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Chapter 21: Fake fight.

We Start our Chapter with Chrono, Shion and Tokoha in the Card Capital 2. Shion and Tokoha are telling Chrono that he must become Grade 3 in order for th three of them became a team accesible to go to the Regional Tournament.

Chrono tells them that not to worry since he is about to became Grade 3 anyway.

Shion Then Told the rest of the Team about a Quest that is a Mini-Tournament Hosted by the United Sanctuary Brand (Ergo where the Paladins Clans are, but in the anime world is another district in the city and the Vanguard Asociation called it like that) and where the Winner will get to be a Grade 3 Fighter. ¡Sounds Cool Isn´t it?!.

Now they Change to another topic, and is what its going to be their team´s name.

Shion Wanted the Name to be Called La Victoire Which is French and Means The Victory.

Chrono Wanted the Name Sink or Swim Which if you ask me is quite Lame.

And Tokoha Wanted Shining Flowers...Which is...Quite a Girly name.

Anyway, They didn´t decided a Name in the end...So they are Still Unnamed :P.

Now Back to the Tournament, or the Metro Station to be more exact, we see that Shion is having some trouble buying the Tickets. Oh!, the pain of the Rich People (Yeah i´m jelly). Anyway, Chrono bought the Ticket like a Pro and now lets go the tournament!.

There are lots of people who wants to get to Grade 3, But Chrono is Confident that today he will get to be a Grade 3 Fighter!. Anyway, after a litle embarassment that the Team is still Named Still Undecided or Still Unnamed and the Tournament starts!.

Chrono, Shion and Tokoha are kicking some serious Arses!. They compliment each other, but aren´t still trusted to each other enough to palm hands or share their feelings or something :P.


Anyway, Shion meets Komaki in there (the Guy who asked him to join his Team in the past Chapter) Komaki says taht it looks like that Shion has finally found a team, but remarks that Chrono is still a Grade 2 Fighter. But Shion tells him that Chrono is Stronger than his Grade makes it look like.

Later Tokoha is fighting and Wondering about what Shion Said in the past Scene. Anyway, Chrono and Shion are talking that Tokoha also has grown, because while in the past she was Strong, one couldn´t help but feel that she was only Playing or Goofing around or not being serious enough, but now is different it looks like she is seriously triying to win this time.

After that Both Chrono and Shion talks about why they decided to Stay, Chrono says that it was because Kamui Forced him, but Shion tells him that it was because with Komaki or the other people who invited him he could see how far the team would go and how far he personally will reach, but with this team alongside Chrono and Tokoha, the Posibilities are a Mystery and endless!. And he wants to know what will happen in this Harsh Enviroment, Chrono tells him if they are a Harsh enviroment, and Shion tells him that Yes they are. But still in this Wild frontier the posibilities are endless, and in this wild world the fate is still undecided for anybody.

Chrono Resonates with that and says that he understand what Shion is saying.

After that Chrono is now kicking the Butt of an Extra, Tokoha says that Chrono is not a Noob anymore, and Shion says that yes, and if we are not carefult will end biting the Dust.


He says that While Chrono is a litle rough around the Edges, he has Talent for this game. okoha responds him that if thats the case then both of them have to work twice as hard than him.

And with that the Best 8 are chosen and is Lunch time!.

So now our Heroes are on a Burguer Spot, Shion looks delighted seeing the Burguer, Tokoha asks him if he knows how to eat one, Shion tells him embarassed that yes he knows and start eating.

They are saying that they will win this tournament easily. The Shion tells Chrono that he could have Won the other match one turn earlier. Chrono defends himself, but Tokoha seconds the motion about Chrono; the Shion tells Tokoha that She needs to sometimes attack the rear guard units (the ones that aren´t in the front center of your side of the field), because keep attacking the Vangaurd like that can be reckless. Tokoha tells him that mind his own business.

And Now Chrono says to Shion that why he didn´t stride, Shion says that it was part of his strategy. Chrono Responds that those are only excuses. Tokoha have enough and challenge Shion to a Fight and he agrees, Chrono wants to join and the three of them are arguing...Again. And making a big ruckus in there.

Now commercial break!.

After the commercials and an apology to the people at the Burguers place we are back at the tournament!.


Shion is fighting and Tokoha asks Chrono how was his fight, he tells her that he won, and tokoha says the same. Then a person that knows Tokoha recognices her and Tokoha go to say hello to her, so Chrono is alone and he watch something strange in another table.

A Guy is cheating... Having cards under his sleeve. And is being helped by his team mates who distract the Referee.


The Name of the Team of those cheaters are Trick Trick. Chrono wonders what he sough and goes to confront them.

Those guys are acting cocky and Chrono says that he sought them cheating and demand to show his sleeve the guy does it and there is nothing. But still Chrono is not convinced, he grab one of them (the short and chubby one) by his shoulder and keeps confronting him. The people is starting to notice it. And the Scene is keeping getting bigger and bigger. Chrono is getting angrier and angrier, Tokoha tries to go to stop Chrono to do something stupid. Shion forfeit his battle and goes to stop him too. Then he pushes the short chubby one.

Then that Scum decides to do, what i call, the Soccer Lesion, because with any touch they will make a drama and act as if his bone is broken :P, the dude fells on a table and the cards are flying.


The People is angry at Chrono and he tries to defend but Shion stops him he says that he fell on purpose , Shion tells him that he needs to calm down. That if the Referee sees that he is being violent they will get penalized.

The guy whose table recieved the humanity of one of the Cheaters is saying that he almost won, poor guy.

The Referee comes close and asks what happened one of the members of the Team Trick Trick says that Chrono shoved his leader.


Chrono is Speechless. The Referee penalizes Chrono with the removal of one of his grades and being banned at the tournament. Ouch!. Chrono then decides to leave and Tokoha goes after him.

Tokoha says that he needs to explain what happenned to the Referee, but Chrono yelled her that don´t follow him and leaves.


Meanwhile Shion is helping to gather the cards for the guys whose match was destroyed by the incident; The Referee is talking to the Team Trick Trick to know what happened.

They say that Chrono accused them of Cheating and then begun to being violent.

Then Shion Interfeers and says that while doesn´t know what was Chrono thinking, he knows that he would never cted like that without a justification.


The Leader of the Team Trick Trick says that he is one of the Team Mates of Chrono and is only trying to cover for him.

But Shion asks whats the dude with the purple sweater is hiding on his right arm.

They start to become nervous. They want to show the Sleeve, but Shion asks them to remove his Sweater. and sasy him that the weird thing is not on his sleeve but on his right shoulder, and that is probably that he is using that big Grandpa Sweater just to hide the artifact.


The Cheating Leader tries to dismiss him, but Shion keeps pushing to that. Then The leader of Trick Trick says that if Shion is wrong what will happen?. Shion says that then he will be disqualified as a fighter too.

They leave them with no choice to remove the Sweater and tries to run, but Tokoha stops them. And then, he remove his Sweater.

And fell for the pression at the mst Ace attorney style!. And yes he was cheating. All fo those cards were Critical Triggers Cards (A Card that if drawn when you are dealing damage can increase the power of your card AND make one point more of damage,e rgo to put one more card in the damage zone).

Later the Directive Board ( with Kouji Ibuki at the helm) is analyzing the case and says that The Team Trick Trick will be penalized for cheating and lying to a Judge and their punishment is that they won´t be able ti update their grades and they will be banned for any official torunament for 5 years.


Now they will deal with the other part, Chrono Shindou, that while he is the one who brought attention to the cheaters, he acted violently, and that is unnacceptable. One of the members recommends the same Punishment to him.

Other recommends that it was not a big deal and let him go with a warning. But gets responded that one of the tables was damaged, and that one of the matches was ruined for the violent acts of Chrono. And that Chrono should have better called a Referee.

So the destiny of Chrono is on Ibuki´s Hands. And he decides that Chrono is not Innocent on this, but he blowed the whistle to a group of Cheaters. So he decides this...






That Chrono will not be Banned for any tournament, BUT, he will get stripped of his points and his Grades, so he is a Grade 0 fighter now.

When Tokoha and Shion knows the Veredict, Tokoha reacts and says that it has to be a Mistake, that Chrono doesn´t deserve that kind of punishment and asks that she has to go and talk to the Board.


Shion stops her and tells her that if she do that, she might as well get the same Punishment as Chrono.

Tokoha is asking why is this happening and Shion feels frustrated.

On that Evening, Ibuki wonders what will Chrono do next on this Dark hour.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

An Excellent Chapter!. But i´m angry that Chrono gets that punishment, although i Understand why Ibuki choosed that. Since well, Chrono acted violently, of course the other guy was faking it the seriousness of the push, but still, violence is violence and is forbiden.


Also is interesting to know why Chrono didn´t Stay to defend himself and decided to leave. I Think that something happened to him when he was an Orphan, i mean ina pact chapter he also acted similar to that, and with the fact that he is socially akward, well...

Anyway, an Excellent Chapter. And well see what Chrono do next in the next chapter.

Anyway my two Cents. See ya!