In the year 2014 there were multiple characters who succeeded at becoming best girl in the shows I enjoyed. This post goes out to all the best girls, may they continue being the best at being best in 2015 and beyond.

Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie in April)

Violin playing, twinkle star singing, Kousei kicking awesomeness. Poised to become the best girl of best girls in 2015.

Sinon (Sword Art Online II)

The breakout star of Kirito's group of ladies as well as a bold interloper in presenting Excalibur to Kirito in front of his waifu, Sinon made her mark this year. The Friendship Grenade was a bold move Asada-san, well done.

Aki Mikage (Silver Spoon)

Although she lacks on the book front and is about as dense as a rock on the romantic front, Mikage makes up for it with her superior equestrian skills and endearing personality.

Princess Asselyum (Aldnoah Zero)

One of the true survivors of 2014, she'll be back with a vengeance this season keeping the kawaii in Aldnoah Zero.

Chiyo Sakura (Monthly-Girls Nozaki-kun)

Will she ever get Nozaki-kun to notice her? Not likely, but she wins the award for most hilarious best girl of 2014. Best hair bows in the business.

Aoi Miyamori (Shirobako)

Between street racing, coordinating the last episode of Exodus and meeting Kanno, Idepon-Miyamori is a winner in my book. Don don donuts let's go nuts!

Rin Tohsaka (Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works)

Everyone's favourite tsundere had a great 2014, getting that stubborn Emiya-kun to go on a date with her. Promising not to go easy on him, 2015 should be a landmark year for her.

Linda-senpai (Golden Time)

Linda-senpai was a big winner in 2014, finally resolving her feelings (I think?) for her best friend before happily continuing on her way. Wait since she didn't get him in the end, does that make her a loser? Who can say.