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Episode 23: The Horned Wyvern´s Lament

The Chapter starts with Dan, Stone, Genie and one of the village elders (Gamigami, I think?). These group has reached the desert and are in here to help Lute and the others…Also to collect some Tropical berries, since Gamigami is obsessed with them for some reason.


Meanwhile Lute and the others are looking at the liberated Barroth. Cheval says that he should have killed him when he got the chance! He calls for “Leia” his Rathian and starts attacking the Monster liberating some parts of it´s armor. After that Cheval makes his Kinship attack against the Barroth! Needless to say Lute is not Ok with that since the Barroth is not blighted; but for Cheval there is no difference, that Monster is still a menace.

On the distance the Dr. Manelger is looking and thinking that maybe Cheval has the same thinking as him… And Itsy-Bits.

Meanwhile the Hunters say that they also could have disposed of the Blighted Cephradorme, although it is impressive what a Rider could do. Still, the quicksand has stopped so everything is A-Ok!


Suddenly a quicksand starts appearing… The Monster making them has not been defeated yet.

After that, Dan and the others have reached where Lute´s group is and Dan explains that they have come to help the villages, since it is courtesy that when a village is in danger, people from other places comes for their rescue! Also… the old man came from some Tropical Berries… Dan and Stone are able to detect that there is something wrong between Cheval and Lute, like if they have lost some of their shine. Genie, for his part, scold a little Hyoro since he hasn´t got a new Monstie, still Mille in some way defends him by telling him that he is being very rude to the people who only have 1 (herself included)

Back at the camp, everyone is talking abou the fact that the Quicksand continues, this conversation then goes towards the fact that indeed there is a kinship Ore around here, and such thing must be corrupted by the Black Blight, and the only way to purify it is with the Kinship stone, so the Riders are needed for this mission… Still Gamigami sasy that before that he has something more important… The tropical berries!

In the evening the Riders are searching for… the Tropcal berries, Gamigami true objective, the elder convinces Navirou by saying that these special fruit is as tasty as 5 donuts!

With that Navirou goes into the action and he finds them quite easy!... Or not, it was a fake berrie that releases spines shortly after are cut, so it can hurt a lot! Therefore, Navirou got his pawn filled with spines!


Shortly after that, the Riders see movement under the quicksand, a Monster is bellow that and it´s moving. Cheval was eager to go and fight; but Dan stops him and tells the team that it would be better if they fight it on the day since night can be dangerous, Genie then points to a place quere they can make a camp.

On the Camp Dan tries to know what is happening between Cheval and Lute, since both of them says that there is no problem at all between them, still when the Talk about the Monster comes the answer that both Riders gives are truly different:

Lute says that they will protect the Monster; while Cheval says that they will kill it! Dan has seen where the problem is and gives them a speech that even if they have different points of view, they are still friends and as friends they can speak their minds and even criticize the other; but at the end of the day they must share the meal and pass a good time. Dan gives them a meat and both Cheval and Lute smiles and eat.

In the night Lute wakes up due to the cold and he sees that Cheval is outside, he goes and both of them talk a little about the stars and the moon and how Lute is still the same –which is a good thing for Cheval, still the happy mood is ruined when the Black Blight starts appearing, the Blighted Monster is near. Everyone wakes up and prepares to fight!


The experienced Riders (Dan, Genie and Stone) call their Monsties and prepare to attack and gives to the young ones the mission to protect Lilia! Dan throws a flash bomb to the Monster who reveals its form!

Diablos the angry 2-horned wyvern! These Wyverns are extremely violent and extremely angry, they can “fly underground” and attack their opponent bellow them, they cry a lot stopping the movement of the hunters making them easy target for it´s attacks,at the same time their horns and tail are truly powerful and can defeat any Hunter who face them without the necessary preparations! In heat, the females turn their skin to black and become way more violent!


The Riders surround the Monster and tries to attack it; the Diablos with it´s tail damages Stone; at the same time Genie gets trapped in the quick sand and the Diablos attacks it with it´s horns! Dan then uses his Qurupeco to fly above the Monster and attacking it from that angle!

The Diablos digs itself into the ground in order to stop the attack of Dan! Lite then calls for his Basarios and makes his kinship attack, the ambush laser! The laser hits… But it is not enough to damage the Blighted Diablos!

The Diablos attacks Lute ehad on, after hitting it´s objective the Diablo´s horns got stuck into a rock; Cheval tells him that this is his chance; but Lute is more concerned about his Monstie´s well being, the Diablos gets out it´s horns and attacks Lute once again! 

After the defeat of Lute, the Diablos goes to where Cheval and the others are and attacks them! Everyone tries to run from the powerful attacks of the Monster, in their escape Lilia gets injured in her leg.


Cheval grabs her and takes her to a place where the Diablos can´t see her! Cheval tries to call for his Rathian; bit the Old Gamigami tells him not to, his mission is not to defeat the monster; but to protect Lilia! And if he does that, the Diablos would detect them!

Dan appears and takes the attention of the Blighted Monster, then he uses the ability of Qurupeco and calls for a Barroth to come and help them. The distraction is set and the Riders are able to escape from that certain death called the Blighted Diablos!

Dawn breaks and with it Genie and Stone decides to take Lilia back to Gildegaran, Dan will stay with Lute and the others, Gamigami will keep searching for his Tropical berries in the mean time alongside Navirou.


While Lute and the others walk, Cheval is very aggressive towards him; Dan tells him again that if they want to fight, they can do it; but they have to remember that after everything is said and done, they are friends, and the friends stick together.

Lute tries to make peace with Cheval; but this one rejects such offer… He goes to where Mille and Hyoro are and says this:

<<<Monsters Kill People. Killed my Mom. We have all these tragedies because Lute puts monsters before people. Like Lilia getting hurt… and not being able to protect the village—or my mom! >>>

Suddenly the scream of Navirou is heard. The Riders goes where he is. 

Gamigami and Navirou have finally found them! The Tropical Berries! They are delicious! Everyone except Cheval eats one and they agree! The elder one gives one to Cheval and tells him that they don´t know how much time will pass until their desert quest ends; but before the turn against each other…they must enjoy this time together, as friends and always cherish those memories…

Cheval takes it and bites it…yes They are truly delicious!

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Basarios card…)

My Impressions

A very good chapter this week! While the first half was somewhat slow, the second one truly got the cake for how good the fight was! Man, that Diablos is truly a hard Monster to kill; but hey these Monsters are like that! (Although when one catches the trick they are quite fun to fight), still it was a quite good fight.


With Cheval now, the Felyne is out of the bag now! Cheval has revealed his decision and his source of hatred, everything is about the fact that the Monsters can kill people, like how her Mother, they can hurt people, like Lilia, and they can destroy life styles, like how they destroyed the villages. So in truth Cheval has come to hate the monsters and the ones who are so obsessed in protecting them! In truth… Now the distance between Cheval and Lute is becoming greater and greater, and the sad thing is that I think deep down they don´t want the things to be like that, they are still best friends; but these different philosophies will make it quite hard for both of them to keep going forward towards the same goal. In some form I think Gamigami knows that… That in some moment both Lute and Cheval will fight each other, and whatever the result is, it will be painful.

Now looking at the advance of the next chapter, finally we will be getting a break from the sand, which is good since the scenery was somewhat boring, also Laeus is coming back! Lute´s Rathalos! Now with his look as the one-eyed Rathalos.

Finally, yeah, I´m going to keep calling them “Laeus” and “Leia” instead of “Ratha” and “Rathi”, mostly for uniformity reasons, still if another Monstie gets a nickname I will use the translated form with those.

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!