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Turn 28: Ryuzu Myoujin.

The Chapter starts with Chrono eating his breakfast. On the Tv he hears the news that Ryuzu Myoujin is dead, the circumstances are unknown, but one of the builders of the Vanguard association is no longer with us.


Later it is the first day of School, and our Heroes are already on the third year of junior high! Time sure fly, huh? On any case. Tokoha, Chrono, Shion and Kumi are going to be on the same Classroom. Pretty cool, huh?

Some hours after that, Team Try3 are talking about the Death of Ryuzu. Shion says that even if he is death now, that doesn´t solve their problems, since Company (the group that he formed) still is active and tries to bring his ideals to the world. Chrono ads about what Ryuzu said before he died, that when the 12 Depend Cards get together…The Stride Gate will emerge and will be opened, leading the world to a perfect Future.

In another part. Mamoru and Mamoru…I mean Ibuki are talking about what will be their next step and one of them will be of dealing with Company, the riders of Ryuzu´s legacy which is composed by:


- Satoru Enishi, the Dark Zone Branch chief (currently MIA. Also the management seems missing as well)

- Shinonome Shouma, a former Fighter of the United Sanctuary Branch´s Team Demise.

- Hiroki Moriyama, a Kid.

- Sousuke Wakamizu, a weirdo.

Both of them talk about Ryuzu´s goals…Of open the Stride Gate, and what would have happened if he had reached his goals. Mostly sure something dangerous.

Mamoru adds that Chris is cheeking the data, but most of it is already lost. So it might take a while before he gives some sort of news.

Ibuki continues saying that Company has the last Depend Card, and also it is a mystery where the other units were transported when they vanished.

Kai has gone back to Europe, and every other fighter is tracking the Units in the entire world…Oh Hi Aichi! Good to see that you have your eyes back!


Mamoru says that he will make the Vanguard association to undo all of his wrongs and be good again…That it´s his job and objective. Mamoru starts planning on how to do it while Ibuki gets Biblical and recites the Proverbs, just like Ryuzu:P.

<<<For Though a Righteous Man Falls Seven Times, He Rises Again.>>>

… Also his English is better that Ryuzu.

Both of them wonders what does Ryuzu means with those words.

Meanwhile Shion is using his own connections in order to track Shinonome Shouma. To know what has he been doing all this time since he left Team Demise back at the G Season.

Meanwhile Tokoha and Am are trying to contact both Luna and Am through calls and E-Mails but their efforts are fruitless. Kumi wonders if they are very busy with their Idol work.


In another part. Satoru Enishi is talking with the Rumy Labyrinth duo. He tells them that now that the G Quest is over, a new Stage will be made, so he needs that both Girls do her best in everything they have to do.

Luna is cheerful as always, but Am is very serious.

Am remembers a little while ago that she spoke with Enishi and she told him to put Luna out of this. That she must focus only on the Idol stuff…Nothing of secret projects!


Enishi responds her saying that if she wants that then…She needs to show the results. To work hard and show that she is more suitable for the job than Luna.

Back at the present Luna ask if she could see her Friends?

Which Enishi tells her that No, this is a Secret Project…Please Understand :P

Luna adds that she hasn´t seen time since so long. Enishi says that he doesn´t wants to have any information to leak. So he is being very cautious. Luna, with a disappointed face, understands.

Meanwhile Chrono is goofing around at the Dragon Empire Branch.

He remembers that Vanguard is supposed to be fun; but that feeling gets away quickly when he remembers Ryuzu and all the things he has been doing and how he died right in front of him.


Chrono decides to shrug it off that feeling by calling his Good friend Taiyou (Chrono´s Rival in the G Season and some form of little brother to him) and challenge him to a fight, which Taiyou accepts.

When the call is over. Chrono realizes that he is surrounded by Fans that wants to play with him! Chrono manages to sneak away and leave the place!

While he was leaving…Someone was watching the scene.

Chrono goes to a Park.

There he finds a weird Child who is seeing the Sakura trees. He ask him if he knows why the Sakura has such a beautiful color?... Because there is a dead body under it… They suck the blood of the person and get that beautiful pink color…Creepy!

…Of course that´s from a truly old novel… :P

Chrono´s mind take him again to revive the moment when he sought Ryuzu´s death.

The Creepy Kid challenges Chrono to a Fight. He was going to decline until he sought that the deck that the Creepy Kid uses is Gear Chronicle…So yeah, he accepts :P Gear Chronicle Brothers united!

The Fight starts!

The Creepy Kid sees that Chrono has Chrono Dran and looks it with a face of “Interesting”.

The first turns goes normal.

Creepy Kid tells Chrono that he likes Vangaurd a lot…It is better than the Barbaric ways that the Human use. It is logical and Rational!... Since he hates Violence…

Creepy Kid continues with his turn and attacks. Chrono blocks.

Creepy Kid says that if everyone used their logic… Like in Vanguard, the world would change for the better.

Chrono´s turn begins…And he is being creeped out by that Kiddo.

On any case, Chrono does his move and attacks; but Creepy Kid blocks!

The words that the Kid says reminds him a lot of…Ryuzu.

Chrono attacks again and Creepy Kid doesn´t block, Chrono gets a Critical Trigger! Creepy Kid now has 3 Damage.


Creepy Kid continues saying that Vanguard can and will change the world for the better…

… That´s why he created the Vanguard association on the first place.

There is no doubt in Chronos´mind now! That creepy ass Kid is…!

Creepy Kid´s turn start and he rides his Grade 3 card. Chronofang Tiger! The exact opposite of Chronojet Dragon! The blue eyes White Dragon of Dark Magician!; the Blaster Dark of Blaster Blade! The…Well you get the point now.


Creepy Kid attacks and he manages to do 2 damages to Chrono! So now our Main Character has 4!

Chrono finally ask who is this Kiddo!?

Creepy Kid says that he is Ryuzu…Ryuzu Myoujin.

Ryuzu explains that when an Unit is summoned there are some side effects in time and Space…Side effects that can heavily damages one´s body… So what could he do if his body couldn´t endure the summoning of the other units?... He decided to pass everything to a new body. So he passed all of his intellect and memories to a cloned body he prepared… And now he has reborn!

Chrono doesn´t believes in any of that!

<<<For Though a Righteous Man Falls Seven Times, He Rises Again.>>>

Ryuzu recits the Proverbs again.

Okay… Chrono is totally creeped out now… Dat Ryuzu is a Chrono´s troller. He already traumatized the kid and now he is creeping him out!

On any case, is Chrono´s turn!

Chrono brings Chronojet Dragon and now brings his G4 Card! Metallica Phoenix!

Chrono does some very good moves by removing enemy units and bringing his own at the same time! But his efforts don´t defeat Ryuzu!

Ryuzu says that if Vanguard governs the world, the logic and everything will be under control of the rational judgment… Like and Oracle… So when one wins at Vanguard, it will be like if the world has given justice to the winner.


And the looser is punished by the way the winner, and justice, prefer… A Fight is a trial, a tribunal and it´s results a judgment.

Now it´s Ryuzu´s turn and he recites a Budhist chant!

<<<Heaven´s net has a wide mesh, but nothing escapes it.>>>

Ryuzu brings his G4 Card! Interdimensional Beast Bind Time Dragon!

Ryuzu brings more units and attacks! Chrono guards with one; but Ryuzu activates the Skill of Bind Time Dragon. He Binds (put out of the game) a Unit of his and Bind Time Dragon gets 1 more critical and more power. And for every Binded unit the opponent has to put a rear-guard unit at the bottom of the deck! Ouchies!

Ryuzu attacks and Chrono can´t block it!

Ryuzu continues saying that his goal is to make this world a perfect and happy place for everyone, one without of hatred and injustice!...But sadly there are some people who oppose him without even trying to understand his reasoning.

Chrono looses against Ryuzu…Ouchies again!

Ryuzu continues saying that the Judgment will come to them too!...No, not his Judgment, but the Vanguard´s judgement!

Now Ryuzu has one last truth bomb to Chrono…One that affects him…

Rive Shindou…His father…

He is alive…And Ibuki Kouji knows it well… As a matter of fact, this fight has nothing to do with Ibuki… Since he just heard the stuff from Rive and because of that decided to stuck his noose in all of this.

Ryuzu asks if Chrono didn´t knew all of that?...He wonders why…

Chrono sees an Image of his father with Chrono Dran and his head starts hurting…

Taiyou finally reaches the place and sees Chrono in a bad shape.

Ryuzu continues saying that he only wants the best for the world! And there is no need for the both of them to be enemies! So…He has a proposal…

He should join him…After that Ryuzu leaves saying that he´ll be waiting. Leaving Chrono Speechless…

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

A Good episode all around! It wasn´t as strong or powerful as the past one, but that´s to be expected since the last one had some truly powerful scenes and moments! Still, this chapter did it´s job and it showed us what our Heroes are doing in order to chase the Company! Which as of right now it is a huge treath to them…I mean, Kid Ryuzu beat Chrono quite easily!...That´s is important because on this chapter they reminded us that Chrono and the rest of TRY3 team were unbeatable and overcome any challenge they faced.


Now, Ryuzu truly likes to say religious things! He has cited the Bible and a Budhist saying! That is somewhat awesome, and I believe that if Bushiroad play their cards right (Get it? Because this is a Card Anime…And well, you get it) they can truly make him more frightening than Shouma, who was truly effed up and a perfect Sociopath .

Now we know something more about Luna and Am, and the fact that Am doesn´t want that Luna gets more and more involved with all the stuff that its happening right now…But judging by the opening, I bet that Luna will be sacrificed or something among those lines and that will make that Am start to change to the good side.

Taiyou now looks like he will become the new member of TRY3 it seems, since his importance is coming back after his short appearance in GIRS Crisis.


Lastly…Well, Ibuki has some explanations to do to Chrono! Heck. There are some theories that he might be the bad guy in the end! But I don´t think so :P

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya next time!