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Chapter 19: Vortex Cupid.

We start the chapter with this lonely guy. Someone who get confused with the forniture.

He is at Card Capital 2, searching to have some nice matches. It looked like that he has no luck with that. Until...

A Girl asks him to fight!.

And his heart began pounding again...

Wove is in the Air!

Everything about her is cute it seems.

Yeah... I wonder what is it...

Ok... That was weird.

Ok. I will...

So...Long story short. The girl this guy fought forgot a card, and he wants to return it to her.

And Chrono just doesn´t get it.

So now the three of them will join in this Quest for love!... And the one who completed it get the points!.

Oh and one clue is that the girl ha a doll of Olivier Gaillard (one of the "Villains" of the 4 season).

Shion, very smart decides to do the obvious, and is invite a lot of girls who use the Angel feather to join in Card Capital 2!.

And a lot of chicks gathered!. Shion tries to ask them about something that indicates if some of them is the girl.

But gets drowned in Pu...Pure and noble women!.

Tokoha decides to act and ask th girls like if she has some interest in chatting with them, but is indeed looking for the Gaillard figurine.

Chrono tries that too!...But has horrible results.

Its not until Tokoha ask them directly about if they know someone who use Angel Feather and is a fan of Gaillard.


And they found a clue!. One girl has fought her!. And said that her father is the owner of a Clinic or something.

And Tokoha and Shion are getting ready!.

And what instrument will Chrono use to search?.

The Yellow pages!. Thats it!.

And before they knew the three of them were together in this.

Shion contacts a friend of his who comes in a long line of Doctors. And whit that he cutted of all the big hospitals. Very useful!.


So What comes next is their seaarch for all the litle clinics. Here are some funny pictures of their adventures.

So after that long and infroctuous career.

They all are tired and cranky.

Luckily for them Kamui gave them a coupon for Okonomiyaki.

So one meal after. Chrono gets that maybe is not a Medical Clinic...But a Hair One!.

So they go and search them!.

Until they found the one.

He told them that her daughter is in a Cheerleader competition. So they go there.

Yup. A Big place.

And here it is!. The Angel of our poor loser!.

Yeah.. She is too hot for him.

B-But love don´t distinguish between faces , right?!.

He wants that one of them return the card for her. But that would be silly!...And worthless in order to both to know each other. Tokoha and Shion reject that.

But Chrono decides to mix the card with other so he could pick one. If it is the card the client will have to go. If not, Chrono will return it.

But he draws the correct card!.

And he returns it to her and win points with the prety chick.

Everyone of them win some points...But not a lot.

Shion tells him what he tought of what happened.

That all the cards were that card... Even Tokoha is impressed!.

But Chrono Refuses that theory and show them the other cards.

So Both Shion and Tokoha leave him somewhat dissapointed.

End of the Chapter!.

My Impression.

Funny Chapter!. There weren´t any fights but it was Good!. As a matter of fact, this show truly shines when one see the characters out of their confort zones, and how ther react with each other. So even if there aren´t any fights, its good!.

On a side note.

The Caesars Team is Back! Awesome!!. For those that don´t know. The Caesars team are one of the strongest teams in Japan, and they helped Aichi and the rest of Q4 to become stronger in the Original Series.

Anyway. My two Cents.

Thats all and see you later!