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Chapter 24: Ibuki Vs. Mamoru.

The Chapter Starts with Chrono and a bunch of others taking a Vanguard Exam, no, there is not a Vanguard School, but is a Quest in where the people who gets a Grade of at the every least 80 it will get points. Sweet deal , don´t you think?.

At the same time, Tokoha is spending some time with her Brother Mamoru, he tells her that he is very happy that her sister is going to the Tournament. She then informs him that they might not make it, since Chrono loosed all his points as a penalization in a Tournament of the United Sanctuary Branch.


But as of now, Chrono is truly giving all of himself to become a Grade 3 Fighter. They also see that Chrono doesnt´know any answers and is using the flawless beyond proof method of "Minny- mainy -mou".

Later that Day, Chrono is at the Card Capital 2, he is informing to both Shion and Tokoha. He get the 80 points required to gain Grade Points!. Tokoha says that he shouldn´t use the "Minny maini mou" method, Chrono doesn´t know how she knows that, but anyway. Is time to check the Schedule.


First Chrono has to give Promotional Tissues for the tournament outside of a Station, next go to a House and play Vanguard for a while with a lonely Old man, after that he has to go to a Card Shop to a mini- tournament, and when he goes back to home. He has to deliver Tissues again. A Rough Schedule!, but if he wants to get to be Grade 3 before the tournament, he has to do it!, since the inscription deadline will be the next week!.

In Another part Kouji Ibuki is receiving some informs about a super training for the players, and how they got better. Little short after, he receives a call.

Meanwhile Shion is speaking to Chrono about he will let him use his Card and his driver to get to where he needs to, since it will be faster that way. Meanwhile Shion is excited to use his new and shiny Metro card!.

Later that Day, in a Japanese Food Bar, Anjou Mamoru is going to see someone. That someone is the Head of the United Sanctuary Branch...

Kouji Ibuki. They speak about something like the age, that Ibuki is 20 years old, while Mamoru is 24, also that the food is good, the wine has a good balance and the sake is excellent, that the fish is bringed directly to the fishermen and the sauce is a special mix of the place.

But also, while they are eating they will do something else. ¡A Cardfight!.

So they make a play, eat and drink.

And make another play and eat and drink some more. Man that would be an awesome drinking game!. Just imaging , who would make the best moves while wasted :P.

Also Mamoru talks about Chrono situation, Ibuki says that he has no intentions on changing his decision, Mamoru says that he doesn´t want that, that if he would have been on his shoes, he would have done the same, just that the timing for that is very unfortunate, with the regionals tournament incoming and that he is part of his Sister team and all.

In Another place, at the Deliciosos Restaurant, Tokoha is helping Chrono to Study, specially the clans that are part of the Dragon Empire nation.


Chrono says that there are too many dragons, and i Agree. Also the awesome people of the Cardfight Wikia made this:

Wiser words never have been spoken before. There is the Re-Birth, The Cross, The End, The Reverse, and others more.

Anyway, they keep studing.

Meanwhile, Mamoru and Ibuki keeps fighting and Eating and Drinking, But then is when Mamoru takes out something, about some rumours of the United Sanctuary Branch, which is that they put the strengh and the winner above all else.

Ibuki responds that maybe is the truth, buth that is the thing that distinguises the United Sanctuary Branch from the others.


He also says that the Dragon Empire Branch is a Branch that focus a lot on goofy stuff, that they aren´t serious enough, that is fine from time to time, but not always.

Also both of them make some awesome moves on the battlefield.

Mamoru says that he wants that the people came to enjoy and love Vanguard, and thats why he does a lot of that stuff.


When they end, both says that they have a good time, and wants to go out and hang out again sometime.

At the Same time, Chrono and Tokoha are already out to their way out, Tokoha tells him about how luxurious must be going on Shion´s Car, Chrono says that he prefers the Metro, since is more comfortable to him.

Tokoha says that he shouldn´t get too comfortable so he can´t fall sleep.

The Next day at the Metro Chrono almost fall sleep, but he managed it, he was going to his Quest, but then he sees a los t children searching for his Mother.

Later he goes to Card Capital 2 with a sad face saying that he couldn´t do it since that kid never let his hand off, even at the police station.

Shion says that there are thing that we can´t control, so lets search for more quest.

In Another part, Mamoru is talking with his Boss about a new event, he says that the time is weird and they should wait for next month, but Mamoru tells him that if they do that it wouldn´t be worth it.

Back at Card Capital 2, all of the missions just aren´t worth it, until they see a Mission, a mission sponsored by the Dragon empire Branch, something about a Goofy event and something like that, but the points are alot. Chrono can become Grade 3!.


Tokoha on her mind says thanks to her Brother and she promises that she is going to make sure that Chrono egt those points!.

So Now is the Teams name. Chronow anted some weird phrase, Tokoha wanted the name of Fighter Flowers, and Shion La Gloire (The Glory in french).

But then the Troll of Kamui decides the Team´s Name...

Still Undecided :P. So now the Team Still Undecided is going at the event!.

And now our team is at the event. Which is about to start, but the chapter ends :P.

My Impressions.

Enjoyable chapter all around, it has his funny moments and the moves made by both Ibuki and Mamoru were spectacular!. Also, maybe is because while im writing this i have hungry but, i truly wanted that food!.


Also Chrono speaked the truth abouth the overlords. There are too many!, but what can you do when his user was one of the main characters of the past series (Kai). Oh Well...

Anyway my two cents, so see ya next time!