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Part 5 Chapters 9 -Part Two- Dance of Capture and 10: An Unexpected and Auspicious Support.

We Resume the Chapter with the Pocket Monks kicking some asses. That made them confident and the one that looks like Geodude is Cocky and confident enouch to do a direct attack to the Zorudia Generals.

He Tries and...

Fails miserably at it and gets captured by that machine who resembles a litle to Mokujin of Tekken.

And Mew (which Human version looks hawt) comes to the Rescue!. The Pocket Monk Number 151 and will Kick thei-....

Oh-oh Pac-Man has decided to move, and he is strong!. Just Look at that smile!, is the smile of someone who isn´t thinking on anything good!.

Dang!. Poor Mew that´s gotta hurt. That attack and the capture of Mew has obligud to the rest of the 150 Pocket Monks to retreat momentarily.

Meanwhile Gear is in the Village of Animal Crossing, Cinammon is making him sign , you know , paperwork, to stay in the Inn.

Then somebody salutes him. Someone who Gear hasn´t seen since the Part 2.

And is none other than the Winner of the E3 Tournament! (Yeah, i forgot his name and can´t remember from what franchise he is/represent).

Meanwhile in the navy of Zorudia, the Zorudia Generals are talking about what happened in the day. And Now the Zorudia Leader is telling them that he has another surprise for the people at Ninteldo.

Meanwhile Tofai (Street Fighter) and the one that Represents Resident Evil are running with Hurry, it looks like they know something important, something that is about to begin.

In Another part The Ninteldo Troops leaded by Carbai (Kirby) and Saroid (Samus from Metroid) are patroling the area, Carbai is bored, but Saroid with the help of her metroid-like thing, shakes her up.

SInce they got the call for something inc ertain Village.

In Another part, A big and powerful force is marching, The War has come to Ninteldo´s land.

And Now everything is tieing up to a new battle. And the Place it looks like is...

The Village of Animal Crossing

End of the Chapters!.

My Opinion.

Why Pacman?!, Why?!. Why U so Evil!?. Anyway, i have to say that... I sought that Coming, That even if the Pocket Monks are strong, Zorudia is the one who has the Upper card right now.


Also it looks like that Gear will come in and save the day!, which was about time, if you ask me, he won´t let the Village and its Villagers get hurted in this war!. Thats for sure!.

Anyway, my Two cents!.

See You Next time and Happy Reading!