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Chapter 34: The Mermaid Princess of Magallanica.

The Chapter starts at Card Capital 2. Tokoha has given to both Shion and Chrono some tickets for the concert/ Event of an Idol, Saya Yatomi, an Idol that ,justlike the Ultra Rare group on the original series, is promoting Vanguard.

Those tickets were a gift from part of Mamoru to Try3. So they must use it!.

Our Heroes goes to the place were the concert will be (The Dragon Empire Branch building). There are lot´s of People...Specially men. Oh well, then they see the Trinity Dragon team doing some kind of ovation.


Yeah, they are fans of her. They can´t wait to see her, see her new dress and stuff.

They ask on why they don´t do anything and share the Hype?!. Chrono says that it is because he doesn´t know her. Theyw ere just about to give them a lecture about Saya and her awesomness. But Shion knows a litle about her.

Shion says that she is the amm “Mermaid of Magallanica” or something. They say that Shion is a No0b who just jumped to the bandwagon without knowing nothing!. Since its “Mermaid Princess of Magallanica” , Duh!.


Shion is a litle confunded, since it´s supposed that her title is based on the Litle mermaid, right?!. The trinity Dragon says that those fairy tales don´t matter!. She is an Idol!. Anyway, Chrono ask him how is that Shion knows about her. Shion just says that he only knows the basic just if the conversation goes that way. Shion says that Saya is also a daughter of an Idol, Hitomi Kouzouji.

It looks like Tokoha knew her Mom, she was so lady like, like a princess.

Oh!. Look on the Sky!. It´s a Bird?!, Its a Plane?!. No!. It´s an Idol!. Saya has finally come!. She gives the thanks for coming-Myu!. Her sect-I mean fans are going to greet her!. And now everyone will say her phrase!.

Hope!. Step!. Conquer the Universe!... How cut- What?!. Conquer the Universe?... Well i think that it was only a matter of time before an Idol wanted those ideas.

Tokoha just says that she is Pushy. It looks like someone doesn´t like that Idol.

Mamoru comes and with the help of the staff (and Tokoha,Chrono and Shion) take her out of her rabbid fans

Now in a safe place. Chrono and the others are in a VIP place (Aka the preparation room) Saya says that she is aiming to defeat her mother on the Idol business!. Also she apologizes-Myu with all of them since her entrance was not a part of the show and she caused troubles.


The manager scold her a litle but Mamoru says that is no biggie, just the next time before she does something, she just need to think first on the safety of her fans and herself. Saya says that Ok-Myu!.

Mamoru explains the reasons on why Chrono and the others are here. Saya is ok with that and hughs Tokoha, who is a year older than her, she is like a Big Sis-Myu! (BTW: Tokoha is 14 years old).

Now is back to business!. Mamoru and the manager will revise the Schedule one more time!. Saya wants to make some last minute changes since that was the same thing they did on the Stargate Branch.


The manager says that there is no time, but Still Saya is determined to that!. Mamoru ask what is what Saya Wants?. And what she wants is... She doesn´t know.

But if she plays Vanguard it will surely come!.

Tokoha and Saya play Vanguard!. Tokoha kicked Saya´s Butt. Tokoha says that she give her all because if she didn´t it would have been rude!. So it wasn´t personal!. Saya is Ok, and she says that she gave her everything too!. And losing form time to time will make her stronger when she conquer the Universe-myu!.


And Saya still hasn´t thinked on anything. But the imagination will surely come soon.

And now is time that she prepares for her concert and all!. She has a new outfit!. The manager tells her that the outfit still hasn´t arrived. But she still has some cute outfits!.


Like a Generic Idol outfit, an elegant Outfit and... Be ready for the NSFW Image 1!!.

BTW the head honcho of The Dragon Empire Branch is enjoying this a litle too much. Anyway Saya doesn´t like any of this outfits!. Since they aren´t her!. So they occur some idea, why not to use Tokoha´s School Uniform?.


Tokoha is reluctant at first, but Chrono says tat it´s not like if Tokoha would be the one on stage. Tokoha agrees, but there is only half hour to the show. So she must hurry!.

Tokoha arives just in time!. She is tired and sweaty, but she came in time!. Wha- Why is everyone apologizing?. Oh the outfit came while she was away...So all of that was for nothing... Ok.

So now is the moment for the mini Event!. In which Saya, and her cards, will slap on the face his fans...and their cards. I don´t understand, but Ok...Whatever suits their boat.


The trinity Dragon is excited whit tthat. Anyway, let´s keep going ahead. Chrono and the others doesn´t get them either.

It´s Break time, there is some juice and all!.

Saya screams!. It looks like there is a bug on a glass. Tokoha says that is no big deal and she deals with the bug just as quick as a lightning!.


Saya is happy and she is going to says her thanks-myu!. She hughs her, but that hugh was unexpected from Tokoha and all of her juice is now on all of her skirt... Well except the part were it may get confused with a number 1 business.

Saya apologizes.

Tokoha is out of the bathroom saying that at the evry least she took out the stain on her skirt.


Chrono and Shion are waiting for her. Tokoha says that she is doing this for her brother so she won´t loose her temper. Shion says that Saya surely didn´t do it on porpuse.

Mamoru and the Manager are searching for Saya since she just disapeared.

Saya is talking with her manager, Tokoha gets to hear their conversation. It looks like Saya already though of something. The Manager scolds her saying that she must not dissapear just like that!, that she must not act like a diva and be more like her mother!.


Saya says that she is Saya, not her Mama!. That ringed a bell for Tokoha... That everyone excepts her Family and friends treat her not as an individual person, but just like Mamoru´s Litle Sister... Specially that She-Dog of Rin!.

Saya admits that she has been a trouble for everyone. But she only wants to make a Show that suprise even her Mom-Myu!.

Mamoru comes. Saya apologizes, But she has an awesome idea-myu!.

Mamoru reunites our Heroes since they need some persons to do her plan...

The concert is about to start but...Vangaroo has been kidnaped by an evil person who wants to hijack the event!. It´s the evil Leader Tokoha and her minions Chrono and Shion!.

Tokoha forgot her lines...She is truly nervous. Some people are laughing.

But the “tension” is ending with our heroine of amazing victory Saya!. And she is wearing Tokoha´s School uniform!. Since that uniform is filled with the feelings of all of the Dragon Empire Branch!. Tokoha is flattered.


Chrono read his acotation notes and both he and Shion goes to attack Saya!. But she repels them with a giant insecticide!.

Now is time to Saya to defeat Tokoha!.

With Pie...

Ok... Tokoha has a pie on her face...Someone is mad now. Tokoha grabs two pies and...

Slaps her on Saya´s Face!. Saya then grabs another pie and trow it at Tokoha´s Face!. Tokoha attacks!. And say that Saya should be more lady like!. Like her Mom!. Saya says that Saya is Saya, not her Mom!. That she believes in her infinite posibilities!. That reached Tokoha´s Hearth.

And now is the time for the final attack!. Ready for the NSFW Image 2!!

Ok... That is Sugestive... But is not all... Saya slips and fells and here comes NSFW Image 3!.

Ok...Enough Fan service for a day, thank you. Everyone laughs. They know taht those are pies and not other thing like Shaving Foam!.

Evryone cheers for Saya!.

Tokoha has now a new found respect for Saya.

Backstage Saya apologizes to Tokoha since her School Uniform is now al stained in pie!. Tokoha says that it´s ok, since she was the one who trow at her pie. Also Tokoha apologizes that she said some nasty things to her. Saya says that it is Ok. And besides the presentation was a succes thanks to her-myu!.

Now is the time for the Concert!.

But before that it will be a Vanguard fight between Tokoha and Saya!. We son´t see the fight :P. Tokoha thinks that she must now change her future...and herself.

The Credits Roll but is not the End!.

Chrono gets home and is surprised by his (Hawt) Aunt/ Adoptive Mother!. She just went back earlie from the work and is preparing dinner for a change!. She asks what was Chrono doing. He said that he was an a some Vanguard event. The face and tone of his Aunt changes...

She doesn´t want him to play Vanguard... Since her Big Brother...Chrono´s Father disapeared ten years ago and it was al because that acursed game!.

Chrono is Speechless.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

I will mark this as the “Fan service Chapter” of the Season. You see, there is a non-spoken tradition on Vangaurd that in every season there must be a Fan service chapter. One were we would see the girls on weird situations or on nice outfits. On the season 1 and 2 were Beach chapters (Mizaki and Asaka on Swimsuits <3), on Season 3 was the camping Chapter (Sports school wear for Mizaki, Kourin and Mizaki´s Friend), and on Season 4 another Beach Chapter (Soryu Leon´s “Girl friends” on Swimsuit). Well now we had some ass shots, Tokoha in a tight outfit and... white pie on all of her (and Saya´s) Body. The chapter was enjoyable none the least, even if it didn´t had much Cardfight.


Also that cliffhanger ending!. The things are coming it looks like are going to be great!.

Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!.