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Chapter 32. A Long Summer Begining.

The Chapter starts with Chrono looking at the Sky who gets cloudier. Later he goes to Card Capital 2 were the only customers are the Trinity Dragon Team. Kamui asks Chrono were is Tokoha and Shion, he responds that Tokoha is with the Summer festivities of the Dragon empire Branch; while Shion is practicing Fencing.


Is worth nothing that Both of them haven´t come to the Shop after they loose on the Regionals. Chrono says that both of them were depressed after their loses against Team Demise.

And Talking about Tournaments!. The Trinity Dragon Team opens a Tablet since the Nationals are about to begin!... And Team Demise is in there.

In Another Place Tokoha is helping with the preparations for the Summer festival, but her Hearth is not there and she is thinking other things...Like wondering what hapened on the Regionals when she loosed against Rin. Mamoru notes that but says nothing.


In Another Part Shion is practicing Fencing with his Butler and his Butler beats him easily. Shion is thinking that with the three parts were he is most occupied: Being the heir of the Kiba Family, trying to be a master at Fencing, and be a powerful Vanguard Fighter... But he feels that since his head is in so many places he comes Half-Baked in all of those and get those Mediocre Results at everything.

A Day after that Chrono calls both of Shion and Tokoha for an “Emergency”, Chrono has a truly big Bag with him. He push both of them on the Bus. Both SHion and Tokoha doesn´t know where are they going.

Until they reach that isolated place in the midle of nowhere.

The Sea...

Even if its Summer, there is no one at the Beach... Maybe because the weather. Then Chrono explain him his Plans: All of them will have a full day of Games and Fun with him!, sounds cool huh?.

Chrono is thinking that he is doing this (even if it´s not his style) in order to cheer up both of them.

Tokoha asks him what are they going to do?. And Chrono says that they will have lots of non sensical fun!. Ad that bag of him has everything needed for that!.

Tokoha says to Shion that maybe Chrono is trying to cheer them up. Then Tokoha says to Chrono that while she apreciate the sentiment, she is not in the mood yet. And she won´t do anything until she has found some answer or conclusion regarding her fight with Rin on the Tournament. So Tokoha is preparing to go home, but Shion says that there is nothing wrong on play along with Chrono for a while, Shion feels like Crap too but since Chrono prepared everything for them and all, why not stick around just a litle?.

With that Tokoha is convinced to stay a litle while. So the Party can start!.

Unless of course the starts Raining, but what chances are... Oh Crap it started raining.

They go to a nearby cave while the rain passes. Tokoha says that even if Chrono wnated to play with them they didn´t needed to go all to way to tthat place in the midle of nowhere.


But Chrono is prepared against any contingence and has put a lot of things on his Gigantic Bag!. And he takes out some Waterproof and Fishing Roods!. It´s time to go Fishing!. He even got some for both Shion and Tokoha!.

Tokoha is somewhat reluctant but Shion is all for it!. Since it will be his first time fishing on the Rain!.

So they go Fishing...

The things goes normally, a wild sea, some winds. And waiting for a fish to come.


Tokoha yells in desperation that she can´t fish, she is so wet that even her underwear is wet and she is starving!. Shion tells her that part of Fishing is the Patience. Tokoha tells him to Shut it!.

But if Tokoha is Hungry, Chrono is prepared for that too!, and he bringed some food with him!. everything is on the LunchBox!...Who just have fell to the sea a second ago.

Chrono tries to grab him, and is helped to both Shion and Tokoha But the three of them just fell to the sea too.

Now back at the cave, it looks like they managed to recover the Lunchbox and Chrono has on his Super Magic Bag some towels and a change of clothes for the three of them!...Only for the superior part of the body. But something is something, right?.


And besides they have the Lunch now!. So let´s eat!...Unless all the food is wet and ruined... Oh Boy this Fun Day surely is fun ,huh?.

Shion says that well maybe they can do anything more, on Chrono´s bag must be something, right?.

Tokoha says that it´s no use, she just peek before and there are only things to pay outside.


Tokoha says taht the best thing to do is to move to another place since they won´t be able to do anything here. Chrono refuses and says that it has to be here. Tokoha says that Ok, but then lets go home and do this thing other day. Chrono refuses to that too. It has to be today and on this place!.

Shion, who now is a big Chrono suporter, says that let´s continue and besides...The rain stoped!.

There are lots of wood and stuff on the beach, so it will be dangerous to play something with a ball. But Chrono has something prepared!. A Barbeque!.

They only need fire and there are lots of wood in here so... easy pissy!.

And they will make the fire like Our ancestors the Cave men do!.

Shion is delighted watching how Chrono do it!.

Just Look at his face!. The determination to do it...awesome. Truly inspiring.

Now back at the civilization, Card Capital 2 to be exact. The Trinity Dragon team is having a fight of their lives!. The Moves they do are amazing and none of them gives a quartel to the other!.


Man the plays they do surely will get to make all the other costumers to fear and respect them!!, Right?.

Oh there is nobody in here besides them... I think that maybe is for the weather most of them are at home playing vidya gaems or since its vacational time they are out of the city having great trips were they will make some beatiful and fonding memories, huh?.

Now Back with our Heroes, Chrono keeps trying to lit a fire with no success.

Shion tries too, and even says some cientific words and all!... And he fails too.

Tokoha then enters and decides to help them, she asks for some string and uses her never before mentioned skills of a Boy Scout!. Since she was in the boy scouts with her brother some time ago.


And it´s easier to do a fire with a bow. She will move the stick while Chrono and Shion will blow air when she tells them.

Ok, the thing goes fine, some smoke is making, it looks like this will be the first thing that goes ok!...Oh the string broke. Ok, forget what i just said.

It was supposed to be easier but the wood is just too wet.

Tokoha just wants to go home, but Chrono implores her to stay just a litle more!. So she will stay, Shion is staying anyway, so he doesn´t need to be implored.

So they make that game were they will try to move the sand trying to not to make the stick fall. Sounds...SImple, but who knows maybe its fun, right?.


They started calling each other with names when they end their turn, but then passed to other things, more positive, like what clan they use on Vanguard or what food they like and such.

Shion then say Stuborn to Tokoha and says that he has it wrong!. Chrono is the stuborn, Chrono says that both of them are Stuborn!. At the end the three of them laughs.

And suddenly is night already, specially with the clouds. Some festival hears at the town on the distance.


Chrono apologizes but Tokoha says that there is no need to. But still they must wait a litle!.

But after a short while Chrono is the one to say that they should go home.

Chrono tells them that he wanted to see the sky with them, just like that time when they had big hopes and dreams for the tournament, since there it will be a meteor shower this night, and the weather said that in that place there might be some posibilities that it s going to be a clear sky. Posibilities that didn´t happen.


Chrono just wanted to help them, just like they did when he got stripped of all of his points. And he apologizes for this mess of a day they had.

Tokoha tells him to stop apologizing, that he did no wrong!. That she is the one who should apologize with him for her attitude all of this day!. But it´s because Chrono is being nice and she just doesn´t know what to do or anything.


Tokoha starts confesing and says that if she losed her fight against Rin is her own fault, since she is sensible with the things that have to do with her Big Bro. And she knows it, but she just feel so frustrated that she didn´t know wha to do about it!.

Shion confess too and says that he too feels frustrated and trapped, that he feels he tries to cover too much and ended with mediocre results in everything he does. That he keeps repeating that still he can win, but that was just cheap pride from his side.

Chrono then says the next thing, that he doesn´t know what to do to help them, but he knows that Tokoha, yes she is the Sister of a famous Fighter, but he wanst to be with her because its´her, Tokoha Anjou.


With Shion he says that he has never felt that Shion do Mediocre things,as a matter of fact he feels that Shion goes to the extra mile on everything!. And thats why he wants to be with him.

That they are the only people to whom Chrono would like to make a team.

And fireworks come from the festival!. Well thats nice, certainly aren´t ruined or anything.


Tokoha is resolved!. She just wats to play Vanguard and no more laments!. She wants to be more stronger than ever!. Shion doesn´t say anything.

The Credits roll but is not the end!.

Another day, on Card Capital 2, SHion informs to both Chrono and Tokoha that he is leaving Vanguard...Forever. Wut?!.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

A Nice chapter with nice development!. Of course, it wasn´t as good as , say, the chapter 13, but it was good nonetheless!. It´s nice to see how both of Tokoha and Shion are going to get through the high impact of them, those reality checks they received about their personalities on their respective fights on the Regionals. But now Chrono has to save Shion!, who just wants to leave Vangaurd!. Interesting things are coming!.

Anyway My Two Cents. See ya Next time!