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Episode 08: Navirou in Love

The Chapter starts with Lute, Cheval and Navirou taking a nap in the fields. Suddenly they hear the exciting scream of the ladies in town. With curiosity Lute, Cheval featuring Navirou who was sleep walking thanks to the power of donuts go to see.


In there they see an Old wiveryan lady talking about fashion and beauties and stuff. All the girls in the town are in there! I mean not only random ladies; but Lilia, Loloa, Mille and Cheval´s Mom are in there too!

This is the caravan of the Merchant Lady. Miss Pink, she comes t the village from time to time in order to sell clothes and beauty products. In any case a battle royal between the girls starts by grabbing the clothes!... All the guys prefer to not to interfere with that, they might get killed in there!

Miss Pink starts giving advices and selling clothes to all the ladies in town including Mille to whom she dresses her like a princess, so much that even Cheval says that she looks very nice… Mille blushes. Man Cheval can be a player when he grows up! Also Miss Pink says that Cheval is truly handsome… She also shows a picture of her from 100 years ago.


Also Miss Pink dresses Lute like some sort of troubadour or something, because according to her Lute just looks “Bleh” as ever. In any case she dresses Lute, gaining the laughs of the other kid. She puts a hat on Cheval because it will increase his good looks.

Now, it´s Navirou´s trun… He is excited to know what will be good for him; Miss Pink analyzes him and… Nope, he is Ok. Navirou takes that as a compliment and says that while he is perfect as it is, he knows that beauty is fleeting, so he is going to grab something in order to be on time with the current trends in fashion!

Navirou goes and search for clothes, and it is in that moment when…

… A faithful encounter appears. A female Felyne appears in front of him, she is curious about Navirou´s appearance, she asks if she can pet him, which Navirou gives his approval. After that she gives him a ribbon. Navirou is all blushed… Could this be?! L… L… Love?!

That Felyne lady is Mocha and Navirou has decided that his fan club (ergo Lute and the others) will help her with the sales!...In any case, the sales continues and Lilia has a thing that she can control the crowds, including little kids.

Continuing, Navirou looks how Mocha is working… Yes, this is Love. Navirou is believing in Angels, he is loving angels instead… I mean he has found someone who is not only cute and nice; but also a hard working girl… For his eyes, she is perfect.


Lilia and Cheval caught him fast that he has fallen for Mocha. Lute… Not so much has realized it; in any case and after a quick chat with Lute who doesn´t have any idea about anything. Navirou now knows that the hearts of himself and Mocha must be burning from their unyielding love! Lilia tells him that Navirou use to fall in love very easily; but Navirou says that this isn´t a hollow love or anything! This is a true one, the ones that are forever!

After a hard day´s work Miss Pink has as payment some clothes. Navirou grabs a hat and a cape and he is ready to go with his beloved! At the same time Miss Pink ask Lilia if she would like to accompany them? Since she isn´t going to be a Rider and all, Lilia declines such generous offer in the Japanese way.

When Navirou goes and see Mocha, he detects something… She is crying? Why? Navirou ask her if the work is too tough. Mocha says that she likes working for Miss Pink; but sometimes she can get a little homesick. Home… Navirou ask her if it is the place where she was born? Mocha tells him that it is the place where her loved ones are… In any case she grabs his paw and tells him that it was fun working with him…

… Navirou is the most happiest man in the land right now.

The End of Day has come and Ms. Pink alongside Mocha has to leave, the chief tells her that the road has been a little unsafe one of the riders will be accompanying her, Nole, the owner of the Aptonoth. Also Lilia offers herself with Cheval to help with anything.


Navirou, who was looking at the distance, starts remembering his chat with Mocha… Ad by remembering I mean inventing what happened, since for some reason now he believes that the words that Mocha told him where “Navirou I love you so much!; but I can´t tell you!”… Thanks to that Navirou has made a decision…

… He has to leave; he will follow his heart and will accompany Mocha.

The first to whom he tells the news is to Lute, who went to search for him. Lute can’t believe such words… Lilia and Cheval canpt believe it either when they got the news.


Navirou explains that he has to leave, because Navirou is a wanderer… everything will go back as how it was… Still he doesn´t want tears; but smiles, so when he leaves he wants to see them with an ear to ear smile… He says that he will never forget them and after that he goes to grab his things. 

Lute starts remembering the day when he meet Navirou, one year ago. When Genie and Stone where going to be Riders, in the rite… Lute who was watching the scene, detected that something was stealing the donuts that where in such place… then the egg started moving on it´s own.


Lute goes and grabs him, and the egg stealer it was not other; but Navirou, Dan tells him to do like the magicians and disappear, still Navirou decided to stay because they can´t tell him what to do! Suddenly Navirou´s tummy starts making noises, he is starving. Lute gives him a Donut, it was love at first sight… well eat.

After the rite Navirou went to Cheval´s house in order to eat with Lute, Lilia and of course Cheval. In there we get to know that Navirou didn´t got food since he left the boat overseas, and that he came from an island… Maybe? He can´t remember a thing, so he says that he doesn’t have a home, family or even a place where he was born! After that Navirou decided to stay in the village and started living with Lute.

Back in the present, Lute is putting a strong face and he wishes the best to Navirou. 

At night, Ms. Pink caravan is going to leave and Navirou will go with it, he wonpt back down. In any case everyone says his good byes with a big smile, including Lute.


A little later, Navirou is imagining his happy and romantic life with Mocha!... Suddenly his thinking got stooped by remembering Lute and how he made his goodbye with a big smile, so he is somewhat sad since while he knows he told him that, still…

Cheval and Lilia tells him that it isn´t still too late, if he wants he can stay; but Navirou says no, he can´t back down now… He start shedding a tear.

At the same time Lute is looking at the sky and sees a Navirou shaped cloud. He starts eating a donut and says that he is lucky now because he can eat all the donuts now… Lute´s allergies start going now.

Back with the caravan. A Bulldrome has appeared and it´s attacking it!

Bulldrome, the boar monster! This beast is known to be a big form of the Bullfango, it can make strong charges and run very fast!... Basically that´s it, just a bigger and stronger Bullfango.


Cheval activates his Kinship stone. Velocidrome goes out of the stable and directly to the action! Lute detects that and goes along too!

The things are looking bad; but Lute alongside Dan and the other experienced Riders have appeared!

Now it is the plan of Navirou to come in! The Navirou Operation G!!

Lute believes in Navirou and he is in… The plan is basically to keep doing what theya re doing; but with more motivation and with more strength! At a certain moment Navirou tells Lute to stop blocking the caravan´s way. He does it and the caravan goes to the other side of the cliff, making the Bulldrome fell to the deep woods bellow them!

After that, both Lute and Navirou are at the verge of tears because they don´t want to say goodbye to each other… Still, Navirou knows that he has to leave because he has to go with the woman he loves!


Lilia talks a little with Mocha and says that while she doesnpt want to butt in the love that Navirou and Mocha has for each other, maybe… She should give him some days? Just to let him prepare emotionally.

Mocha basically ask her of what is she talking about? She doesn´t have feelings for Navirou, as a matter of fact she already has a boyfriend! Mocha says that maybe Navirou misunderstood her feelings when he saw her crying. Lilia now knows that when Navirou gets to know that he will be crushed. In any case she tells Mocha to say something…

Now the Caravan is ready to leave and Navirou is prepared to go too. Mocha stops her and tells him that while she likes Navirou, she can´t mess in such a pure friendship that Navirou has with Lute, so their burning love must be called off…Obviously all of that is a lie.


In any case Navirou is crushed still and goes out running. Lute goes behind him!

The Caravan leaves… And in the distance, 2 weird looking persons watches the scene, they talk about monsters and research… whatever it is, it seems they don´t have good intentions…


Later Navirou is eating alongside Lute, Cheval and Lilia. Of course at Cheval´s house. Cheval´s Mom gives Navirou some freshly baked donuts! Navirou is happy and is filling the hole in his heart with Donuts… Still, he remembers the words of Mocha: “Home is the place where you loved ones are”… Navirou has finally found his home.

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Bulldrome card…)

My Impressions

A very fun and good chapter! The funny parts where truly funny and the emotional parts, while not perfect, where interesting. At the same time the interaction between characters was truly natural and enjoyable.


Talking about things in a more specific way, Navirou was in truth the star of this chapter since we get to know more about our particularly shaped Airou and seeing him and hearing the things he says it was truly funny, man there aren´t any boring times with him! I mean seeing how his mind basically twisted the words of Mocha and how he took the “breaking” he had was truly funny.

Continuing, it seems we got some enemies in the corner, will they be part of an arc? Or more like the Team Rocket? Only time will tell; but one thing is sure. The things will look interesting. Although their designs are funny, so yeah, I don´t know what role or purpose they will have. In the same topic, it seems also that it will be a return to having a little more action in the show and I will not say no to that!

Talking about interesting stuff, by watching the next episode advance, it seems that Lute is on his way of getting his weapon, which will be a Great sword! Nice!


Finally as I said in the first paragraph, the emotional parts, while not perfect, still made the message clear. It was interesting to see Lute and Navirou getting all sentimental like that, so it was an Ok for me.

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!