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Now to the Chapter!.

Chapter 16: Clan Leader Mamoru.

Anjou Mamoru is preparing the things for the latest festival of the Vanguard association.

Meanwhile Aki and Tokoha are asking to Chrono if he wants to join them in a quest...Which is about being part of the Vanguard Festival.

At first Chrono refuses. But he got convinced when he heard that the people who participate will fight Anjou Mamoru, an Ultra famous fighter and part of the Association...Also Tokoha´s Brother.

After School Tokoha, Aki, Chrono, the trinity Dragon Team and Shion gathers at the Card Capital 2; They are deciding what to do at the festival... And they decide...

Yup some Takoyaki!. Chrono at first is reluctant because the Octopus is somewhat expensive... And he wants to make profits!. So they decide that besides octopi, they would make other kind of Takoyaki.

And the Name of the satnd will be...Dragon Empire Grill!!.

And now we are at the Festival.

And Chrono is truly good at baking it seems!.

And a totally Bossy person when is about money... And Yakimeshi.

Yup. Gonna get the profits!.

Yup... I think the same...

Ok... :(.

And while the girls are promoting the food. The Doods are making them!!.

And Shion is a chicks Magnet it seems!.

There´s some line... But that red headed person... That one of the long hair... It looks.... Familiar.

Now Chrono is having his recess and is looking at the other things at the festival.

Ren?!. Ren Suzugamori?!. Is it you?! (Ren was the first Main villain of the original series...And a total Troll).

And it looks like Jaime is a model too.

Chrono has a rendevous with Mamoru.

And he sees how Mamoru give his all promoting the event. And making sure anyone is having fun.

Well.. It looks like the artist depiction of the... A... Lost Inocence? (Pro tip: If you look Art and don´t understand it just say that it represents the lost of Innocence :P).

And Mamoru is resolving conflicts!.

Ok. I truly thing that the Anime writers are telling me something*

And now everyone is doing a line to fight Mamoru!.

And Tokohay says that she doesn´t want to fight her brother.

Sound convinging.

Mamoru will fight at the pure "Chess Genius" Style!. Three against one!.

And Mamoru is kicking ass!.

Meanwhile at the line. The people is saying how much chances are that Chrono could beat Mamoru.

And the Massacre continues!.

Aki receives a Message. Her mom is angry because...

Bad Kitty! Bad!!. You don´t piss oh the peoples things!.

And Obviously, she asks Tokoha to replace her.


And The Trinity Dragon lost against Mamoru...But felted good! (Withouth double sense).

Tokoha didin´t wanted to fight but Vangaroo (Vanguard´s Mascot) promotes her!.

So our three mains will fight against Mamoru... And long story Short.

The tree of them lost.

In the end Chrono and Shion are talking abour that fight.

And the last part of the festival begins!.

Tokoha ask Chrono to dance...If you ask me they are already Shipping the "ChronoHa" Pairing!.

End of the Chapter.

My Oppinion.

An Enjoyable Chapter. But it was still somewhat Slow. Still, it was nice to see how the three of them keep coming closer and closer to be friends and the Ren Suzugamori (i Think?) Cameo was awesome!.


* Lot´s of people were complaining that Cardfight Vanguard G is more of a Slice of Life Anime rather than a Card Anime. As a matter of fact in an special announcement the Vanguard G Staff said that this was because they wanted to bring and attract more and new people to this anime, so instead of doing a normal Card Anime, they decided to be more like a Slice of Life Anime. But that, of course, they will focus more on the Fights in the future.

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