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Chapter 4: The Seven God Warriors Asemble!.

The Chapter Starts with a Quick Resume of the Events so Far.

Saga comes in and Saves Milo from a certain Death!. Surtr explains that Saga was once someone who could have become the Patriarch on the Sanctuary (He Tecnically became One :P) and is the more powerful Gold Saint!.


Saga only says something among the lines that the Evil has no place for him and uses his technique!. Milo laments Camus Sudden Death. But the mist Dust goes down and reveals that they are fine!. Sigmund Attacks Saga and says that even if a Comrade is in there he will still uses all his might!. Surtr with his technique separate them apart and tells Sigmund that it would be the best to use their techniques and eliminates both of them!. So Camus, Surts and Sigmund uses their techniques!.

Saga uses his other techniques and takes him and Milo out of that place!. Milo then is preparing to leave, Saga asks him were is he going?. Milo responds him that he is going to Yggdrassil, Saga tells him that Yggdrassil is making the God Warriors stronger and at the same time its Sucking them of their Cosmos. But also... There is some powerful Barrier in there, a barrier that they couldn´t break easily. Milo hears but still decides to continue.

In Another Part Lyfia is watching the Yggdrassil Tree and enters in a somewhat of a Transe State (Aka Evil Lyfia). But Aioria awakens her up. Lyfia asks him if he can´t sleep, and Aioria says Yes. Also she asks him how is that the Saints can battle against each other?. Aioria says that that kind of thing happens somewhat regularly (More than it should if you ask me :P). That it is because sometimes the Sense of Justice from two Saints can Clash each other and sometimes ended up in a fight. So It´s Probably that some Gold Saints are on Andreas Side.


And For that Aioria asks her to tell him all she knows about the Seven God Warriors.

She tells him that the Seven God Warriors of Andreas Are: Frodi of Gullinbursti, the dude Aioria fought back on Chapter 1; Hercules of Tanngsnir whic the person Aldebaran fought in Chapter 2; Surts of Eikschnir Camus Friend and an Strategist, the Guy in red armor; Sigmund of Granyl his bro was part of the past generation of God Warriors, a brute fighter; Balder of Hraesvelgr, it says that he is Inmortal, but not much is known; Utgardar of Garmr, the most mysterious person of the God Warriors, no one knows a thing about him; Fafner of Nidhogg, the dude Mu fought back in chapter 2.

Lyfia may doesn´t know it but as she is speaking, the Seven God Warriors are asembling with Andreas. They say basically about the fights they had. But specially about how the Gold Armor changed, on the cases of Frodi and Hercules. But also Andreas asks to Fafnir about “It” and tells him that he has found an Specimen Suitable.

Now Back to the Town, DeathMask is winning lots of money with the cards!. He asks the Barman about where is the owner, he says that he is treatment for his Back, that since thanks to Andreas he is receiving a free trathment on the Hospital. DeathMask also notes that the Bar is emptier compared to past Nights.

In Another Part, Helena, the flower girl of the Chapter 3, is tryng to have their brothers and sisters to go to sleep. She starts coughing a lot, she receives some medicine from her Broters. Then it sound something out there. Her brothers says that it must be the man who smells like Alcohol. Helena goes out and just found a bag full of cash!. She just says thank you to that person, whoever it is, and promises to repay him.


DeathMask after hear that on the shadows decides to leave. It looks like someone is in love <3.

Helena is talking with her Siblings about who can be, one says is the Alcohol smelling guy (AKA DeathMask), others Andreas. But then someone Knocks on the Door...

That Person is Fafnir...

The Next Morning. DeathMask is watching his Gold Armor, he doesn´t say it but he is insecure if the Cancer armor has accepted him again, since back on the Sanctuary Arc, while he was fighting against Shiryu, the armor left his Body since he wasn´t worthy of it.


Aphrodite enters suddenly and tells him that Aioria left the town earlier in the morning. DeathMask asks him why he doesn´t followed him?. Aphrodite says that he is still enjoying this lively town.

DeathMask and Aphrodite decides to Hangout a litle, they go to the Flower shop and found that Helena, the flower girl, is not in there. DeathMask ask if Helenas hasn´t already opened, the dude who responds her just say that is obvious, isn´t it?.

DeathMask hurries up to Helena´s House. Aphrodite is left behind.

He knocks the door and says that the old man just asked him to go and see if she is alright...Pure Lies. Who opens the door are her Brothers. They told them that Helena is receiving free treatment on the Hospital. DeathMask have a Bad feeling about this.

And Yes... The Hospital is a trap made by Fafner, a place where the people get drained for their Cosmos/Life force. From all of that, a red stome gets made. That is “It” of what Andreas and him were talking earlier.

Then Roses starts appearing everywhere. Pisces Aphrodite has come to the rescue!!. He says that the flowers, and even Yggdrassil himself told him about this place. Aphrodite quickly kicks Fafnir Arse with his Royal Demon Rose technique!.


And now Fafnir can´t move. So Now Aphrodite will know everything, a Single rose on the nervous system on Fafnir´s Body and his mind will be an Open Book for him. Aphrodite reads Fafnir mind and now he knows how to destroy Yggdrassil barrier!.

Now there is only one thing to do...Kill Fafnir for his sins against the people of this town!.

The Fight is stopped for none other than... Andreas, who couldn´t wait for “That”.

DeathMask runs and see the destruction, he see Aphrodite who is taking out Helena. A Big Root atacks both of them!. DeathMask Catch Helena, Aphrodite yells him to run with her!. Suddenly a Root pierce through Aphrodite´s Body!. Thats gotta hurt!.

The Roots sorround Aphrodite and takes him away.

Everyone feels the disapeareance of Aphrodite´s Cosmo. Could he be...Dead?.

The One controlng those things is none other but Andreas, who is surprised that Aphrodite sacrificed himself in order to rescue a simple girl.

DeathMask puts Helena gently on the floor and says that he is going to Kill Andreas!. Andreas says that as far he can understand, DeathMask is the Cancer Gold Saint, but he can barely do a thing withouth his Armor, DeathMask Says he doesn´t need such a thing!. But then something is pulsating... The Cancer Armor...Could it be that is accepting DeathMask again as his User?

Yes it did!. Now with Cancer Armor DeathMask uses his Infernal Waves technique!. But Andreas Blocks him easily and attacks. DeathMask is damaged.


Andreas says that his attack is too weak, that he knows that of the 12 Gold Saint, DeathMask is the weakest from all. DeathMask just laugh a litle and says that maybe that´s True, even one time his armor left his body in the midle of a batle for being unworthy. But even if he is the worst, he could meet Helena on this town... A Sick and Single Girl in charge of her younger Brothers... Someone who strugled everyday...And even at that she could smile. DeathMask wanted to help her!. He just wanted that!. But someone like him, what could do?. Nothing.

Andreas says that he is right, he can do nothing. His revival was useles and now he has to die!. Helena says to him that tell his Younger brothers to always...Stick toguether... She is about to die. Andreas Attacks!.

DeathMask easily blocks the Attack!. He says that Helena shouldn´t says that that she souldn´t give up her life!. The Cosmos of DeathMask is increasing and his armor is changing!. Andreas is Excited!. DeathMask with a single attack destroy all of that Roots!... And the whole place.


Andreas managed to escape and says that he tough he wouldn´t see for himself such transformation and leaves.

DeathMask is holding Helena. She thanked him for the money, DeathMask tells her that she must not talk, she needs to save energy!. She just says thanks again... And her eyes close forever.

DeathMask Hugs her and Scream in sadness and desperation.

In Another Part. Andreas is watching the Pisces armor and his user, Aphrodite... It looks like he is not dead after all.

The Credits roll, but is not the ending!.

Mu Has finally reached were Shaka is... Now he must tells him about the secret on their armors... The Secret to make them Divine Armor...

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Excellent Chapter!. If the past chapter have some animation duds, this truly redeems it!. The animation was excellent and the pacing was good!. Also they totally redeemed DeathMask and Aphrodite, who easily were the most generic and boring characters of the 12 Gold Saints and make them cool!. It was truly sad to see Helena dies, but that will give DeathMask a reason to fight now!. And i hope they rescue soon Aphrodite!. Also Andreas is showing his true Colors since on te past chapters, he looked like a good guy and all.


If the quality of this chapter continues for the whole series, i´m sure we will have a grat fan favorite for the fans of Saint Seiya!.

Anyway, my two cents. See ya Next time!