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Chapter 23:

The Chapter Starts with Aioria, The Leo Gold Saint, he is inside the “Utterus” (AKA Eris Tree). He is faced by some Non-Name Dryads and he easily takes them out and continues his way.

Meanwhile back with Shoko and Athena, who is acompained by Milo. The Tree is starting to sprout Flowers...The Flowers of conflict. Which will make the people to come and kill between them.


Shoko was ready to go and confront Kyoko/Eris. But Milo stops her saying that given the emergency of the situation, the best thing is to let the Gold Saints to take care of things themselves. So the Saintias Missión is to protect Athena in case of any eventuality. Shoko isn´t happy about that but she accepts. Saori tells her that the Kyoko she sought a mere moments ago is not the same Kyoko she knew, but still, she wonders if Shoko is ready to fight her.

Shoko doesn´t have a clear answer but she knows something: That she wants to speal with her ne more time. Saori understands and she tells her that both Aioria and Milo willt ake care of things quickly and when that happens Saori will make sure that Shoko reunites again with Kyoko and talk things out.

Shoko is Moved by that. Saori also tells her that she feels there is another way to defeat Eris, and that she is on Shoko´s Side, that as long as Shoko has hope and doesn´t give up, Saori won´t give up either.

Just After that Mayura comunicates with them via Telepathy and tells them that she is fine, although Mii and Xiao Ling are missing and the bad energies are obstructing her vision and can´t see them. She also warns them that she will search for them, but she will not make any promises since this land is no a part of Eris Garden and it´s more like a Maze than any other thing.


Saori says that she understands and that Mayura must be careful. Shoko says that both Mii and Xiao Ling are fine, they are strongh and they passed the training made by Aquila Marin, so they must be fine!. Saori says that she thins that too.

<<Kagome, Kagome...The Bird in the Cage when will it come out?>> Kyoko/Eris sings on her Throne.

Kyoko is watching Shoko, thanks to her Apple Tv- No, not the prosuct made by Apple, but an Actual Apple that shows her Images-.

She asks to Rigel, The Orion Silver Saint and his “Boy Friend”, if he is watching. That Shoko is just pretending being strongh so she won´t feel anxiety...That she is Cute that way.

Rigel informs her that a Saint has come to the middle of the Tree and he should go to intercept him.


Kyoko responds her that no, since “That” will do enough to stops him. Also that Rigel must stop being so formal and stops calling her Eris, that Kyoko is fine.

Meanwhile Aioria has reached the middle of the Tree. He is sensing some danger behind a giant Door. Aioria says that it´s no problem and he will destroy everyone who stands against him!. He opens the door and it looks like another dimensión...Ok. That is weird.

The things go weirder when he sees someone... His Brother Aioros.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

A Shorter chapter, but that is because Kuori (The mangaka) is sick, so she can´t force herself too much. I hope she recovers.


Anyway, this is somewhat of a transition chapter but The next chapter let´s see how the battle against Aioros unfolds. The things will be interesting!.

Anyway, My two cets. See ya next time and happy reading!