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Quest 6: Forbidden PSO2

The chapter starts with Itsuki and Kota talking while they play PSO2. Itsuki tells to his friend that he is going with the rest of the Student Council members to a hot springs on Kusatsu..Which means Hot Springs… And our good buddy Kota is all jealous because Izumi is going to be there and Itsuki and…Hot Springs…And someone has been reading/watching too much Hentai… Anyway Itsuki teases him saying that yeah, everything may happen on that trip. But they decide to keep playing and Kota forces him to promise to him to tell him via PSO2 what happens on such a lorious trip!


Days later Itsuki is with the rest of the Student Council group and they go on their trip. The glasses secretary says that this trip , which is every year, while they say that it´s for doing meetings. In truth is very recreational. Which means… Fun, fun fun! Itsuki asks for Suzuki and Izumi says that she said that she had something to do today. SO she couldn´t come. Our Main Character remember the words of her a chapter ago.

When they reach there, Itsuki and the others are greeted by none other but the Samurai married couple of the other day! …It looks like this is where they work.

While they guide them to their rooms. The hubby here tells Itsuki if he wants to play PSO2 later, which Itsuki says that yes! Sadly Wifey-poh came in and told them that Hubby-puff can´t play PSO2 because he is grounded since he slacked at the work because he was too occupied playing PSO2…

Izumi then comes in and tells Itsuki…

Woman you can´t doo that!!! That´s cruel!! That´s… Ok, whatever.

On any case Itsuki demands an explanation, which Izumi responds saying that when she went and spoke with the higher ups on the academy. One of the points was about the grade of the players…Izumis aid that Itsuki´s Grades where good…But sadly the teachers differ and showed a graphic that points that since Itsuki started playing, his grades took a hit and are very low.


Itsuki defends himself saying that since he has got better at PSO2…He sort off forgot to study and…It´s like and adventure and…Stuff! Yeah…Weak excuses…

So Izumi´s plan is to make Itsuki study so he gets better grades on the next Exams and for that he won´t be playing PSO2.

After the meeting…Oh look a Tails Cellphone!...Err… whatever I mean. After the meeting everyone goes to have fun…Sans Itsuki, which Izumi put to study and resolve a lot of quiz and test on every subject they have…Ouch! So no fun for our main characters… that happens when it occurs.

Meanwhile the other members of the student council are having fun, some are playing Ping Pong and enjoying themselves.

Meanwhile Itsuki is studying. The glasses guy comes in and Itsuki says that Izumi is unfair since she is the one that made him play PSO2 on the first place and… The glasses guy says that the problems and Questions are fantastic, since they cover all of the important points… Itsuki is in good hands. Also Glasses guy says that he is good with his grades and begins playing PSO2 on his PSVita. He then confess that there is a PSO2 friend that he wants to meet in real life but they always refuse his invites…Then he says OrgaCats…

OrgaCats… Oh man he is talking about cat Girl who in truth is Super Macho Construction site guy!! Man…Better leave them with the fantasy I guess.

Later one of Izumi´s Fan girls goes and invites her if she wants to bath with her … (No, I won´t say anything pervert… I will…Ok, I will say Fanservice Land here we go!!) sadly Izumi declines the offer (Aww!)

Konoe- or the Izumi´s fan Girl, goes out of the bath and decides to start playing a little PSO2 near Itsuki, whose eyes goes to where her PSVita is…She is flustered and ask him what he wants. Which Itsuki asks if she likes PSO2 and that her character is very cute and somewhat goes with her personality . Kono yells at him and tells Itsuki to keep studying.


A little after Konoe ask him if what he meant was that she has an undeveloped body…Like a kids one, which Itsuki says that no he didn´t mean that!! She then wonders why Izumi is so interested in him, which our Main Character says that isn´t truth and that Izumi has her eyes on all of us, the Student Council group, Konoe continues saying that Izumi was the one who wrote all of those problems for Itsuki. Konoe then remembered when that happens…If you ask me, her plans to be BFF with Izumi are going down the drain since Itsuki join them and that makes her angry.

On any case Itsuki then says that the fact that his grades are going down it´s nobodies fault but him, on any case, Konoe leaves all angry.

Sometime later , Itsuki eats quite fast his delicious looking anime food and goes back to study. Later he just finishes studying while the others sleep. So he decides to go and take a bath before going to bed. When he goes out. Hubby tells him that he can go to the outside baths… And if he would like to sneak a little and play sum PSO2…While the girls aren´t watching…

Fanservice time ladies!! Enjoy naked Itsuki while you can! On any case in there there is a PSVita with PSO2 (around a bag so it won´t get wet ) and a note from Hubby saying that they must play a little! Still Itsuki is a good guy who doesn´t sneak around and betray the expectations of his (non) gurl! So he decides to be a good kid and don´t play PSO2.


Still he decides to Log in in order to tell Koa what he did… Itsuki tries to tell him that he can´t play but Koa interferes trying to know what he did…

Could Itsuki have done “This and That” with Izumi?!, Suzuki?!, the Other Girls?!...All of them?!...At the same time?! He needs to know!!!

Itsuki then tries to tell him what happened but something made Itsuki to blush a lot and logs out!

Koa only have his (dirty) imagination now…

Fanservice time boys!! Take a good peek at Suzuki!! I mean she just entered on the same bath as Itsuki and she is al calm, saying that she just ended her mission so she has come.


Itsuki tries tot ell her to go to the other bathroom but well… Let us say that he is up but he can´t stand now…

Also Koa´s (dirty) imagination is at full max!

Meanwhile Wifey-Poh is taking care of the baby and Izumi gives her thanks since she could use her kitchen to do some snacks. Wifey says that Itsuki is very lucky to have a cute girlfriend who takes care of him. Izumi says that is not it but still…Also Hubby tries to sneak around, but Wifey catches him, although he brushes it off saying that he is only going to drink a beer outside! He didn´t sneak a PSVita in order to play some game that it´s an MMO or anything! Pff! Silly Wifey-Poh!


Izumi enters where Itsuki was studying but he isn´t in there, she looks at the notes and she is amazed that Tachibana already finished his work; so now she wonders where Izumi went…Maybe he is hiding doing that…That means PSO2, not other thing I say!

She decides to look with her PSVita and see that tsuki hasn´t logged, but she detects Koa, and she decides to go and ask him…

Koa meanwhile was in the PSO2 hot springs…Is not the real deal but…Heck is not the real deal and that´s it D:<!!


On Any case Izumi contacts him and she wants to speak with him about something. Koa agrees and she says that she is going there…Koa is all excited because he expects this:

But what he got was this:

Oh Why U Soro?!! On any case their conversation is short, since Koa is all cold…He just says that Itsuki told him that he was on the Outside Hot Springs.


Meanwhile Itsuki tries to ask Suzuki about what she meant about the other day…That she didn´t have time to play, which she says that she meant what she meant…And that was all.

Itsuki then tries to go and keep talking with Koa, but he is intercepted by Rin (Izumi´s second character that looks like her but isn´t amazing Soro) Itsuki apologizes to her and tells her that he has finished studying and only wanted to talk with his good buddy Koa, not to do any quest! Rina just ask him where he is, which he says that he is in the outdoor bath, she then ask him if he is alone, which our Main Character decides to not to say anything… Then he hears in real life that the girls´bath door opens…Izumi is in the other side.

Meanwhile Hubby logged his Last Samurai account in order to play, but his screen is doing something weird.


Back at the conversation, Itsuki says that he could get really focused and it´s all thanks to her, Izumi then tells him that if he wants he could…You know…Play a little, she knows that she said that he must hold it until the exams have passed; but… A little fun won´t be much problem… And won´t take much time either… She was speaking about PSO2 BTW.

On any case, Itsuki is very happy but suddenly…

Last Fanservice image is going with a bang!!

—I mean, Suzuki just got up and went her own way. A man´s scream is heard.

Wifey, Itsuki and Izumi went to see what happened. Hubby was on the floor, the PSVita´s screen all broken. He sasy that a Darker suddenly appeared out of the screen! Silly Hubby, that´s a PSVita, not a 3DS! On any case Wifey quickly says that he must been drunk, which Hubby says that yeah, maybe…Also he said that a girl came in and destroyed the darker, but in any case it must have been a dream. On any case, Wifey is all angry…Ouch poor Hubby!

In another part someone is dealing with that darker…


After that. Back at the school someone is studying/playing…Oh Itsuki, that´s a no-no. And Rin comes in and remembers him that even if Itsuki got his grades up he must not be playing in the middle of the class (BTW Suzuki is taking notes like a pro). Our Main character responds her saying that she is doing the same!... Which is the truth and she is on English class…

End of the chapter.

My impressions

A slowish chapter, there it wasn´t much development, which it was a shame, since I though that we would get to know way more of the other members of the student council, and while we did got some of that, it was very little. Secially since they can be very interesting and I would like to see their personal storylines developed in some way.


The fanservice wasn´t as much as I was expecting, but looking at Soro on the hots pring was hilarious! Although I fear that maybe we will be seeing less and less of this amazing character. Oh well, we look a little more of Suzuki and that´s ok in my book on the positive! And also I truly laughed with Kota/Koa specially with the mustache dude and his opinions on things!

On the other front of the story. We are seeing more and more that the Darkers are coming to Earth in some way or fashion, and Suzuki is in here to deal with them. And even though that is something that it is more than obvious for the average viewer, the writers still wants to keep it a (bad kept) secret.

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!