This past weekend saw the return of my annual local anime convention, Izumicon. As I do every year, I like to make an article going over the things I did at the con and of course to share the requisite cosplay pictures. Since Izumicon tends to happen around Halloween, we had a rather thematically fitting opening video at the opening ceremonies this year.

As you can probably see from that video, there were a crap load of guests this year, far and away the most guests at an Izumicon ever, in fact. I ended up getting Jad Saxton and Leah Clark to sign my copies of Baccano! and Wolf Children, with Leah also signing my copy of Suzuka. I also managed to get Sandy Fox sign my copy of Vandread and Tyson Rinehart to sign my copy of Ping Pong. Because there was no one behind me in his autograph line for a decent chunk of time, I managed to get in a good length conversation about the recent controvesey over one of the lines he wrote in the broadcast dub of Prison School.


This year I attended a lot more panels than I did last year, and even tried my hand at doing a few panels as I figured I’ve attended this con for so long I might as well start contributing to the event programming. So before we get to the much wanted pictures, here is the things I did each day when I wasn’t buying things or taking pictures.


Day 1

After the opening ceremonies the first thing I did was attend a panel that was basically an anime version of Whose Line is it Anyway? and even got brought up to participate in Scenes From a Hat. Immediately after this panel I held my first ever panel, a panel over collecting otaku merchandise such as figures, anime, manga, light novels, and what not. As expected from a first ever panel, it was a bit awkward, but I tried my best.


After my first panel I had several hours to kill as there wasn’t anything else going on that interested me between the end of my first panel and the start of my second panel, one over sports anime. However, stupid me getting some times of events mixed up ended up missing the start of my sports anime panel by half a hour, so that basically didn’t happen as everyone who did show up for it eventually left to wait in line for the Vocaloid concert, and I subsequently did so as well. And the concert was nice, though it was exactly the same thing from the previous year, only this time a bunch of the people in the audience got up and dance, which made for a different change of pace.

I then attended a panel by Lex Lang, aka Sanosuke in the superior original dub of Rurouni Kenshin and Goemon in Lupin III: Part II, about bloopers from the Lupin III: Part II dub, and it was hilarious. I ended the day by going to panels over anime to see before you die, horror anime, and survival horror video games, in that order.

Day 2

I started this day by attending the con’s AMV contest, which was part of the AMV League; an interconnect series of AMV contests held at different anime cons throughout the year that eventually crown the best AMV of the year from its entrants, and there were some pretty good entries. The one that stood above and beyond the rest, though, was the winner for the Best General category award, an AMV called “Just Funkin’ Dandy” that basically asks and answers the question of what if Space Dandy was a comic book. Just the sheer technical skill alone was easily some of the best I’ve ever seen in an AMV and when it finished playing, the entire room was clapping and cheering, which they didn’t do for any of the other winners or entrants. So naturally I now have to share it with you guys:

After the AMV contest I hosted my last panel of the con, a panel over anime reviews, and that one went a lot better than my collecting panel. Things flowed rather well and at the end of the panel the entire room was clapping and I even had some people praise me for the panel throughout the rest of the con if they ran into me.

I then attended a panel over strong/awesome/badass women in anime that covered some of the quintessential women, such as Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Fujiko Mine from Lupin III, and Ryuuko and Satsuki from Kill la Kill. I then killed some time by attending Q&A panels, first one held by Lex Lang and then one held by Tyson, Leah, and Jad. After those panels I killed some time before attending an interesting panel over surviving the “otaku expiration date”, then attended another panel over horror anime, though this one was 18+ and featured mostly different shows than the first one. I then ended the day with some hilarious hentai dubs, though much like the Vocaloid concert it was a repeat of the same material, but it was still funny as hell.

Day 3

Like usual, the last day of the con has substantially less stuff to do, considering the shorter day and how everyone is gearing up to head home. So the only things I did on this day was attend a panel over Satoshi Kon, a panel over sci-fi anime, a panel over the real history of ninjas, and lastly a panel over essentially the history of anime in America, such as how licensing tactics changed over time, how the dreaded 4K!DS came to power and how the anime bubble burst in the mid-to-late 2000s.


So enough about all that boring crap. Time for what you are really here for, the pics! Unlike last year when I broke it up into three different albums based on the respective days, since I took fewer overall pics this year, I just tossed them all into one big gallery.


To see the pics in full, you can go directly to the Imgur album here.

Moving on from the copius amounts of cosplay, I did manage to snag pictures with a few of the guests. First up me with Lex Lang:

And next me with Tyson Rinehart:

I did buy some things of course, but it was mostly smaller purchases, primarily a bunch of art from the artist alley and pretty much all of the prints I got were too big to take a good picture of, so there’s none of them. I did manage to take a pic of my biggest purchase at the con, though, a good sized, if not life-sized, plush of Artemis from Maria the Virgin Witch:

It’s so soft and fluffy.

And that’s basically it for Izumicon 2015! Overall I’d say it was at least my second favorite overall experience at an Izumicon. Though, oddly enough, unlike most years, the popular shows from this year were really under represented in every possible facet, from cosplay, to art in the artist alley, to products in the dealer’s room, the heavily praised or really popular shows like Death Parade, Blood Blockade Battlefront, School-Live!, Danmachi, etc. just weren’t really there. Just about the only one to truly show up was JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Anyways, I had a lot of fun like usual and look forward to next year.