Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa is a Supernatural/ Science Fiction/ HaremRomantic Comedy which had it´s Anime premier this Week. And is one who will break a lot, if not all, the conceptions we have about Harem Series.

First: Yes. I will be talking more about the Manga than the Anime (since the later only have one chapter aired so far :P).


You See. In the Comedy Week there was this interesting Article about the Dere´s on the Harem Series. Well, after reading it i came to the realization of a lot of things. Things that are more or less cringeworthy, but are the norm. I´m not saying that i can´t enjoy those series, because i do! (Monster Musume is one of my favorite Mangas BTW).

But Now, comparing a lot of things with Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa is that this Series truly breaks the mold on Harem stories!. Let´s take a look on why i say what i say.

The Main Character is not Oblivious to the situation.

Kuromine Asahi, a man who is just like a Swiss Chesse, full of holes, and his mind is an open book.


Well. This person, unlike the normal main character, is not oblivious of the situation and his feelings.

I´m saying this because most Harem MC are , besides being the only Male character that somewhat matters, truly fool and oblivious because they doesn´t notice that a lot of beautiful girls are dying to be with them (And even if they want an Harem, that thing will only reing on the context of sexual frustration). Or they are blissfuly ignoring the situation because, they “Enjoy the things as they are now” (I´m looking at you Shuffle!).

Well, on the case of Kuromine Asahi. The man Knows what he wants!. And he wants to be Youko´s Boyfriend!. He doesn´t have feelings for the other members of the Harem!. Of course, the things are how they are because Youko is an airhead, and he is too afraid to confess his feelings. But still. The fact that he is front with his feelings and is trying to move the things forward is a thing that matters a lot.

There are True and meaningful progression.

Most of the Harem series are quite predictable as of when are they going to end... And that is when there is actual progression. Which means that the Girls will get enough of the position of “Maybe Yes/ Maybe Not” which are the things that an Harem feeds on in order to survive and try to confess to the Main Character. Of course, the Main Character will either choose one or none and will decide to be a Lonely Wolf. But the fact remains that an Harem will come to an end when the characters are honest with their own feelings.

Well on Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa that doesn´t mean that is the end!. Since by the moment i am on the Manga, there has been two confessions and is truly not the end!. Nor the girls who got rejected have given up on their race for Kuromine´s Hearth. Heck one girl came to the conclussion that she will not aim to be the girlfriend like the others...But will aim to be the Wife.

Also, on other series (*Cough* Nisekoi *Cough*) any show of proximity like calling them by their names is like having a sexual act!. But on here is just a natural progression between two people who trusth each other.

Not Everyone tries to Sleep with the Main Character (AKA Being Nice is not enough)

Other of the Cliches of the Harems is that every girl who is close to the Main Character will have romantic feelings for him, or at the very least, will play with the idea of having a romance affair with him. All of that because he is “Nice” (I´m watching you High School DXD and Shuffle!).


Well on Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa there are 8 Girls. Three of them aren´t part of the Harem´s Group, so lets get them out of the way. Of the 5 Girls of the Harem, only 3 Have romantic feelings for him, the rest either like to seeing how he gets excited and bleeds his nose because he saught something ecchi or love him, but not in the romantic way, more as a family.

Also those Three Girls have more convincing motivation on why they Love Kuromine Asahi. Two of them developed feelings for him after spending time with him as his friends. You know, getting to know in truth that person, like in the normal relationships. The Last one is a childhood friend who has feelings for him, but only recently she noticed them.

So Yeah, none of them loved them because he spend a day playing with them when they were children or took them put to know the city. Those were things that got the time in order to develop the feelings.

The Male Friends Matter.

When I look an Harem and on the first chapters i see a Male Character who is not the Main Character i always think: “Oh Look!. A Glorified extra who will only be important the first two or so chapters and then will go to the void!.” And let´s be frank, most of the times their names aren´t even remembered, at least on my case.


Well, on the case of Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa, the male friends are not only there for the first chapters. But are an integral part of the cast!. So much that they even have progression!, heck even some of them develop feelings for some girls on the Kuromine´s Harem!.

Other important thing is that they have their personalities well implemented and they are very funny too!. SO much that they truly mix well on the story and the group of Kuromine!. Of the 5 Males (3 friends and two acquaintances) 4 have constant representation and development (the other doesn´t have much, but it has it reasons. won´t talk about that because is spoiler territory).

Some Last words.

I COuld keep writing about Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa, or my Monster Secret, is a Manga/ Anime that truly took the normal rules and conceptions of the Harem Shows and twist them into a very original thing!. And it does it in an amazing way that is not only entertaining, but interesting!.


Oh Also the Manga will come to the States on 2016 under the name of My Monster Secret!.