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Chapter 5: Studying Hard! Titan Junior High School!

An Event has occured.

Once a year, near the Summer, an encounter happens were all the students on all the grades has their fate on the balance. That dreaded thing has come now…

…Test Results.

The ones who succeed will have a long and beautiful vacations were they will make lots of Memories! The ones who don´t… Well… Summer will come the next year too.


On Eren´s Class, Keith is giving their grades. Armins has reached perfect 100 on everything!

Now it´s Sasha´s Turn and… Well Keith ask her what is she doing with her Life so one can imagine what kind of grades she got.

After the grades result Sasha is all worried now. Because her grades are too low and Keith has punished her by making her not having Lunch until she recover her grades up.


Sasha asks for helping to Eren, but he is busy going with the Scouts. And if Eren goes somewhere, of course His Wif- I mean his Girlfri- I mean his Friend Mikasa will go with him. Sasha doesn´t want Jean´s Help because he is a Jerk, and Conny is an Idiot who got Zeroes on everything.

Then Suddenly a random nobody says that he can help her…Although she doesn´t listen to him.

So next logical person is Armin! Who happily agrees to help her. Also Conny joins the party too!...And that random nobody just leaves.

The guys are going to study. But they noticed that Conny isn´t here, so it looks like he just forgot and went home. Anyway, Armin and Sasha will Study and they will begin with Math! Armin starts explaining her that she can change the X´s and Y´s to any kind of food she wanted. And with that she starts getting it!

Meanwhile with Eren, Mikasa and Jean. They are with the Scouts. Oh look! A guy is playing Attack on Titan Wings of freedom for the Nintendo 3DS* (eShop Only) and other one is reading Attack on titan Manga, available on Amazon** or on you comic store closest to you!


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The dude who always bite his tongue is a little troubled for something that happened to him… Could it be that he failed the test?!


Petra says for some reason that the Tongue guy must not talk like Levi. The Tongue Guy is a little Stressed because he left his guard down and got a little bit lower on his test results.

The guy continues saying that he doesn´t need to study in order to get a perfect score and such. Then the Manga and the 3DS guys start saying that his Mom always talks how proud she is that her son study very hard for the exams.


And with that his thinking of wanting to look Cool for Eren and the others went down the drain.

Anyway he and the Eren´s Gang show their test results and the guy has… 94! That´s a lot! So that guy only wanted to brag about his grades after all.

Meanwhile Hange is with Levi and she wants to be treated by him for some food…For some bet they had or something like that, she got a good test result!


But Levi got one better! So she will use another technique…Saying that she is poor and all, Levi just doesn´t care.

The she decides to leech Eren and the gang on Levi´s name! That is dirty!

When Levi gets to the Scouts he sees Hange tied up by Eren and Jean. It looks like her plan didn´t work out.


Then Eren ask her why is she so poor, which made that everyone sans Eren´s Gang disappeared on an instant. Hange took them to the Laboratiry…Since on the Biology Club, she has something…

Titans. She has 2 Titans in there! She starts doing some crazy talk about putting them the names of the pest she had before. The Titans are only interested to eat since they are hungry. And almost bite her… twice.


Suddenly Levi enters the scene and now he knows the reason why she is broke! Because they use all their funds and allowance on feeding the Titans, and that´s why.

Levi says that then it can´t be helped and gives her…

Dog Food. It was supposed to be for the Titans but she starts eating it…Ok. She is the chick who eat Dog Food of the School.

It is night and Armin and Sasha are finally going home. Armin says that Sasha got a lot of the problems right now!


Sasha starts looking at Armin with different eyes, she considered him weak, but now she sees him as someone nice and smart who has a lot of good qualities…Could it be that she is getting in love with him?! Animeland told me that if you spent time with a girl and you are nice to her she will inevitably fall in love with you! And Animeland can´t be wrong!

Anyway, Armin leaves to his house. Sasha will give her best for him now!

Then…Armin comes back crying and saying that he is afraid of Dark and all the things Sasha tough of it were replaced again by the word “Weak”.


Anyway. The exams are going to begin and Sasha is ready for them!... Until she started dreaming about food without doing anything and she ended up failing them again…Going to refresher classes.

Conny… He forgot to present and went directly to it… Oh and those Titans scaped and are chasing Hange!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Enjoyable chapter. I didn´t laugh as much, but I truly enjoyed it.

I have found that I like the character of Armin a lot, I think that along side Conny and Sasha, he Is becoming one of my favorites. Heh, as a matter of fact he remembers me of Harvey Beaks, of the show of the same name. He is a n excellent person, although quite close, and if it weren´t because of his “Interesting” Friendships he has, his world wold be too much boring. On the same stances Armin is the same, he is an all around good kid, and thanks to Eren and his Gang, he has do and joined in things he normally wouldn´t, from going out of his room, to join the Scouts and be part of the Wall- Cleaning Club.


Also I have found that the character of Hange is for me somewhat boring and her scenes dure a little too much. Make no mistake, I like when she puts a creepy face, but her Scenes dure a little too much and aren´t truly funny…For me at the very least.

It was also funny seeing Conny, although he is one one of my favorites so far anyway :P. Specially because on this Chapter he reminded me of a saying that it was said on “El Chavo del 8” Sitcom, which traduced was more or less this: “The Dumb people doesn´t know they are Dumb”. And that one can see it when he offered himself in order to help Sasha with her grades…Even though he got Zero on all of his subjects.

Anyway my two Cents. See ya Next Time!