.... and I, Gugsy, will fulfill my duty even if this is going to get bumpy. Especially with the biggest theory left to us super sleuths being debunked. Sigh. Let’s not get lost out there!

By now, you’ve probably thought of or maybe have heard of one of the latest great theories left to us in Mayoiga, but if not, let me spell it out for you. It was believed that Speedstar wasn’t real and was only a figment of Mitsumune’s imagination. Everything leading up to this episode suggested that Mitsumune’s messed up in the head, and Speedstar was a perfect representation of it! The “older, wiser” character who tries to keep Mitsumune out of trouble constantly. The fact that in at least 3 and maybe all 4 episodes, he tells Mitsumune, “Trust me, I’ve never been wrong before”. And the fact that no one had ever talked to him or even acknowledged his existence outside of Mitsumune. But damn it, halfway through this episode someone noticed Speedstar:

Noooo! Bad Puuko! Now what are we going to do about Generic-kun?!

I had the puzzle pieces set up, the screenshots to prove his non-existence and then it all came crumbling down oh so quickly. Leave it to Puuko and Maimai to talk to Speedstar about Mitsumune not leaving with the rest of the group (Right thing to do, but way too late) and burn the theory to the ground. At least Speedstar is still dropping truth bombs on everyone.

The Reverend Speedstar on his pulpit, every Friday night!

There’s an interesting discussion to be had here about the group’s decision to leave the village. We all know how silly and flimsy some of the reasons people gave for joining this group in the first place. At the slightest provocation, these guys and girls escaped the realities of their lives in search of something easier, the grass on the other side. Most viewers would probably agree that most of them should have toughed it out and overcome these relatively minor issues. All of us have a lot of difficulties in our own lives, and we don’t or can’t run away to find something easier.


And yet, in this village when strange things start to happen, all of us viewers would probably agree that the safest bet would be to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible and escape from the weirdness that they find in this village. When they actually try and do this though, they’re stuck and forced to return to the village. They’re forced to live with the hand that they have been given and to continue to live their lives among the strangeness of the village. Now we’ll get to see who has the fortitude and grit, who gets stronger and who gets weaker when things get tougher. Tougher than it would have been in the real world had they stuck it out there.

Back to the episode, there can still be some plausible, rational arguments to be had here in explaining some of the other eery stuff happening around our group. The bus can quickly get stuck in mud out in the middle of nowhere, meaning the departure group couldn’t escape. This also could have been what forced Bus Driver to join them eventually. And in a deep fog in the middle of the night, it can be very easy to get lost and start going in circles. But we’re firmly in the Supernatural Horror genre for now, and it will take a lot of coincidences and explanations for The Lost Village to ever get back into realistic territory. People are seeing dead relatives, seeing former enemies escape to take their revenge (Jack out of nowhere!), and even seeing giant versions of Mitsumune which would be the most terrifying thing in my opinion. Seriously, one normal sized Generic-kun is bad enough.

You and me both Nyanta. I have the same expression whenever Generic-kun and Masaki are alone together.

So what’s happening here, and what can we predict going further? The easiest and probably most likely thing going forward is that each member is going to be haunted by the figure that takes up the largest portion of their current thoughts and/or is their obsession. Bus Driver is seeing his long dead daughter, Maimai is seeing the object of her love interest Mitsumune (Fucking really? C’mon girl, you can do much better). She probably saw him as giant because he’s taking up more and more of her thoughts but she’s still trying to deny it to everyone including herself. And finally, Hyoketsu no Judgement bit the dust mud to Jack (or fake Jack). However, we don’t see a body and we all know what that means.

You don’t know what Jack’s seen, maaaaan.

So who might be safe going forward? Mitsumune is probably (arghh), because he’s too stupid and oblivious to be that bothered by anything. Unless that something becomes Masaki later .... one can dream! Speedstar and Lion seem well adjusted enough. Koharun/Female Guide seems pretty collected herself as well. And I think in talking with Valkana last episode, she may have inadvertently saved him from this sort of fate. Masaki obviously knows something but won’t spill the beans, but if anything, I think Generic-kun will save her or die trying (the much better option, am I right?).


Maybe the guy in the hat, Toriyasu, will be guilted into death by his coworkers after the prank he apparently left them? Maybe the PDA couple will also be haunted by their families’ disapproval of their elopement? And while those last two are stretching, the rest we honestly haven’t seen enough from them to make any decent speculations.

New conspiracy, Masaki’s about to murder all y’all! ... Yeah, maybe not, but it would be fun.

The dominoes have been set up. It’s all going to come down to the execution of both the story and the remaining character exposition of our still too huge cast. I’m pretty disappointed that this seems to be becoming Final Destination: The Anime, and not Lord of the Flies. Does Mari Okada, have enough time to fully flesh out both this and the currently airing Kiznaiver? Will Tsutomu Mizushima end up giving us Another 2: Electric Bugaloo? Sound off in the comments!