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This is the second entry of this Series. Here it´s the first one (it includes a summary of the events!)

Now let´s go to the Chapters!,

Part 5*: Chapters 7: Will of Self defence and Chapter 8: If...

(I See what u Did there Crimson...).

We See Fare (Fire Emblem) and her troops glaring the Zorudia Army that is coming by the sea to invade Ninteldo.

But the Zorudia army sought her. And they are going to use their weapon.

And that thing attacks!. The Fare´s Army are somewhat confident in their prowers and that everything will be alright but...

The Things get´s ugly pretty fast.

Fare prepares her Support Technique!.

Sadly it doesn´t work. fare is reaching to desperation quite fast!.

Fare decides to attack!. But her attack doesn´t do much damage!. The Weapon is about to attack and shoots!. Looks Like Fare is done for!.

One Soldier sacrifices for her. Her soldiers console her.

She starts remembering her past, the training, the strategy Lessons, the time and the bonds (Support) she obtained with her soldiers.

So She decides to give her all alongside her mates with an Unison Attack!.

With rounding the Weapon, it won´t have someone to aim for. That´s the moment when they attack!. First the Wyvern Triangle attack!. And next Fare!. And the damage is done!.

End of the Chapters.

My Impressions.

Well, those two chapters were quite good, and we are looking that the Zorudia People maybe not be all the Invincible army that it looked like. Also we sought some more of Fare´s Background! who in the past was somewhat a Glorified Extra (now is Fosta time for that!).

The next chapter it will come out , according to Crimson, the February 13.

Any way, my two cents. So see you next time and happy reading!

*While it´s officially the Part 4. For some time ago Crimson started calling it "Part 5: Ending". So maybe it looks like World war Blue is coming to an end.