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Fuuka is the sequel of the Manga “Suzuka” which centers on Yuu Haruna, a shut in boy who loves twitter and by some circumstances he gets to know Fuuka Akitsuki, a girl who alongside her will embark on a musical journey.

Chapter 01:Fuuka!

The Chapter starts with Yuu, a normal and boring teenagers who appears has a smartphone attached to his hand and an avid Twitter user, so much that basically he is an open book if one read his feed; in any case he has finally come to Tokyo and it´s just going to grab dinner, he puts his face away just for a moment since that new artist Koyuki Hinashi has a new song; suddenly until he hears some running steps and the voice of a female telling him to get out of the way.


Yuu turns around his head and he looks a light-blue haired girl who is about to fall above him… And so she does, various Cds come out of the girl´s bag. Yuu Ask her if she is Ok, then he sees something that a pervert would say it´s wonderful… A pure white panties; Yuu quickly turns around while he blushes, the girl, angry gets up and says that he must have taken a picture of her, violently she grabs Yuu´s phone and smash it to the ground only to second after she gives a big slaps to Yuu´s face making him fall to the ground. The girl grabs her things except for a Cd and leaves.

Little did Yuu know that this “Unfortunate” accident would be the first meeting with this girl, Fuuka Akitsuki, a girl who will turn his world upside down and would make show him a new path for her, himself and much other people.

Later Yuu has finally reached his house and he is greeted by 2 of his 3 Sisters, who tells him that he is late and they already know what happened since Yuu tweets about everything and anything that happens to him.


In the dinner room the third Sister tells them that their Parents have reached America safely. In that moment we get to know that Yuu and his little Sister lived with their Parents in the countryside until their Dad got promoted and had to move to the United States and since according to his Mom he was unable to live alone, both of them moved to such country. So it was the decision of the family that both Yuu and his little Sister move out to Tokyo where their big Sis lives.

Also we get to know that in the next day Yuu will go to enter his papers in the School. At the same time that the most popular singer at the moment is none other than Koyuki Hinashi, who was a childhood friend of Yuu, so much that they even had nicknames for each other, nicknames like: “Tama-Chan” for Koyuki and “Nico-Kun” for Yuu. In any case all of that is ancient history now and their paths has been long separate since so many years ago.

The Next day Yuu goes to the School and enter his papers, everything is in order so tomorrow he will start his first day in there. In any case Yuu wanted to ask if the teacher knew a girl who would go on life throwing people´s phones and slapping people, since he has the Cd that she forgot. Continuing, Yuu goes to the roof and starts taking pictures since the scenery is very nice and commenting on twitter, suddenly he turns around and sees that weird girl and he tooks a picture.

The girl, hears the sound and she blushes since for her it seems that Yuu is again taking pictures of panties! The pervert! She goes down and ask for the phone since she want to look if he has a picture of her. Yuu denies such thing and says that he was just taking photos of the place! The girl, whose name is Fuuka, says that if he has nothing to hide then he has nothing to fear! But Yuu says that he has personal info on this! Ina ny case the struggle ends when the cellphone falls to the ground. Yuu then goes running in order to grab it since technically this isn´t his phone; but rather a loan from the repair shop!

In the search for the cell phone Fuuka joins him and tells him that she is going to find out if Yuu has been taking pervy photos, and if that´s the case she will hit him. In any case Yuu tells her to use her cell phone and call him in order to hear it; but his petition is denied because…

She doesn´t have a cell phone, yeah that is weird… Fuuka says that she prefers to use her time hearing music rather than being in twitter or searching whatever on the internet; still Yuu says that with a cellphone one can hear music too; but Fuuka just says that she has a Discman for that! And talking about Cds, Yuu gives her the Cd she lost and he says that he wasn´t taking photos that time and continues his search, he didn´t found the cell phone BTW.


In the evening Yuu reaches his house and founds that his 3 sisters are in undies or naked… In any case he decides to ignore such thing and goes to his room and he doesn´t know what to do since his cell phone was not only a tool; but the way he entertained himself. In any case he remembers Fuuka and says that she is weird indeed.

The next day Yuu realizes that he is in the same classroom as Fuuka, after that everything went normal and after class he was getting ready to go home, until he sees that weird Fuuka girl being harassed by weird dude who wanted to accompany him to someplace… At first Yuu didn´t wanted to intervene; but then he decides to enter in action and runs towards them.


He reaches the place all tired and with the need of breathing really hard, still he tells the guy to let her go since it is obvious she doesn´t want to AND this is a School, not a place to be hitting on girls!

The guy looks at Yuu and then laughs since this is a misunderstanding, he wasn´t trying to seduce her or anything! He just wanted that Fuuka joined the Track field club! Since she is the daughter of the Silver Medal winning athlete Yamato Akitsuki and the Track field athlete Suzuka, a thoroughbred, so she has track field on her veins! Still Fuuka just doesn´t want to join such club! After realizing that, Yuu gets red as a tomato and runs covering his face.

After such fiasco where Yuu tried to look good; but just ended looking like a dork our Main character is regretting everything and feels like dying of embarrassment. In any case Fuuka comes to him and gives him the cell phone since after all Yuu gave her the disc.

Also she presents with him, she is, as you know, Akitsuki Fuuka. The next day, Yuu is in the roof looking at some movie tickets that his Sis gave it to him, it´s for the movie “Half & Half” which BTW it´s based on another manga of the same author (Seo). In any case Fuuka was also in there and she looks at the tickets and gets all excited since her favorite artist Koyuki Hinashi sings the main theme for the movie! She says she likes the” hedghehogs” band too; but since they have been on hiatus since forever Koyuki has trump them in her ranking!


In any case since Koyuki sing the theme she feels like she has to see the movie and since Yuu has 2 tickets then… they should go and see it together.

And so the day came and Yuu is awaiting in Shibuya for Fuuka´s arrival they have agreed to met in front of the Hachiko statue (for more info watch the Harrison ford movie :P) and well, Fuuka is taking her sweet time to come, or so he believes since in front of such statue and unable to our main character to see, his girl is already awaiting for him and she is thinking that he is taking his time to come.

In any case Yuu´s followers are saying that he is on a date, Yuu, yo dawg! Continuing he decides to check in front of the statue while at the same time Fuuka decides to check the back of the statue and no luck for both of them.

Yuu then remembers that he doesn´t know quite well the city so it might be the case that there are more than 1 Hachiko statue and decides to look her in such hypothetical place, at the same time Fuuka gets up to a railing and she yells Yuu´s name asking where he is, making that Yuu gets a run around and run for where Fuuka is waiting for her!


Now it´s movie time and they are making the line to enter; in the line well… A little more pink and it would be a love nest for the other moviegoers/couples who wants to see this romantic movie.

In that moment Fuuka has a proposal to Yuu…

To pretend being her boyfriend for a while, Yuu all surprised asked why is that?! And Fuuka tells him that the couples will receive some limited edition straps and she wants them. In any case in order to look like a couple what should they do? Be embraced all lovey-dovey? No! That´s too much, then… Holding hands. Yuu hesitates still and barely touches Fuuka´s hand, until she makes him grabs all the hand and both are blushed, Yuu is relieved by seeing that he is not the only one whose heart is pounding like crazy.


A movie and some Alpaca straps later Fuuka is saying that she had lots of fun and that the main theme made by Koyuki was amazing! Although Fuuka hasn´t said anything about the movie, in any case she gives to Yuu one of the straps since thanks to him she got one. Yuu says that is not necessary; but Fuuka incist and he grabs one, although it is not like if they are a couple and—

Fuuka says that they don´t know that yet! In any case she had lots of fun on this date with him! Yuu blushes and see how she goes.

The credits roll; but it´s not the end!

Yuu receives a PM in twitter, someone is asking him if they remember? That person obviously is…

End of the Chapter

Chapter 02: Take Flight!

The chapter starts with Fuuka who is talking with their parents in the phone, Her Mom, Suzuka, ask her about her studies and she says that…uh… She is doing ok? In any case she got asked again to join the track team; but she doesn´t want that.


In her parents’ house both Yamato and Suzuka (featuring Fuuka´s Sibling) are talking about that and Yamato is Ok that Fuuka doesn´t go to the track team, even though when she was little he gift her a lot of equipment. Back in Fuuka´s house she is hearing music and trying to erase or calm certain feeling of uneasiness.

In the School Yuu is reading again the message, such message comes from “Tama-Chan” know as everybody else as the ultra popular pop Idol/Singer Koyuki Hinashi, Yuu hasn´t answered yet and he doesn´t know what to say to her. In any case while he is walking he sees Fuuka who is looking at the window while she is hearing music. She turns around and Yuu can see how there are tears in Fuuka´s eyes, she is crying. She starts running and Yuu looks at the window, a hot blonde guy was int here… Maybe she was crying for him?


Later in the class Yuu is thinking about what he sought and it seems that chick´s magnet , who responds by the name of Mikasa, is very popular and maybe Fuuka has feelings for him; but he does not, and maybe it is because of that the reason she was crying.

Also… Maybe this is a new love triangle… The eyes of these two [not really] alpha males crosses for a second, suddenly the teacher enters and she says that she needs the attention of the “going home club members” since she has something for them…

Which is cleaning the pool and the people wit no clubs: AKA Yuu, Fuuka and Mikasa have to do it. Yuu wanted to talk with Fuuka about what he sough and everything… In any case the cleaning starts and Yuu can see how well Fuuka and Mikasa get along, also that Fuuka is living in an apartment building of a relative of hers, also that she is very good cleaning.

In any case for Yuu this work is impossible since it is too much.

Fuuka then tells Yuu that she will show him how it´s done until she slips and falls on her buttocks, then Yuu can see Fuuka´s panties…Again. Especially because since her skirt is wet they are visible.


Mikasa tells her that and she goes to change, not before interrogate a little with Yuu regarding his sightings.

While Fuuka is changing Mikasa and Yuu start talking and it seems that indeed both Fuuka and Mikasa gets really well. And Yuu just wants to tell him to consider Fuuka´s feelings, since it is so obvious that she is drooling for him!

Anyway, after some time the pool is clean and Mikasa goes to left the things, Yuu takes the opportunity and asks Fuuka about her relationship with Mikasa. It is obvious she is in love with him; but he flirts with every girl so she must be suffering!...And…And… And all of that!


Fuuka laughs and says that Mikasa and her are only friends especially because… Mikasa enters the conversation and says his big not so well guarded secret:

He is not interested in Girls, which means he is homosexual, if that wasn´t clear enough. Yuu is impressed for that revelation and it looked he was at the verge to act as Seinfield and friends in that chapter, saying “Not that there is anything wrong with that” after every sentence.


Anyway, Fuuka and Yuu are walking home and Yuu ask her then why she was crying? Fuuka then remembers and says that it must have been because of the new Koyuki´s song which is very good; but also very sad, it is about a girl who misses so much the person she loves, Yuu should hear it, it will make him cry!

In any case besides the fact that Yuu jumps at conclusions very often, there it is indeed something that bothers Fuuka, she still doesn´t know what it is; but everything she tries to do(including Track field) doesn´t feel right for her… Still she is glad that Yuu worried for her well being, that means he is a very kind person.

Later Koyuki was hearing some Hedgehog´s song and suddenly a PM came from her twitter account, it is from Yuu…Or “Nico-Kun” he tells “Tama-Chan” that he is glad to be in contact with her even though they haven´t seen in ages, also that she appears in Tv so much that he and his sister have sought her in there, that she is a very good singer; so much that even a friend of his cried while listening to his music!

After reading the message, Koyuki is very glad that her “Nico-Kun” answered her.

The next day in P.E. one can see that Fuuka is truly athletic and very good at sports, so much that Nachi-Sempai (the guy who was bugging her to join in the track field team) yells at her saying that she should join, which she denies!...Also the teacher comes and punishes the upper grade student.


Yuu, whow as looking at the scene, says that it was like if Fuuka had wings, Mikasa then enters and says some poetic things about how Fuuka is a bird and she is in a cage and how Yuu is the key holder to let the bird set free and fly high… Needless to say, Yuu didn´t understood a word that Mikasa said.

After PE Fuuka invites Yuu to do something this Saturday, so he better not have any other plans!

Later that day Koyuki is looking nervous at her phone and she decides to grab him, for her face it is obvious that her heart is pounding a lot. She makes the call and “Nico-Kun” answers, they make a little talk and suddenly “Tama-Chan” is able to hear a weird conversation between Yuu and his Sisters (where one was in undies again… Not like I am complaining or anything).


After such intervention Koyuki has calmed and says that it is good that he and his sisters haven´t changed at all. In any case the message is that Koyuki is inviting Yuu to assist to her concert this Saturday in the Budoukan, the same stage where the Hedgehogs played some time ago.

…Still Yuu says that he can´t go since he already made plans with a friend, he is very sorry; but he will go to the next one for sure! Koyuki says that it is Ok, non problemo amigou!… Err anyway, before leaving she asks “Nico-Kun” if it´s Ok if she can call to this number from time to time… As friends, really!

Yuu says that it is Ok. The phone call ends and Koyuki acts like a total maiden in love.


And so the Saturday comes and Yuu goes to the location where Fuuka will be waiting for him. And it is the Budoukan, they are going to see Koyuki Hinashi´s concert! Fuuka explains him that she planned to come with a familiar of hers; but she had to cancel, so as substitute and in reward for taking her to the movies, she choose Yuu! (get it?).

In the back stage of the Budoukan, Koyuki is talking to someone of her staff about how nervous she is, her crush she had and how some (if not most) of the songs are about him, and all.

Back with Fuuka and Yuu, our Main character have decided to tell “Tama-Chan” about this as a surprise later, In the night.

The lights goes off and the people gets hyped. The light bars illuminate the place, in the backstage Koyuki remembers the memories she had with her very dear childhood friend Yuu, the only person she has ever fallen for and the reason why she become a singer.


The lights in the scenery turns on and Koyuki appears in front of the crowd, making the public goes crazy with excitement. She looks at this universe filled with shinning light bars and in the first lines she is able to see it, it was Him… “Nico-Kun” has come to see her!

The concert starts and Koyuki gives her all with her song! Yuu is happy that her friend “Tama-Chan” has made her dream a reality.

The concert ends and both Yuu and Fuuka goes back home, Fuuka says that there was something different in Koyuki´s voice this time, she says that most of her songs, especially the sad ones, feel like blue; but this time the color it was yellow, like if she was in truth happy this time around… Maybe because it was a live concert.

Yuu ask Fuuka what is she talking about? Music and colors? Fuuka then sings a little; by hearing her voice, Yuu was amazed at how talented Fuuka is, so much that he even compliments her about that! Fuuka says that she is not so great; although thanks for the compliment.


Then Yuu says that maybe Fuuka haves what it takes to be a musician… Fuuka then just says her good bye and leaves.

Later that night Yuu is talking with Koyuki and he is saying how great her concert was, she is truly good! Also that it ended up that the plan with his friend was the concert, so he didn´t knew either. After hearing such words Koyuki starts crying in happiness, since that special someone for her thinks that she is amazing.

Meanwhile Fuuka is taking a bath and thinking about what Yuu told her… She has made her choice.


The next day, after School, Fuuka drags Yuu to a shrine a place where both her Mom and Dad made a wish and something awesome happened after that, that´s why she wants to make a wish with him. She gives Yuu a coin and both of them pray in order to make Fuuka´s dream to become a reality.

In that moment, Yuu remembered the words of Mikasa, and it seems that his actions has opened this birdcage and this bird called Fuuka now can fly freely, and now in his eyes he can almost see some wings in Fuuka´s back, now that she knows what she wants to do, and that thing is…


The Credits roll; but it´s not the end!

Fuuka, Yuu and Mikasa are talking with the teacher, they will form a band!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

<<<I´m Sick of being bored

I don´t have more time to lose

I´m going in search of a dream>>>

-Nada que perder (Nothing to lose) from Mana.

Well, we started with a good and solid first 2 chapters! As a matter of fact the time went flying while I was watching it, and it even was good paced so even if they cut off some material from the manga, still the history is being cohesive enough to keep you motivated and , at the very least in my case, I didn´t felt too exhausted after watching these 2 chapters, so in truth this is a very good start for this series.


Now talking about the characters in particular, in the case of Fuuka she is really likeable and adorable, in truth the anime has focused more on her charms and not so much on her annoyances that she has as a character, thing that it sort of make sense regarding to what is coming since she is front and center, motivation and everything for this story.

In the case of Koyuki Hinashi… I like her; but before going into more details with her I will say this: the “Childhood friend who you haven´t see in a life time and is in love with you since forever” (yes that was long :P) is a little annoying, I´m not only talking about Koyuki; but for other girls like Serena in Pokémon and such, where even if they are amazing characters and even ship them sometimes… Still the fact that someone that you haven´t been able to surpass a childhood crush it is kinda silly or even a little sad since it makes me think on either how lonely they are since they didn´t knew another people or how bad was their life when they got separate; but oh well, I already ventilated so time too talk about this girl here.

Koyuki Hinashi, she is nice and well in the case of the anime a certain aura of sadness is surrounding her, like some part of me wants to ship her; but no… Other part no, anyway, I like her voice and she is cute anyway.


Now with Yuu-Kun He is cool, not so much of the image of a looser like how he is reflected in the manga, still his traits are recognizable and that is good enough, at the very least for me.

Finally some of the songs are catchy especially the opening, which grew on me after hearing it like 3 or 4 times; oh and “Fuuka” is pronounces as “huuka” or something like that :P

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!