Somehow missed this amazing face. Gather round as Kikko and Grandpa Gugsy walk you through Concrete Revolutio episodes 1-7 (Stick around for the Post ED this week!)

In this week’s episode, it is Earth-chan’s time to shine. The little Satellite that could do no wrong hit on three of the oldest Superhero tropes of all time: she stops a robbery, saves a falling animal from a tree and helps old people cross the street. While she has her own clear definition of what’s right and just and what isn’t, many other superheroes clearly live more in the grey areas. Particularly with the other major character introduced this episode: Judas. After Earth-chan had reformed him to be a good superhero, he eventually ended up in an evil organization once again. That scene in the cafe was very informative. Superheroes are not all behind the Bureau and their intentions, and not all of them show themselves as heroes to the general public like Earth-chan does. Ultimately, it’s up to Kikko and Judas to help Earth-chan understand lying for the greater good, and the grey areas of Justice. The dream Earth-chan has with what seems to be family, what was that? Maybe a past life before she became the satellite superhero? In other news, I loved that supid helmet and telephone that Kikko brought all the way to space. It was just so goofy. Finally, it wouldn’t be a true Concrete episode if we didn’t have a time skip, would it? What happened to Earth-chan in the end that Scarf Jiro, Judas and the male/female android Megasshin had to save? We’ll have to wait and see how these various threads get tied up.

14th of Shinka Era: Gigantopitecus Gigantus found on an island in the Indian Ocean. (Episode 4)

17th of Shinka Era: US Army brings Superhumans to fight the giant beast. (Episode 4)

19th of Shinka Era: An unspecified war ends. (Episode 1)

29th of Shinka Era: In Tokyo, the doctor finds Emi and a naked Jiro (without left arms locks!) on a bridge after a beast attack. (Episode 4)

January, 34th of Shinka Era: Hiroyuki, the homeless boy, finds the baby Gagon.(Episode 4) At the same time, Jiro’s first encounter with GigantoGon(Episode 5)


Januray, 41st of Shinka Era: The Bureau encounters Gross Augen for the first time. Earliest appearance of Jiro with the locks and bandages on so far. (Episode 4)

July, 40th of Shinka Era: Judas and the Diamond Eaters. Earth-chan comes and battles Judas. (Episode 7)

Januray, 41st of Shinka Era: The Bureau encounters Gross Augen for the first time. Earliest appearance of Jiro with the locks and bandages on so far. (Episode 4)

June 30, 41st of Shinka Era: Mountain Horses claim this is when they received their superhuman status at the Nippon Budokan. (Episode 6)

July, 41st of Shinka Era: Kikko joins the Bureau, Gross Augen leaves Earth. (Episode 1)


August, 41st of Shinka Era: Fuuruota joins the Bureau, and stops the bug species. (Episode 2)

August-November, 41st of Shinka Era: Beasts begin attacking and many Superhumans appear to defeat them. (Episode 4).

November, 41st of Shinka Era: Kikko and Jiro meet with Beastly Radio Wave. (Episode 4)

February, 42nd of Shinka Era: The robot detective and the female robot incident. (Episode 3)


April, 42nd of Shinka Era: Master Ultima returns from Mars. Beastly Radio Wave is exposed, Jiro activates his locks. (Episode 4)

July, 42nd of Shinka Era: Diving to find the released US Beast. (Episode 5)

June-August (Summer), 42nd of Shinka Era: Earth-chan stops Master Ultima from visiting Japan with his alien beasts. (Episode 7)

October, 42nd of Shinka Era: Fuuruota joins the Mountain Horses as help. (Episode 6). At the same time, Emi meets with Ullr; Kikko and Judas battle Earth-chan and their conflicting ideologies. (Episode 7)


November, 42nd of Shinka Era: Angel Stars have their TV debut. Police and Public Security have endorsed Super Humans, while studying Superhuman Suppression drug, Neynorine. (Episode 6)

Early 44th of Shinka Era: Beast attacks and the craze over Beasts dies down. (Episode 5)

October, 44th of Shinka Era: At the Mountain Horses show, Jiro’s not with the Bureau any longer and is possibly against the Bureau. Up to this point, Jiro is sans scarf. (Episode 6)

45th of Shinka Era: Osaka Earth Expo mentioned. (Episode 6)

April, 46th of Shinka Era: Kikko finds and chases down Scarf Jiro. Scarf Jiro refuses to return to the Bureau. (Episode 1)


February, 47th of Shinka Era: Male robot returns to Japan. Robot detective is disillusioned with Japan, fights Scarf Jiro. (Episode 3)

April, 47th of Shinka Era: Scarf Jiro and Judas break into Ikuta Laboratory to find Earth-chan. (Episode 7)


August, 48th of Shinka Era: The bug queen confronts Fuuruota. Scarf Jiro emerges to calm the bug queen and comforts Fuuruota. (Episode 2)

And that’s where we are at so far in Concrete Revolutio. Let me know if I’ve made a mistake somewhere!

Thank you Federico for the Images!