So they are the Team of everyone´s is talking about and that´s it what you need to know basically.


Of course, knowing more details and such will make you appreciate more things. But in order to know what is happening, is not much required.

It makes the Next Logical Question.

One of the main themes of the Past Season was “Open Yourself to the Possibility of a New Future” , which Our Heroes made either by opening themselves to others (Chrono); Putting Away your own Obstacles(Tokoha); Or looking at the Future with Different Eyes (Shion).


So on this News Season, right on the first Chapter, they receive the Question “What Doy you want for Your Future?”, this on a School Test, but this Question transcends that, because logically, now that the Try3 Team has a new Future in front of them then. What kind of Future do they want to have? And even more…What if that Future is not the one you hoped it was? Specially on Shion´s Part (More on that later).

Quickly Puts an Objective.

A Popular Complaint of the Past season was that during the first half, the Anime didn´t have a main Focus, and it was more as a Slice-of-Life Anime with a Cards motif, rather than a Card Anime. And while that was fine for me and it made that every character had an amazing development. Some people were annoyed by it and decided to stop watching the season.

Well, luckily for them since Chapter one, we were greeted with a clear objective. Which is the G Quest, in which a Team can go to a Branch Office building of the Vanguard Association and participate in a Tournament or an Activity in which you fight for Stamps. If you win you will get more stamps, and when you get 50 (Ergo going to 5 different Branch Office since you can´t go twice to the same branch) will give you the opportunity to be a Clan Leader. And with that it means that the Vanguard Association will recognize your hability and will basically give you a job, since the Clan Leaders work as a some form of Assistants to the Branch Manager. Pretty Sweet, huh?

And they show that on the first and second chapter, giving the watcher a quickly set in order to see the story going forward.

The Veterans are Back and they don´t Steal the Show!!

When they announced that the Characters of the original series will come back (Kai, Aichi, Leon,Ren, Miwa, Naoki, etc), I will say that I was Hyped…But also I was worried. I was worried that they will steal the Spotlight and everything will be about them when they are on camera… As I have seen on other Cartoons/Series/Animes when a new Generation appears and the Old guard comes in for a while.


Gladly My fears were Misplaced. Since as of right now we have seen The apparition of various Veterans and they truly Don´t steal the Spotlight, but contribute with the History, either filling some Plot Holes of the Past season or just having a random chat with Our Heroes.

It is also worth mentioning that the Veterans get also some more background. That it goes to say what are they doing right now, to even fill some unanswered questions of the Original series. As an example of this we have Aichi, the First Main Character, we didn´t know who was his Father or what happened to him. Now, we know that Aichi Went to Yale and is living with his Dad, who work on the United States.


Ando so forth one gets to know all those little details in a way were one feels that they aren´t interfering with what the focus should be.

It has it´s Feet on the Ground.

One of the things that I Liked more about Vanguard, and made me a huge fan of it, it was because how good were it´s feet on the reality. I mean on the first Season of the Original Series, there was no danger, The Earth wasn´t in danger that it can only be solved by Playing Cards. Of course, the series had a Supernatural Element, but it hasn´t anything out of the ordinary. Heck, they even acknowledge that there are other Card Games about there (They said the phrase that “Among the Card Games of the Moment. Vanguard is the one who gets the most attention right now”).With the pass of the Seasons that element of close to reality and things like World threating things and such appeared, of course without putting The Card Game as important as Politics or Economy (I am looking at you Yu-Gi-Oh! GX).


And that on this Season is reminded us quite Well… Spoilers for Chapter 4 and 5 comes Now. Shion, who was the Heir of a Rich Family, After a Celebration for reach to “Adulthood” (in a Barmitzbah Way withouth being jew) he is greeted that when he reachs the legal age, he will be the new Heir of all of his Family Companies.

Well After his Uncle is Kidnaped alongside a Family´s Treasure, he goes to see the person who did that, which was a Dude who wanted to buy the Company. This Person – who goes with the Nickname of Ace- challenges Shion to a Cardfight putting on the line the welfare of his Uncle, the Family´s Treasure and the Company Ownership. On the Duel Shion Suffer a Loss, but what he did not know is that Ace guy was only Messing with him, since in reality he was paid by his Uncle in order to shame the New Heir and he Streamed the fight to all the investors. Showing to them that this Kid is only a Brat who puts on the line Companies, family belongings and the Life of People for mere Childs Cardgames.

Needless to say, after that Humiliation. The Board decided to put him away as the Heir of the Company, fire his Dad and put his Brother on command, making them go to Poverty quite fast. So now Shion´s Future has been changed- or rather Destroyed. And the Show is doing an amazing job on showing how Shion its suffering because of it, he is trying to put an “I´m Fine” Face to his friends and acquaintances, but in truth he is desperate and struggling in order to keep going forward.


These signs of excellent script in both Story and character development are amazing, combined that the writers don´t forget that this is a Childrens Card game what they are writing about, so it is ridiculous to make it look like the next big thing since the Sliced bread! And that is something I respect greatly.

The New Characters

On this Season, besides the fact that they said that Veterans will be coming back, they also hyped it up that two new Characters will be joining the cast, I am talking about Luna and Am, who are Idols and together they are the known as Rumi Labyrinth.


Rumi Labyrinth is the Idol Group that the Vanguard Association made in order to promote the G Quest, and serve as the Marketing material for such thing.

Now, Vanguard has used Idols on the past, on the Original series we had Ultra Rare and such. But this is the first time on were this characters feel… I don´t know, interesting. I mean, make no mistake, I liked Ultra Rare (Specially Suiko <3),but most of their appearances on the first two seasons could have been done by any other character, and it wasn´t until the third season when they were fleshed out and become memorable.

That is not the case with Rumi Labyrinth. Since bot Luna and Am, Both of them are truly amazing characters who has a lot of personality and background and are a perfect fit for the Vanguard´s World. Luna , for example, is a new Idol chosen by the Agency and is truly inexperienced on this kind of Business. I mean she knows how to sing and dance, but the Essays, the hand shake, the signature, and all the other things behind the Curtain she doesn´t truly know how to operate; On the other side we have Am, who since little she has been on the Business, so she knows the inns and outs of this and serves as a some form of Sempai to Luna.


In any case, these two characters are charming, not intrusive, have their own unique flavor and are a great addition to the cast.

In Short. Cardfight!! Vanguard: GIRS Crisis is an Amazing Anime, that if you want to check something different than the favorite anime of the moment, and something that is of a big quality. I recommend to you to give this a chance.

You Can watch it on Daisuki and The Official Youtube Channel