Last time I got a Loot Anime crate, it arrived early. This time it arrived a tiny bit late, like in the next month late. Granted that was partially my doing as I ordered this one later than usual. Anyways, this month’s theme is Dimension, and the included series are all isekai, aka “trapped in another world” series. The represented series are the series that started the recent isekai boom Sword Art Online, SAO’s “smarter” cousin Log Horizon, 2016's smash hit isekai series Re:ZERO(granted 2016 was actually a fan-fucking-tastic year for isekai anime as I loved every single one of them that I saw), and finally a year after the first crate it was supposed to appear in but had to be pulled from because of the quality of its item, No Game No Life. So like always, let’s start with what the crate actually looks like:

Things are looking a this time as for the first time since the music-themed crate, my Loot Anime crate was missing the orange side panels and Crunchyroll branding(don’t worry, I don’t think the Loot Anime x CR deal has ended because the poster inside still has that branding). Moving on, the inside flap:

We get this upside down image of a fantasy world. Despite the lack of obviously removeable parts like the last few have had on their flap, I get the feeling this is another transforming box.

The first item is:

A pretty damn sweet shirt of Jibril, one of my favorite characters from No Game No Life. I have a feeling this, or at least another NGNL shirt was supposed to be the item included all the way back in the second Loot Anime crate ever released(which was actually the first one I ever got), because the Rokka item they used to replace it with was a shirt....that happened to be the same design of a Rokka shirt I already owned, just with a different color scheme. Either way, this is an awesome shirt and I’ll get much use out of it as it joins my regularly worn t-shirt rotation.

The second item is:

It’s a chibi figure of Asuna in her ALO outfit. I must admit that I am actually happy that it appears that including figures is going to be something that happens every now and then. So what does the figure look like out of the box?

It is pretty cute, and nicely detailed given the scale. Only issue I had was getting it on the base, as this figure uses one of those annoying L-shaped sticks that plug into the back of figure and the base, rather than usual foot pegs. I detest these stand sticks....anyways, not as good as the Umaru figure from a few crates back, but then again that was a figure from Good Smile Company, so it was basically cheating.

The third item is:

It is a double-sided Re:ZERO picture frame featuring the breakout twin maids Rem and Ram. Rem, being the runaway favorite between the two gets top billing here with her side on the front. Ram gets relegated to the back side of the packaging:

I gotta be honest, much as I like Re:ZERO and both Rem and Ram, I don’t really have much use for this, because I just don’t use picture frames. That being said, I will probably still display it, because it is freaking Rem and Ram, and until my god damn Rem Nendoroid arrives in the mail eventually, this will have to do.

The fourth item is:

Oh sweet, this month’s manga is Log Horizon! *starts flipping through it, notices a distinct lack of pictures, with words in their place*


Wait.....what?! They actually gave us a freaking light novel for once! It finally god damn happened! So many light novel series included that they gave us the manga of instead, that it just became second nature to assume any book included from a light novel series would be its manga adaptation instead. Nope! This right here is the real god damn deal. The actual book that started the series. Albeit in a compact form. It is narrower than the usual copies of this book, with everything being smaller in response. Still, hell of an idea to make the included book be for Log Horizon, easily the least popular of the included series in this crate. In fact checking the back of the poster, this was their intention all along.

The fifth item is:

They doubled down on the SAO love in this crate by giving us a pair of SAO socks. You either got Asuna socks or Kirito socks, and as you can see I got the Asuna socks. Not gonna lie, I’m actually ok with the socks, because the last time I got socks from them it was a pair of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Puzzle socks, and they were pretty damn comfy.

Last, but not least the phone charm:

It’s Yume in a video game mage outfit. Pretty cute. Last crate’s was cuter, though. As I said before, their charm game lately has been amazing.

Now as for the box, it indeed transformed! Here are the results:

On one side a rather normal and boring metropolis background. On the other side:

A video game/fantasy world. Well that was rather neat.

So all in all, this isn’t a bad crate by any stretch of the imagination, but it most certainly is a downgrade, or rather a bit of falling back down to Earth after they shot for the stars with the amazing contents of the prior crate. I mean with last crate being my favorite yet by a good wide margin, I was always prepared for the followup crate to feel a little “meh” in comparison, even if I loved all the series in the crate. That being said, this crate still has some awesome items, with a cool shirt, a great little figure, and of course a freaking light novel.


As for the next crate’s theme, it is Together, and is all about series that focus on bonds between characters, for good and bad. The series represented in it are One Piece Film Gold, Haikyuu!! Season 3(aka the best season), The Boy & The Beast, and Mr. Osomatsu. I still haven’t seen The Boy & The Beast, and I’m not a One Piece fan in the slightest, but I am excited for the Haikyuu!! and Mr. Osomatsu items, whatever they may be. It would be extremely cruel if the Osomatsu item is a randomly selected chibi figure of one of the Sextuplets. Anyways, that’s it for this unboxing. Next one should be happening in a couple of weeks.