Man what a day to talk about. Let’s start with the beginning. I woke up early, arriving at the convention center around 8 o’clock. Before entering the convention, I luckily found this guy, and of course with my “cosplay” I had to take a picture.

After entering the convention center considerably early, this was the site I saw. It was a calm before the storm.

For the first day, nothing really started till 12. But why was I there early? I was on a mission. Here was part of my mission. Waiting in line. For a really long time.

I was in line for something that was supposed to open at 8, but instead was changed to 9, and then changed to 10. By ten this is what happened.

I became salty. Salty because it had turned out I was waiting in the wrong line. You see I was waiting in line to get tickets to an autograph session. That was my mission. I had a lot of free time that day, so I decided “You know what, screw it. I’m going to keep it devinreal and get an autograph for my main man Rockmandash. Why? Because; why not? It would be an awesome thing to do. Anyway, sorry Kevin I got screwed. Someone directed me to the wrong line and by the time someone told me (2 hours later), the actual lines for autographs were too long. Man, I really tried as hard as a I could. What ever.


After regrouping with my cousins, and being salty for about 3 minutes, we decided to go to the official AX merchandise store. Along the way we took some pics of cosplay.

We also saw this.

The line for the merchandise store was long, but I had literally too much time to kill, so waiting in line was fine. By the way, this was how crowded it became when we reached the merchandise store.

Things were surely starting to heat up. Anyway, after 1 1/2 hours of killing time in line, I was finally able to buy a shirt.

Around that time I bought the shirt, I found out one my friends from my college had just arrived to Anime Expo. I decided to go find him, hopefully with my cousins following so that we could all enter the exhibit hall together once it opened. Of course I did not consider the normal speed I walk at, which apparently to other people is too fast. I was quickly separated by my cousins, but I was able to find my friend. Unfortunately it was by going through an ocean o, and like my friend I ended up trapped in a mosh pit of people.

Here’s a picture from my front,

and here’s one from my back

Too many people to try to push through, plus we were close to the escalators that lead to the exhibit hall. I was forced to stay with my friend. I decided to help with his goal, which was to get the complimentary Persona 5 bags Atlus was giving away. Around 11:45 am, ceremonies were happening to prep for the opening. I’m pretty sure what were Taiko drums ,were being played in an epic way to pep up the crowd for the opening of the exhibit hall.

I was getting closer and closer to the escalators that would bring me to the gates of a glorious land.

However, the crowd was so sporadic I somehow also ended up being separated from my friend when I was almost there. Whatever, I had to press on. Getting closer and closer felt more epic with the beating of the drums. Finally, after waking early, getting screwed, and waiting for hours and hours to get to this place, I was there.

Being separated from my friend, I decided to do my own thing. I quickly went here,

in order to buy this

even though I am of the few idiots who actually bought these (a very irresponsible $300 well spent)

all so I could get this. (Which was offered to the first 100 people who bought a Kill la Kill home video from the booth)

Granted, some people might question my decision, that is wanting autographs from a dubbed cast. Well, I actually like the dub cast and thought the dub was well done, but that’s a discussion for another day. Anyway after doing what I need to do, I decided to see if it was possible to get that Persona 5 bag. When I got to the Atlus booth, after literally about 3 seconds of looking at it, I said “Nope,” and set off to reunite with my cousins.


This is an actual picture of the Atlas booth about 20 minutes after I initially left. Apparently it was so long, they decided to actually close the line, preventing new people from entering. Miraculously however, my friend ended up getting that bag and everything he wanted from that God forsaken booth. He’s not even sure how he did it.

After being reunited with my cousins, we decided to explore more of the convention. We came across interesting items being sold, and some more cool cosplay.

Apparently, despite costing $100 this was actually a popular item. According to the person at the Sentai booth, their shipment of around 50 quickly became reduced to 10.

Looking for amiibos? Well they even got the rarer ones here, but also for a rare price. Seriously I want the Robin, but I will not pay $55 for it. The cheapest one there was $20.

This one I loved because it totally sounds like something he’d do.

By the way, at some point during the first day, my cousin set a goal for himself. Since his new main character in Smash Bros is Jigglypuff, he decided to cosplay as Jigglypuff this year. What he realized was that many people also cosplay as Smash Bros characters, so he made it his goal to take picture with them of him “Resting” the other characters. He was able to get about 7 of the characters on the roster on the first day alone.

Anyway, after a long day, I concluded by going to two panels. The first I did not know was happening and really only used as a way to reserve my seat for the panel following this one immediately afterwards.

The panel that followed was this.

On a side note, I’m not exactly sure if I was actually allowed to take those pictures, but what ever.

For the first panel, it was basically a Q&A with fans. For the second panel I can summarize with the titles of the three shorts shown during the panel (two of which were debuting for the first time ever.)

  1. Sex and Violence with Mach Speed
  2. MCZ vs. Kiss
  3. (I’m not making this one up, this actually happened) Inferno Cop vs. Little Witch Academia.

Don’t worry, I’ll write a follow up giving you more clear details of what was discussed in these two panels. I did not want to make this long. Anyway more cosplay and things to happen tomorrow. Till then.