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Chapter 45: Chrono Vs. Kanzaki.

The Chapter starts with the final scene of the previous episode.

Chrono accepts the challenge made by Kanzaki, but only with a condition. That if Chrono Wins, Kanzaki has to accept that he is wrong!


At the same time Kanzaki says that he will do that, but only if Chrono accepts that if he loose, the Gear Chronicle deck it has to stay with him.

Chrono accepts.

Kamui wonders why Kanzaki wants Gear Chronicle. Maybe he knows that Chrono has the Depend, no. If he knew that he would just steal it So… Why?


Kanzaki is thinking and remembering the fight Chrono had against Taiyou. And thinking that there is something he lacks of in order to awaken the Depend Card, but what? Could it be… Gear Chronicle?

All the public is getting crazy with expectation, and they want Kanzaki to win!

Taiyou I in another lobby, he looks confused and is holding his bracelet.

Taiyou looks Chrono and he get shivered and fearful for the eyes of Chrono, When Chrono notices Taiyou he smiles at him for a moment until he goes and see Kanzaki!

Now the match begins!

Chrono remembers the word of Kanzaki, about how the imagination of the fighters feeds the Depend Card.

Chrono plans on destroy Kanzaki for using all of United Sanctuary!

The first turns goes in a very aggressive way. They attack and aim for the kill since turn 1!

Kanzaki says his philosophies about the strong, he also remembers when he lost against that Gear Chronicle User. Also we could see that mysterious person closer…Now I don´t feel he/She is a woman, but the past to me it looked like one.

Kanzaki continues saying that there is something he lacks of in order to awaken the Depend Card…And the key might as well be Gear Chronicle!

Chrono says that Kanzaki should stop talking about nonsense and the fight continues!

The Grade 3´s has enter the fray! So the real fight begins now!

Chrono, Tokoha and Shion remembers how they were defeated by Kanzaki in the past. But also the three of them remembered how they used that loose in order to become stronger!


And also the decks of the three of them is not only infused with their own individuality, but the spirit and power of the three of them!

So Now Kanzaki is not only facing Chrono, but Shion and Tokoha too!

Kanzaki attacks!

Tokoha remembers how she at start tought on herself as the “Anjou Mamoru´s Litle Sister” and how that thinking refrained herself to achieve bigger things. But now it is different!

Chrono blocks but it feels like if Tokoha would have done it!

Meanwhile Taiyou has an emotional crisis within him and his self esteem is on the low now basically :P

Chrono bring his G4 Epoch Maker and attacks!

Now is the turn of Kanzaki!

Kanzaki brings his G4 Card! Dark Knight Efnysien! He uses his Skill and sacrifices one of his units in order to gain more power!

Kanzaki Attacks!

Shion remembers how busy is his life, but now, thanks to his friends he has decided that he won´t abandon the things he loves: His family, Fencing and Vanguard!

Chrono blocks but it feels like if Shion would have done it!

Now the United Sanctuary people is feeling insecure since Chrono has blocked two of Kanzaki´s Attacks!

Taiyou keeps feeling like trash who no matter what he does, he loose.

Chrono bring his G4 Card! Chronoscomand Dragon and attacks! Kanzaki Blocks!

Taiyou keeps feeling bad and yeesh…He surely makes me feel miserable! I mean I feel I have to go to him and give him a puppy or a pretty girlfriend or something in order to make him feel better.


Kanzaki brings his G4 Card! Aurageyser Dragon! Kanzaki attacks and activates the Skill! He makes a counter blast (Putting a damage card face down) and Soul blast! (Putting the cards below the Vanguard on the graveyard) and put a copy of the Eurogeyser Dragon face up on his G4 card deck! And finally he send a card on his field to the graveyard! He shows the first two cards on his deck and the power of his card gets to 43000 Power!!

Kanzaki Attacks!

Chrono then remembers how before Vanguard his life was boring, with little to nothing new…Until he meets Vanguard he get to know a new world and now he has 2 amazing friends : Shion and Tokoha.


How with them there are nice times, bad times, but he now knows that he must not need to run away from things and keep going forward!

Chrono Blocks but it feels like if Chrono would have done it! (…)

Kanzaki says that he blocked that attack because he had showed him that move on the past… So he knew how to avoid it.


Taiyou wonders why Chrono keeps fighting, even if it is obvious he will lose against Kanzaki!

Kanzaki is awaiting for Gear chronicle to show him that power to awake the miracle…

Chrono brings his G4 Card Faterider Dragon! Chrono says that he is not only himself now…He is Shion, Tokoha, Kumi, Kamui, Jaime, The trinity Dragon Trio…And Taiyou too! He is everyone that Chrono has get to know and care for!

Chrono attacks!

Now they are 5-5 on damage, the next to get a damage card on their zone will lost!


Taiyou remembers what Chrono tells him, that laughing, arguing and making memories…That is what makes Vanguard fun. Taiyou now wonders if someone can become strong in the way that Chrono says.

Kanzaki is disappointed. That the spectacle he showed when he fought Taiyou was a fluke and nothing more!

Now Kanzaki will bring his trump card! The card that everyone who face it only gets desperation and Horror!

Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurogeyser Doomed.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Good Chapter, although the battle was slow, we get a chance to see how strong is the bond between Chrono, Shion and Tokoha! We also get to see how, in a summary way, they got developed!


The Next Chapter is the second part of the fight and also we are only 4 chapters away from the big Finale of this Season! So Get ready!

Anyway, My two cents. So See ya Next Time!