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Now lets go to the Chapter!

Chapter 44

The Chapter starts with the Saintias seeing Olivia. Shoko believes it´s Kyoko; but Elda says it is Eris, in any case Olivia present herself to the Saintias as herself, Olivia, the leader of the Saintias, the one who faced the Patriarch the night of the treason and for that she lost her body that same night. Now, she is in here because the duty of this new Generation of Saintias has come…


Meanwhile Aioria and the other Gold Saints are in a city; Mu informs them that Athena has been trapped by the enemy, still they have a mission which is protect the Earth, the seeds of conflict are coming in the form of meteorites so the Gold Saints will take care that not a single one of those things hits the ground! 

Back with the Saintias, Olivia explains that Athena has been trapped in Eris´s tree, which is located in another dimension, still the Saintias can go, since they are not only an army for the Goddess; but rather their closest servants, they can go where their Goddess is, to places where nor Human or Saint could even dare to go.

After that the Saintias go outside and the items that Artemis gave to Katya activates, their armors activate and go where their user is.

The damaged armors have been restored and now the Saintias are ready for battle! Olivia says that the objects Artemis gave them must be delivered to Athena, and that this battle will be deadly, still they must fight to protect their Goddess! Olivia opens the path for them, before leaving Shoko asks Olivia what is her relationship with Kyoko?

Olivia responds saying that she is Kyoko´s Mother… And Shoko´s one too, Olivia ends saying that she commends not only Athena; but Kyoko´s soul to them. The Saintias disappear and Shaka comes close, and the leader of the Saintias gives her thanks for opening the path to them, Shaka says that now they must trust in them…And who maybe these girls will make a miracle and not only bring Athena; but everyone will come back. Olivia says that these girls might be the last Generation of Sainitas; but she has hopes in them…And also that she is doing all of this in order for compensate for her Sin.


After saying that Olivia´s Soul disappears in front of the Virgo Gold Saint and Athena´s Statue.

End of the chapter.

Chapter 45

The chapter start with the Saintias, Erda can´t feel Olivia´s Cosmo anymore; Katya says that her Soul was just waiting for them in order to transmit the Saintias Will; Mii says that Olivia must have waited a lot of time. Shoko, for her part, is still shocked to know that Olivia was her Mother. Suddenly a feather comes to her and she is able to hear her voice, one that says that she is sorry for not being at her side and see her grow; still she says that hermajor wish was to see her daughters living and being happy.


After that Mii starts telling one of the secrets about the night where Saga impersonated the Patriarch and tried to kill Athena… And one that now has become clear due to this revelation, and it is the fact of what Mayura did that fateful night… 

13 years ago… During the events that led to the Civil war inside the Sanctuary happened, and Aioros was running trying to ensure Athena´s safety; Mayura was doing something similar to 2 Children, 2 little girls, daughters of a dear friend of hers!


The sound of a massive persecution and the killing of various people is heard, the Saintias of that time are sacrificing themselves in order to buy time for Aioros to save Athena and led her to safety! Suddenly a bright light comes, a destructive one that cuts everything, Mayura barely avoids it! 

Shura, the Capricorn Gold Saint, the killer of the “Traitor” Aioros and someone who has decided his very soul to justice.Shura warns Mayura that right now the Sanctuary is in an emergency state since Aioros tried to kill Athena, so right now no one can get in or get out of this place! Mayura says that Shura is a fool who obeys the Patriarch´s orders without thinking in what is truly happening, since Aioros never tried to kill Athena; but the opposite. Shura attacks again and says that an order given by the Patriarch is like an order given by Athena herself! Mayura says that while his intentions are with Justice, that innocence of his will cost him greatly one day.


In any case, Mayura says that the girls she is carrying are innocent girls, they haven´t done anything; but if he wants to take a life then he might as well take hers, just let the girls live. Shura looks at them and decides to let them live since nor the children, nor Mayura has done anything against the Sanctuary,and he believes that Mayura is not a traitor. 

Shura let Mayura and the girls go; but she is too weakened for Shura´s attacks, suddenly someone comes and gives her something to drink, it was Aison the Silver Saint of Crateris, the cup, Mayura recognizes Aison and his healing powers, both of them are friends since some time ago.

Now, on the present, Mayura is in Star Hill, in front of the person who once saved her life, Aison, now a Ghost Saint! Mayura says that she always wanted to see him again in order to give her thanks for saving her and the kids; but not this way, not like a Ghost Saint, an enemy of Athena! Aison just says that his will was to protect Olivia´s Daughter so after hearing from a certain Divinity about what was going to happen, he gladly decided to join Eris army in order to ensure the wellbeing of them.


Still Mayura is ready to fight him and defeat him! She will not let that a creature like him be in Star Hill! Suddenly Mayura can feel Olivia´s Cosmos, Aison says that her body has been hidden in there since 13 years ago. Now, Mayura feels that Aison´s mission is to destroy Olivia´s body!

Mayura attacks; but the former Crateris Silver Saint disappears Aison says that he will not fight her, he doesn´t want to kill anybody so he will just fulfill his mission as quick as possible. Mayura runs behind him and says that she won´t let him touch Olivia´s body! Aison says that the soul of the leader of the Saintias is already in heaven, what it is in there it is just an empty casket, one that Eris need as a receptacle.. Since Olivia´s existence is the incarnation of a miracle. Olivia still won´t permit him going further!

The chapter ends with a sight of Olivia´s body, praying, not discomposed… A miracle indeed.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

As you might detected, In the recap I was more ambiguous or bogus on the explanation, and that it is because the translation used on this chapters are… Well, not that good, basically are Google translates so, yeah I wasn´t buying 100% on what was said there. In any case that was because the nice people of SKD Scans have an amazing challenge, one that every person has faced at the very least once in their life, which is… They have to focus for the end of Semester classes; so having that in comprehension and wishing them good luck in their studies, I decided in order to not to be dragged (more) behind the schedule to use such wishy-washy translations and Images.


Having that clear. Now these chapters had a lot of amazing revelations which in truth some I see them coming; but others not as much, as an example the Olivia being the Mom of both Kyoko and Shoko I sorta felt that would be the case (my other theory included that Olivia and Kyoko where for some reason the same person); but other revelations were actually very cool, including how the actions developed on the night when Saga took over the Sanctuary, or that Aison was the Crateris Silver Saint; those things where cool.

In a similar topic, I liked how the explanation of why Aison decided to join Eris was presented, like it was simplistic; but at the same time deep and not in your face; but it came naturally, I mean the guy just wants to protect Olivia´s Daughters and he will even go as far as joining Eris, which is a similar reason to Degel which just wants to protect Kyoko and be with her.

On another topic, I liked that the way they got rid of the Gold Saints in order to not interfere with this Arc, I mean the guys will be too occupied to enter to where Shoko and the others are! At the same time it also gives the opportunity for the other Saints like Mayura, Juan and Georg to do some activity against the dryads here on Earth since, as I said before, the Gold Saints are busy.


Finally, I felt that these 2 chapters where needed for the explanations in order that when the action comes, nothing will stop it and we will soo a lot of great fights! I mean the defeated Dryads have revived; the already existing ones are stronger; The Ghost Saints are still out there and not to mention Ares and his buddy Death Mask! The things in truth are getting interesting.

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Anyway, my two cents, See ya next time and Happy re