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Chapter 07:Where the Turnips Lead!!!!!

The Chapter starts with Miyata and Ring who are going back after the training, they see that every Infighter is all thrashed and tired, it seems they had it rough. In any case Miyata is going to her room where Nozomi was waiting for her. Nozomi then has something to ask her…


Suddenly she starts stripping her clothes and makes questions regarding her body, if her boobs have something weird or if her butt is strange, anything! Miyata can´t handle anymore and threws a naked Nozomi out of the room!

A little later, Nozomi explains everything to Miyata, Non and Aoba about the situation, which is that Shirayuki told our Main Character that she has a flaw in her body. In any case it seems that none of the former 309 girls was able to do anything against a Pro, such things worries Nozomi since in half a year they will be pros and in there is a do or die environment, there won´t be any room for error, so she might as well lose every match she has and she doesn´t want that. Miyata tells her that if that´s the case then it would be good if Nozomi starts imitating SHirayuki, maybe that way she can get to have an answer.

Later, Shirayuki is having dinner with the teachers and they speak about the upcoming event… The East-West War. Shirayuki also says that one of her students is interesting… Nozomi, Ujibe ask her for the favor of look after her. Also soon every girl will be using the UTM.

At the next day, The training made by Shirayuki is one that consist in walking against the flow of the river. Nozomi checks Shirayuki in order to imitate her, and well… Shirayuki´s back is all straight and she has a very cute swimsuit and… She uses old expressions. In any case the training starts and it seems it is in order to make stronger the lower part of the body.


In the training, Nozomi is having serious problems regarding all the twigs that come with the flow. They can be surely a pain. Still Shirayuki is managing them with her breast, putting them away and at the same time knowing when it is best to avoid them. Her pace and rhythm is so good that she is quite fast and has little to no problem handling all of that.

Nozomi tries to do it… And she fails epically, so much that she falls, in any case when a big tree branch comes in she is able to handle it very easily… At that moment she has the resolution, the little twigs are quick, unpredictably and hard to know where they will hit; but the big ones while stronger are slower and easy to handle… The same is for her. Her butt is slow.

In the night Nozomi is doing the “number 8” exercise and yeah, she is slower than when she was starting…Aoba explains that since her butt muscle got thicker due to her training for the Vacuum Butt Cannon, that made her movement slower, the same reason why Trunks wasn´t able to defeat perfect Cell even though in power measure he had more than enough to do the job. Shirayuki enters the conversation and says that Nozomi´s attacks will never hit against a pro since they are so easy to predict; for that she tells her that Nozomi must take her butt to the absolute limit! Nozomi ask her how can she accomplish that?! The answer is… Oh! Look at the time, her favorite show is going to air and Shirayuki must not lose it! And with that she goes away.

Said and done, all the girls are getting the UTM training. Aoba, Non and Rin are talking about how the UTM is so tight, although it makes the user to have a very good figure, which includes that it also makes the appearance that the bust is bigger. Miyata is hearing all of that, could this be? Her door to the opportunity to have bigger breast?

Miyata tries it while she think she is alone… She was playfully doing things like if her breast jiggled…They didn´t, and at the same time Aoba, Non and Rin where watching the scene.

Meanwhile the Infighters are training, everyone; but Nozomi is using the UTM, Shirayuki has a special training for her…

Ando so Shirayuki leads Nozomi to a turnip field, the Pro player speaks a little with the old lady about the deal she made with her husband… The traning is going to start now.


Shirayuki shows her what she has to do and it is to by having a rope on her hip and butt to take out the turnips by using her hip movement!... The Butt flash!

Shirayuki does it extremely good and it even looks easy enough. Nozomi tries it and… She fails at it, in a very big way. So much that entire lines are filled with broken turnips. Shirayuki then tells her that part of the deal she made with the farmers is that or every turnip they destroy, they will be buying it, so unless Nozomi wants to have a 100% turnip diet in the future, then she better get good at it… fast. After that Shirayuki leaves her to her own luck.
Some hours later and Nozomi is exhausted and with boxes filled with broken turnips… I hope she likes them.


Shirayuki comes and see how is she going and she has done a mess, Nozomi ask her what is the trick?! Which Shirayuki just says that she can´t do that because her body has to learn it, if not there would be no point. In any case Nozomi starts suspecting that maybe Shirayuki isn´t a good teacher, since she is an athlete, not someone certificated to teach, so maybe she is just making stuff up.

Suddenly the farmer greets Shirayuki, it seems that the old man has a friendly relationship with her. Both of them chat a little about what Shirayuki wants to do, and it seems that she wants to upgrade her rank, and when she does that then they can have a party in celebration!

At seeing such image, Nozomi understood something. Shirayuki is a very busy woman, she has to take care of her career by going to various races all weeks and at the same time taking care of her personal life; but still… She has made herself the space to teach noob people like her! So in truth those thoughts she had where truly egoistic… Having that into account she has decided to have such negativity on the side and will give her best! For the sake and time of both Shirayuki and herself!

Nozomi continues her training… and failing.

After the bath, Kawai, Rin, Aoba and Non are talking and it seems that having Non around could be dangerous since she is too clumsy. Still Non defends herself and says that maybe she is clumsy outside of the land! ; But in Keijo she is all serious! Miyata enters the conversation and says that she would like to believe that… Although it is a little hard to do with the fact that Aoba is using her underwear!


A little later, the teacher gives to everyone some free tickets. This is for the big event “East- West War” which is a battle between the best of the 2 schools in Keijo: Setouchi in the West (where Nozomi and the others are) Vs. Suruga in the East! The tickets are for the family of the players in order to go and cheer for them.

In the dinner, everyone is having turnips… And Miyata has some doubts if her parents would come since they have a Dojo dedicated to Judo, her Dad is a famous Judoka, and their daughter decided from one day to another to leave all of Judo behind and pursue another sport. Nozomi still insist that she should send it to them, because at the end of the day they are still her family.

The next day. Nozomi continues her training and she continues failing. Mio comes for her since it´s lunchtime, in any case Mio tries to do Nozomi´s exercise and… She made it!... That didn´t sit so well with Nozomi. In any case Mio gives her a tip, if she wants to use her butt to be faster… the why she doesn´t use those muscles?


Nozomi asks her what does she mean?; but Mio denies unless… She wants to tell her in bed?... Ok, Nozomi prefers to have the doubt than going “to bed” with Mio!

In the distance Usagi is looking at such scene and is very jealous and angry at Nozomi!

At the next day. Nozomi´s efforts are still fruitless! Then she looks at the cage she used to guard the turnips; she remembers a little incident yesterday with Mio, when she pushed the cage with her butt and then it pulled her back with it. She plays a little with the cart and she is able to see how the same impulse moves the turnips which also gives extra impulse to the cart…


… Nozomi has an idea, if she thinks on her butt muscle as the turnips in the cart then having them is not a low point because their own weight moved to a direction will make them faster!

Rain begins to fall, still she is ready and decided in doing it and try it. To pull her muscles in the same direction as how she is moving her body in order to use the extra weight in there as an impulse… Nozomi puts in position and…

When the rain ended Shirayuki was getting closer in order to see how is she doing? She was wondering if she should give Nozomi some advice… When she sought. Nozomi had a lot of complete and perfect turnips outside. She has done it!


At the dinner, the teacher tells them that the training camp is coming to an end, and the last part will be a race! Still since they didn´t planned any schedule or anything then they can challenge whoever they want.

Usagi quickly raises up! She has challenged Nozomi!

Later, Nozomi is having an argument against a blonde chick… That girl, and the others behind her are from the rival School Suruga.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

This was a very fun chapter! I liked how well balanced was every scene since there where so many possibilities that this chapter could be boring; but it did none of those. The dialog was interesting in the slow parts and there where jokes and or funny character interactions in most of the scenes! Thing that is very much appreciated.


Continuing with the chapter, the flow of the scenes, as I said in the past paragraph, was good enough and well balanced since if it would have only focused on Nozomi and her training, the chapter would have been very, very boring; so luckily that wasn´t the case and we got a nice mix of what the other girls where doing.

Other interesting point it is that we already sough a little of the big arc, and the one to whom this anime will mostly end. The East-West War. I have to say that in this all the races where Epic! And I am not exaggerating! Every race was amazing!... But I am going ahead in the future. So going back to the immediate one, we will see the race between Nozomi and Usagi, it was cool in the manga; but nothing too exceptional. In any case I am excited that the enxt chapter the Kyoto mini arc ends and we go straight to the East-West War!

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!