After resolving the incident at the end of the first season Nanami keeps getting better at her duties as the goddess of the earth and his relationship with Tomoe is changing little by little and it seems like if getting back to normal. But she receives an invitation to Izumo, a place where all the gods gather annually, but the gods are still not very convinced with a mere human being a god, so to go there she must first pass a test. But what is expecting her there?

(Warning, this review is for the second season of a show, so this review assumes you watched the first season and hence will include spoilers. You can check the review of the first season here.)

Improving By Staying The Same

The show still has all the great things of the first season: The great art style, the smart camera work and the comedic timing, but one department where it does improves from the first, is in the romantic but of the series. The first season had a little trouble balancing the romantic and comedic bits but this one finds the right balance between the two. It does not changes the formula that worked on the first season, but at the same time it fixes one of the aspects where it faltered a little. As a second season it does its work in trying to improve from the first.

Getting To Know Our Characters More

In this season we are treated to a look at the past of both Nanami and Tomoe. In the case of Nanami we get to see her childhood and how her family situation was what make her the strong headed but caring person she is today. In Tomoe's case we get to see more of his more dark and violent past and more information about the person who changed how he acted and why she is afraid of growing close to Nanami. It was such a nice treat seeing why both characters act in the way they do as it makes them more believable and easier to relate to them

Making Steady Progress

Even when more characters are growing attracted to Nanami, you can see how she is totally devoted to Tomoe and how Tomoe has really start to grow attached to Nanami and realizing his feelings for her are probably stronger that his fears. Their relationship that was already charming and natural keeps taking steps in the right direction. Being shown Tomoe's past we start to really get why he was afraid of becoming closer to Nanami but how his growing attraction for her may be worth of letting go of her past (Albeit it is a little bit too similar to Inuyasha's relationship between Inuyasha, Kagome and Kikyo for those who are familiar with that series).

Developing Secondary Characters

One of my complaints with the first season was how much neglected the secondary characters were in comparison with Nanami and Tomoe, but this season improves this with things like giving Mizuki more involvement in the overall story. But the biggest improvement we see is that a whole arc is dedicated to Kurama, the tengu turned idol, who we find out was actually the son of the chief of the tengu mountains where all of his kind resides. We get to see his past and his true nature through his return to his village so he stops being a one dimensional character. It's nice seeing they are now using the potential these characters had.

A False Start

At the start the show introduces a new character, Akurao, a former spirit who was the former partner of the old Tomoe who's spirit now resides in a normal human called Akihito and it's in search of clues as to where his real body resides. He and Tomoe were two violent spirits who enjoyed destruction. Thanks to the show exploring a little of their past it starts with a overall darker tone than the first season that may trick some, but after this the show returns to its more charming supernatural tone, so it felt a little dissonant

Another Big Tease

Once again the show suffers from it's short run. The problem is not the slow pace, but the way they introduce more mysteries and tease at the answers for the ones introduced in the first season without really resolving almost anything. It may feel like another tease for some but I guess there's always the source material (the original manga by Julietta Suzuki, which you really should check if you liked the Anime and can't wait for more) but if you're looking for any kind of closure you won't find it here

While it starts little darker than the first season, it doesn't lose the charm and quirkiness of the first, Nanami and Tomoe relationship is still fun and sweet to watch and it keeps developing in a natural way. It's nice seeing the show taking a little bit more of time to develop characters that were neglected in the first season.


Once again falls in the same problem with a particular character and his subplot in the second season, introducing more questions than answers but still is a very light and fun watch. It doesn't deviate too much from what the first season did, so many of the things I mentioned in the review of the first season can be applied here

Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita) is currently available for free and legal streaming on Funimation (with dubs available for the first season and the first 6 episodes of season 2) and Crunchyroll (on selected countries)


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