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Now to the Chapter!.

Chapter 15: The Masked Ghost.

So we start the Chapter in an isolated area. Where one poor soul is having his ass kicked for one mysterious fighter.

When the match is done. That Mystery person ask for one thing... His Avatar (ergo his important card).

Meanwhile in another Part.

Shion is in his car going to a party full of old people in representation of his Father.

And in there he meets one person of his past. That guy who is upping his arm a litle.

That person is Yuya, another son of an accomodated family.

After that, both decided to talk. Yuya ask shion on why he changed schools and ask him too about why is he into some Card Game. Oh also there is some Rose fencing.

The day after that. The Kids are talking about a new Urban Legend. ¡The Masked Ghost!. A Mysterious fighter that lures people to fight him and if he wins...He will take your card.

Obviously the Kids are creeped out.

Kamui Laughs a litle and remembers others Urban Legends like Yeti, the Bathroom Ghost.

And that One too!.

Anyway. When Shion is making his way out he clashes with Ryota, a kid he meet some time ago (and an ultra fan of Shion).

He asks Shion if he can train him in order to become stronger and so he can defeat the Masked Ghost.

After that Shion goes to his Fencing Lessons. Where he sees that Yuya is in there and he wants to practice with Shion.

So they practice.

After that they chat a litle and Yuya ask him why he likes that things of the Poor people (changing schools, getting into a card game, etc). And Shion answers him that the world that both see are quite different. That annoys Yuya.

And Suddenly Shion´s Coach come and bring some news.

That he can have a try with a representative of the Fencing association in order to train to become a Pro!.

Later. Ryota tells Shion that the Ghost is in some place.

And Shion goes to investigate. And found!. But the Ghost is too fast so he can´t catch him!.

The next day he tell the news to Ryota also Ryota tells him that the Masked ghost say something like "Edogawa Ward". But their chat doesn´t dure too much, so he has to leave. ¡It´s time to impress the association representative!.

In there he meets the representative of the Fencing association.

Meanwhile Ryota has come to fight the Masked Ghost.

Meanwhile Shion is preparing. But when he hears "Etes-Vous Prets?" he starts to putting all the pieces in place and came to see the true identity of the Masked Ghost!.

That will explain enough.

And Ryota loses against the Ghost and ask for his Avatar!.

After seeing the card he mocks him saying that that card has no value.

Luckily Shion comes to the rescue!.And decides to fight th Masked ghost. And if Shion wins, the Masked ghost has to return all the cards.

The masked Ghost acceds...Only if Shion put away 12 trggers of his deck (Cards that if are drawn after make or receive damage can have special habilities).

And the Fight starts!. The Masked Ghost is using Gold Paladins (O... Aichi and Gaillard would be so ashamed of you).

While SHion uses his Royal Paladins.

The fight continues and Shion reveals the Masked ghost true identity.

And Yuya reveals that he did this in order to Shion couldn´t become a Pro at Fencing!. That dastard!.

Shion is having trouble with the lack of triggers (and hence the Grade 0 cards, whic are excllent to defend).

Yuya also explains that while he entered vanguard only for curiosity. He came to love seeing how his almighty powers can destroy his commoner opponents.

And Shion uses his Generation Zone and ring his Grade 4 card!. But it doesn´t do much damage, since he doesn´t have too much triggers.

And Yuya makes another revelation!.

And he do his Legion Attack! (two cards that toguether can have awesome powers and effects. Also the main mechanic of the past season).

Luckily Shion comes out alive and in the next turn...

He wins. And Yuya runs yelling that one day Shion will kneel before him.

Later Shion explicates the thing to his butler and says that it´s no biggie . That he will continues going straight.

End Of Chapter.

My Opinnion.

It was an interesting chapter. A litle slow. But the good things is that the fight got interesting!. Also we sought more of Shion!. Since he truly needed more character development (Tokoha already did). So it was good after all.

Anyway. My two cents.

So see you next time!. Oh and here it´s the new ending.