Anyone who has talked to me throughout the year probably knows by now that I am a massive fan of Kill la Kill, and it is probably fitting that the series ends up forming bookends to my year with my review of the series itself being one of my first reviews on Ani-TAY this year, and now as part of my end of the year works, I am looking at my recently arrived Nendoroid of Satsuki Kiryuin. Like always, I will try and do every pose that is on the box.

Like always, I begin with a pic of the figure in its box, and honestly, this is actually a really nice box. It has a bunch of nice little details, mainly in the form of cut lines all over the box. But it goes beyond just that, several parts of the box has this nice gloss-like finish to it and what looks like some raised texturing to the letters and numbers on it, and of course having Satsuki's name in the series' trademark big, bold, red font right on the display window on the front. All in all, this is by far the best of the boxes for the Nendoroids I own so far.

Moving on, we have Satsuki in her default, straight from the box form. Do note how she's at the very edge of her base, that will be brought up again soon.

Next we have Satsuki holding Bakuzan in its scabbard. And if you notice, I am now using two bases. No I didn't steal one from my other Nendos(though I totally could have, seeing how I'm not using Iona's standard base right now). No, Satsuki is so epic, she comes with two bases, for specific reasons, sure, but for now it makes a handy makeshift solution to the fact that her hair gets in the way so much it was damn near impossible to pose her on just one standard base.

Moving on, we have Satsuki holding Bakuzan and activating her Kamui Junketsu. Not much else to say about this pose, really, aside from the fact that it was damn hard to keep Bakuzan in her hand in this particular pose.

Now this is the real reason she comes with two stands, for this specific pose involving a small chunk of Honnoji Academy. And dear god was this pose a bitch. At least to do where I took this picture. I'm sure it would work better on a solid, flat surface. The main problem is that with all of the weight being transferred to the steps, the base holding Satsuki up kept being lifted off of the ground. It was also this pose that made me realize that while Satsuki has a lot of piece, many of them were dedicated to pulling off this particular pose. For example, her lower torso, her entire left leg, and her"thigh"(or rather right leg joint, I guess) in this pose are all mainly made just for this. I had to swap out her right leg joint for one that specifically had longer pegs just to create this forced perspective illusion that she was walking up the steps, while also giving her another point of weight distribution.

Oh yes, Satsuki also has her trademark shouting face as well.

And lastly, the pose I am currently displaying her in, and the one that really made this whole thing worth it, a recreation more or less of the scene we first meet Satsuki in, her famous "pigs in human clothing" speech. The funny thing is, this pose isn't on the box at all, but is part of the official pictures of the figure.


All in all I quite like it. On the one hand, the lack of true dynamics in the poses is a bit disappointing, and I would have loved it if she had a set of parts for an activated Junketsu, but I'll take that final pose any day. She may be a small figure, but I'll be damned if she isn't commanding attention from the middle of my display stand right now. If you are a fan of KlK and especially a fan of Satsuki and you want a figure, you aren't going to find many high quality figures for as cheap as this is currently selling for.