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Chapter 37

The Chapter starts with a seriously injured Katya, she tried and failed to infiltrate the Sanctuary, she is injured for an attack made by a Dryad, Our Saintia believes this is the end for her…

Suddenly, a pure and noble cosmos gets in the way and the figure of a man appears in front of her… The Patriarch himself has come to rescue her…

Time later, Katya wakes up in a strange room, she can feel the pain of the injuries she had, still she is safe now… A man stands in front of her, Klaus, the Archdeacon and the Patriarch´s personal assistant. He tells her to take it easy and rest, that when she gets better the Patriarch will hear her. Katya gives her thanks, although Klaus tells her that she can´t fool him, she is an enemy of the Sanctuary... Her armor is enough proof, since the Sanctuary doesn´t have under their domain the Corona Borealis one.


Katya asks then why is he being so nice to an enemy, then? Which Klaus responds saying that he is doing it because the Patriarch asked him to do so… Before leaving, Klaus tells her to feel at home within the confines of her room, still she will be watched…

When Katya felt better she went to see the Patriarch, just as he wanted. Katya gives her thanks to the head of the Sanctuary for saving her life. The Patriarch tells her to take it easy, he won´t harm her… Still, he can feel the killing intent coming from the Saintia, who has been sent by Athena herself… Still, until that moment comes, the Patriarch has one single demand to the Saintia, to remain on the Sanctuary and act as a maid until her opportunity is given, if she decides to kill him or not… It will be her choice to do so.

<<<Until when would that be?>>> Katya asks.


<<<Until I am judged by Athena>>> The Patriarch responds.

Katya leaves with more questions than answers regarding the Patriarch, she wonders why is he being so nice to her… what’s with that aura filled of repentance? Is he trying to win her? To make her Betray Athena? In any case, she will pretend to obey him until she can find the whole truth about the Patriarch and his intentions…

A little later, Klaus warns Katya to not to do anything reckless… Still the Saintia tries to tell him the truth about what happened the night Athena was born, Klaus shuts her with his cosmos and warns her to not to say such things, since the Saintias don´t know how much good the Patriarch has done for the Sanctuary and the people of the world… Katya asks why does he go so far in order to protect him?

Klaus respond saying that the Patriarch is a magnificent person who is needed in order to keep peace in the Earth…



Days later, The Patriarch goes to visit a poor village, Katya, alongside other people from the Sanctuary, are accompanying him, she can see how the Patriarch is beloved by everyone, how he fills them with hope…

That night, Katya is doing her maid duties, Katya sees Athena´s statue and remembers her mission, that Athena wanted to meet with the Patriarch in order to know the man who controls the Sanctuary; Katya, preventing the danger that might happen, decides to go herself first and investigate, in order to keep Athena out of any danger…

Then she sees how the Patriarch kneels in front of her statue…


Days later, Katya tries to send a letter to Athena; but Klaus forbids her, Katya says that she doesn´t want to instigate a war, that´s why she let him read it, she just wants to tell what she has seen, about what kind of man the Patriarch is, Klaus says that he understands, and he knows that this letter might be because she has gratitude to the Patriarch for saving her… Still, her companions might be suspicious about what she is writing.

Katya says that isn´t the case, Athena had doubts about what kind of man the Patriarch is, and for that she went here, in order to know if he is friend or enemy, she can´t answer what it is right now; but… She believes that Athena will be able to see behind it all and find the truth.

Klaus says that Katya´s resolve comes from innocence and naivety, but still he must not let this letter pass… Katya asks again why not? Since this letter might be the thing that avoid a full war between the Saints!



Klaus basically says that the war inside the Sanctuary is unavoidable… Still, he believes in the Patriarch as the true one who can brings peace tot his world and protect it from any danger… That´s why he sided with him.

Klaus gives her back the letter and tells her that when the times comes and the war starts and her true role comes… She must cherish the Patriarch as the man who saved her…

Later a Man is found dead, he was one of the Patriarch´s aides, both katya and Klaus wonders what is happening… Strange noises are heard from the Patriarch´s room…

Klaus goes inside and tells her to stay outside and not let anyone pass! Katya obeys and her heart is pounding… She is scared, the doubts fills her mind and her heart aches, might the Patriarch do evil? Might she fell for his good man act? Those questions and the possibility of a yes damages her heart. She wishes that all of this is just a big misunderstanding! It has to!


Katya decides to enter…

In front of her… The patriarch stands, and on their feet, the corpse of Klaus is… The big duality of the person impersonating the Patriarch is showing in front of the Corona Borealis Saintia…


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.


Another short chapter, And now I don´t have any explanations for it… Oh well, in any case, the chapter was about Katya´s past and Chimaki truly hit the nail on the spot various times! Still… I have a guess that when the volume version eventually comes, this chapter (and the past ones) will be expanded, On the case of this one I think a little more dialogs would be nice, still the chapter cover the basics, so it would be like the icing on the cake.

Now that we know how Katya got to love the Patriarch, I am curious how she still believed in him… Part of me is it because Saga used the “Imperial Satan” Technique, which is a technique that makes it´s victim to follow the Patriarch´s will, and the curse won´t be lift unless the person kills someone… Still As far as we know Katya didn´t killed anybody in order to liberate herself, and she still believed and loved Saga even after the truth about himself is revealed… So yeah, it will be very interesting to know what will happens next.

Anyway, that´s my two cents…So see ya next time and happy reading!