Tensions are running high. Fingers are being pointed. People are splitting up. And then one giant WTF moment as the icing on the cake. It’s Mayoiga this week!

I’ve seen some discussion in forums and even here in comments about how people seem to be disappointed with Mayoiga because people aren’t dying quickly enough. But as a founding member of “I want everyone to die” club, I’m actually happy that Mayoiga is taking its time. Let me explain.

As much as we want people to start dying for our own enjoyment (now there’s a morbid phrase...oh well) it’s important for Mayoiga to develop its characters and its situation in order for us to care. If people were starting to die off so quickly, the show would quickly turn into a mediocre meat grinder where nothing would be important except seeing the ways people die. It would be a glorified Final Destination anime. There’s an anime that already suffered from this problem, and funnily enough it was directed by the same director, Another.

By the end of Another, it was really hard to care about any of the members of that cast, and the show had to show more and more gruesome deaths in order for us to continue watching. Everything but the deaths became meaningless after a certain point. So far and particularly this episode, Mayoiga is paying a lot of attention to the group dynamics, and while that’s difficult with 30 people, I believe it will pay off in the end.

I’ve likened the show to a B horror movie before, and the connection still stands in my opinion. We’d be around minute 40 in that kind of movie, right around the time where our characters would be afraid of the “haunted house”, debating what to do, and starting to turn on each other, which is exactly what happens this episode. It’s that suspicion that needs to be slowly baked into our characters so that when the deaths and mayhem actually come later, that it starts to be meaningful, and not just for spectacle.


Right now, Mayoiga is a pie in the oven that’s slowly cooking. We can take it out and eat/start killing people now. But it won’t nearly be as satisfying unless we wait for all the ingredients and all our characters to start developing together so that it’ll be at its most delicious/entertaining.

With all that said, what the eff is that thing?

Some quick hits from this week:

  • Koharun definitely let Jack out of the prison. I can see it in her eyes. I can’t really blame her either. It’s important to not lose your humanity in this kind of situation, unlike LovePon who is in desperate need of psychiatric intervention. Even if what we’re getting from her is really fun to watch.
  • “Catacomb Assbound”- Just excellent.
  • “But size doesn’t matter” - I see what you did there Nataiya ;)
  • For all the hate that Valkana was getting from viewers (including me) it was nice to see him stand up for Koharun a bit when Mikage was going after her. I thought their little moment back in Episode 3 would be important, and we’re already getting dividends on it. He is definitely calming down, and even taking a leadership position in the group. I dare say he might be becoming my favorite, from how far he came from his irritating self in the beginning.
  • This is a really underrated moment in my opinion. I’ve stated my dislike for our MC on many occasions, but for other characters apart from Speedstar to know how gullible, naive and frankly stupid our MC is? It gives me reason to believe that Mari Okada knows what she’s doing and this isn’t an accident. That more than anything else that happened this episode confirms my belief in this show’s direction going forward.
  • LovePon is beautiful and terrifying. Mostly terrifying.
  • The guys at CR get a lot of hate for their poor translations, but I have to give them credit here for all the cat puns they find for everything Nyanta says.
  • Masaki is surprisingly capable. Unfortunately, that means we’re 0/2 on attempts on MC’s life.

TF is Tokimune? We’ll have to wait to find out next week!