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Episode 14: Face the Black Blight!

The Chapter starts where the previous left off. With Our young Riders who are about to fight the Blighted Nargacuga. The plan enters in action and Lute alongside Navirou will draw the attention of the monster, in that moment Cheval, Mille and Hyoro will attack him with everything they have!


The Riders brings their Monsties and start attacking the Nargacuga, who evades every attack and proceeds to become invisible, still Lute has a thing for that and it´s the sound bomb! He throws it and the Riders cover their ears, the sound comes and it´s painful for the Nargacuga who has become visible once again.

Cheval takes the opportunity and makes his Rathian throw a fire ball at the Nargacuga; a continuation Hyoro and Mille tackles the Monster and Cheval attacks again with the tail of Leia, damaging the Nargacuga. Still the Monster rises again and the purple mist of the Black Blight gets stronger.

Meanwhile Dan, the Chief and Simone are talking. Dan it is very frustrated that he can´t do anything and they have to rely on a Hunter, also the chief also agrees that the only thing they can do is to kill the monster, since a creature that has been taken by the Black Blight will never regain it´s senses.


After that conversation Dan and the Chief goes to the stables where Genie and the others are taking care of the Monsties who are wounded. In there they detect that the Monsties of the young ones aren´t in there.

Meanwhile Lilia and her little sister Loloa who are taking care of Laeus, Lute´s Rathalos, and Lilia remember the words od Lute and the promise she made to him. Dan suddenly hears and well… The cat is out of the bag, they already know that Lute, Cheval, Mille and Hyoro went to confront the Nargacuga. 

Back at the battle, The Young Riders keep attacking until the Nargacuga becomes invisible again, only a little glowing red from his eyes can be seen, suddenly Hyoro´s Bulldrome falls to the ground, an Spike has been thrown to him! The riders make a circle and try to detect where the monster is.

Lute then decides that even if they don´t know where the Nargacuga is, they know he is seeing them, so he throws a flash bomb! The light is so powerful that the Nargacuga gets a little blind and has become visible.

Cheval takes the opportunity and makes Leia throws fireballs at the Monster, still the Nargacuga is fast and can evade it; but Lute keeps throwing flash bombs making for a window of opportunity to damage the monster and so they do! Mille and Hyoro then decide to join the action too!

Suddenly Lia gets tired after attacking without pause, The Nargacuga approaches and Lute plus Navirou decides to distract the monster by getting his attention and throwing him a sound bomb!

The Nargacuga goes in ther persecution, Lute and Naviroud ecides to divide in 2 different directions. The Monster goes in Lute´s direction; Cheval manages to make his Rathian move again and flyes full speed towards his objective!


Cheval tries to attack; but the Nargacuga quickly repels him and continues his race towards Lute; the young Rider is cornered to a cliff and if he falls he will be done for, the Nargacuga approaches; but Mille and Hyoro stops his race by tackling him, still the Monster quickly throws them away and continues. In that moment Cheval comes and keeps attacking, Lute is able tot ake that opportunity and goes to a safer place!

Lute can´t believe how good Cheval is as a Rider, and how deep is his connection with his Rathian already, even though it has just hatched. Cheval attacks with a tackle and the Nargacuga violently falls to the ground, it seems the Monster is done for; but then… The Nargacuga rises again and the Black Blight starts going inside of him! Lute tries to throw him something; but he has already used everything he had!

The Nargacuga goes to attack Cheval! 

Lute puts himself between the two and is ready to receive head on the attack of the Monster! Suddenly a blue light appears, that light damages the Nargacuga and Laeus has appeared!


Laeus then engulfs the Nargacuga in a sea of fire balls, Cheval is amazed by seeing that and Navirou tells him that Lute in truth believes that Cheval is amazing, he can believe him because he was in there…

Meanwhile the attack continues and it´s time for the Kinship attack. The Sky-High Dive!!!! 

The attack hits; but still the Nargacuga is able to damage Rathalos, by destroying his left eye, making this Monstie a One-eyed one. Lute and Laeus fall uncontrollably to the ground, Laeus can´t move or do much due to his injuries. The Nargacuga, for his part it seems he is already done for.


With the last part of his strength Rathalos throws Lute to a safe place avoiding him to fall together to a certain doom. 

Lute tries to rescue his Monstie and even tries to jump towards him; but Cheval embraces him and stops him of doing a madness that will surely end his own life.


Little after that the kinship stones of our young Riders start shinning it is like if they where absorbing and purifying the Black Blight; suddenly a pure white light appears and what was once a dark place now is filled with light and colors. 

Dan, Lilia and the Chief reaches the place. The Chief then explains that the thing we know as the “Black Blight” is a some sort of natural thing that has existed since immemorial times, something that just came a few moments and the it goes away, just like the wind; but in this case the Black Blight didn´t went away; but rather it was keep in here and maybe it was because it infected the Kinship Ore… Still, Our young Riders where able to purify it and even saved all this place, even the Nargacuga who at the very least in death can now rest.

Also it seems that Navirou remembers a little about the Kinship Ore… 

The Chief continues and says that maybe this is just as how happened in the times of the legendary Rider Redan, in any case… To purify the affected Kinship Ore and preserve life, it is a mission that only a Rider can do, In any case even though with all of that, Lute, Cheval, Hyoro and Mille should feel proud because they saved the village.


Still Lute remembers very dearly his Monstie, Laeus, who gave his lfe in order for Lute to live.

After that everyone starts going back to town, except Cheval and Lute; Lilia wanted to know what is happening; but Mille stops her and tells her to accompany her. Lute embraces Cheval and tells him that both of them are family, and will be together no matter what, so they can even go back to those peaceful days they lived before all of this happened.

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought an Aptonoth card…)

My Impressions

Amazing! This chapter in truth was amazing! From the epic fight that it was presented to us; where Mille, Hyoro, Cheval and Lute gave their all and still the Nargacuga keep on fighting; all the twists that the battle had and how our heroes never gave up, this fight will be one that I will remember dearly.


Other aspects that I like are how it touched also the emotional notes regarding the loss of Laeus who as of right now is Missing in action, or the fact that now the bond between Cheval and Lute is stronger.

As a matter of fact I think that if this was the ending of this Anime (which it isn´t) it would be a satisfactory one; but on the contrary, this is just the beginning of the journey, a journey to stop the black blight and in truth save this world as they did with the Hakum Village, so the thing is getting exciting since now the world has opened and our Heroes will face this new challenge.

Finally it is nice that the subs have localized the names, still due to stay according to my previous works the Rathalos Name will stay being Laeus and Rathian´s one will still be Leia.


On a last note and a totally different topic, yesterday some news came to me regarding the well being of a friend, and well… To put it short, that person is now in a better place. It was a cheerful and happy gal who sadly had to confront a sickness and for that it had to move to Canada, I remember how when I speak to her through either Skype or the PS message system how I always reefer in a jokingly way to Canada as “Qnada” or how we joked about Final Fantasy XV being a sausage party (thing that always made her laugh) and so much other things; still I think what it is more sad is that we (My sibling and I, who Btw they had a very deep an true friendship) get the news very, very late since she passed away on the last days of 2016, and just yesterday night the notice came to us, so it is sad in that regard that we weren´t able to accompany her or to share some other stuff. Still, I pray for her Soul and I know she is already on a better place…

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!