Hi folks, it’s quite some time since I did one of these, so I decided it might be fun to cover yet again some show weekly. This time I decided to go with Seikaisuru Kado. I was not sure what to think about it after reading the synopsis, but first two episodes convinced me, it has some potential. Let’s see together, how they decide to use it.

Disclaimer: English is not my native language so there might be some mistakes - if you have already read my other articles, you are probably used to it, otherwise thanks for overlooking that.

Episode 0: Ninovo

Hanamori Shun and Shindo Kojiro are working for Ministry Internal Affairs, International Intelligence and Communications, General Affairs. They suppose to have a month until the next assignment so they planned good and long vacation, when Sasauchi Naoki (Foreign Affairs Bureau Chief of Police) appears. He hands Hanamori a plan for multi functional hall, which was sitting in someone’s drawer for past 20 years and now they are asked to buy out the land for that project as an informal request from Undersecretary Igarashi from the Cabinet Office.

Vacation is ruined, but with quick action, they might deal with this in a few days and still have the rest for themselves, that’s at least what Hanamori is thinking. They are driving to Sagamihara City to visit president Osakabe of Osakabe Plating. Money offered to buy the land are sufficient enough to even pay off the employees. Discussion goes on, until they notice a picture taken 30 years ago, when Osakabe started in this company. After that Shindo finds interest in the factory and wants to see it around. President Osakabe explaining, that in the past, they had a lot of private or public requests for chrome plating, but not anymore. They are willing to keep with the time, but they don’t have budget for new technology development.

Later that evening Hanamori and Shindo meets their friends Asano Shuhei (National Police Agency Commissioner’s Secretariat, Nation Public Safety Commission Assistant Executive) and Natsume Ritsu (Cabinet Secretariat, National Security Agency Information Team) in a bar. Shindo asks to meet with Natsume’s boss, but it seems, like it won’t be that easy - he’s busy man. When it’s time to pack it for the night, Hanamori is drunk, so Shindo needs to take him home. After putting Hanamori to bed, he opens laptop and starts to gather information on metal plating processing technology. Meanwhile he gets a text from Natsume, that she can arrange an appointment with her boss in two days from now.

They meet over a meal. After quick discussion Shindo asks Ubuka Kiyotaka (Chief Cabinet Secretary) if he can give him contact on Mifune Tetsuto working in Science Council of Japan. Together with Hanamori, they are going to visit Tetsuto, just to discus prototype on low-friction plating technology. He is not sure if it’ll work, but decides to take the 50:50 chances and help in Osakabe Plating with theoretical calculations. By that the race with time begins. After convincing Osakabe as well, they have merely month to finish it.


After a month Hanamori is in Igarashi’s office. He is not satisfied with his answers on how the negotiation is going and decided to visit Osakabe plating by himself - he and the president are old acquaintance (they have been together on the picture from 30 years ago). When Igarashi arrives on site, he meets Osakabe and asks if it’s not better to close the factory. Before they discuss further, there is something Osakabe wants to show Igarashi first. As they walk into the factory, everybody is happy, because it’s the first time the prototype worked. Shindo explains, that the metal plating technology in Osakabe Plating’s possession matched with the Cabinet’s Strategic Innovation program - supermattalization and it will revolutionize the auto parts design and manufacturing industry. It’s estimated market size is 100 billion yen. It’s still not fully finished, but he hopes that it’s something Igarashi and Osakabe can continue to work on.

The last scene of this episode is at Haneda International Airport, where Shindo and Hanamori are boarding a plane to go on international conference. When the plane is about to take off, strange cube appears in the sky. Plane tries to cancel it, but is buried under the strange cube. It doesn’t seems the plane is crushed, but it got somehow into the strange cube.

Episode 1: Yaha-kui zaShunina

In the first few minutes we are getting extended recap of the end of last episode. Everybody is surprised by the sudden appear of the cube. Natsume is working on gathering information, when her colleague comes with the news that one plane was buried under the cube. When Natsume sees the list of passengers, she is in shock - Hanamori and Shindo are in there.

Television news starts and they are live in helicopter, which is approaching the strange cube. It’s surface looks liquidy, shapes are constantly changing and pieces are moving from one place to another and the dimension of the cube are huge as well, approx. 2 km.


There is conference in Nagata-cho, Prime Minister’s Residence, about the mysterious cube. Everybody shares the little information they have. The cube does not emit any radiation, it didn’t cause any damage, the only thing is the plane buried underneath it. With that Mifune Tetsuto’s assistant (Shinawa Kanata) comes into the room and plays clip where the plane came in contact with the cube. It doesn’t seems that there was any impact and thus the plane and people on it might still be alive, but somehow inside that cube. Decision is made - they will find out what that cube is with the priority on saving people from the plane, if they are still alive.

Asano arrives on site. Shinawa and Mifune are investigating the cube with drones. The second one is used to try to chip small sample of the cube, so they can experiment on it and get more information. Sadly there seems to be some kind of membrane over it, which resists any attempt to get through. For now, they call it “fregonics”.

When they didn’t successfully break the wall with all the equipment they had for their disposal, they called Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. Tank will try to shoot on it. They will try to hit the corner, as it should theoretically be the weakest (thinnest) spot. Sadly even this plan failed as the AP round they used to shoot on the cube was stopped by the membrane and by its kinetic power was transformed to a ball.

When nothing seems to work and as such rescue mission cannot continue, stairs appear on the top corner. Shindo walks from the cube with a strange men, who seems to speak to whole mankind and introduce himself as Yaha-kui zaShunina.

My Impression

I’ll start with the episode 0. It’s ONA, which was released a day before the normal episode landed on Crunchyroll. The story seemed slightly different than the one we are about to experience in Seikaisuru Kado, but it gave us at least some background on important characters for the series.

If I’d have a look on the story, in my opinion they took too much time to set things up and then run out of it, so they closed it within few minutes. This whole situation then undermined the fact, they found new technology, which will shake the industry from ground and is worth 100 billion yens. The way the story was paced it felt like no accomplishment whatsoever.

But back to the main story and episode one. As far as the first episodes of this season, Kado caught my attention. It’s not that we got great deal of plot or story to know, if the show will be good or bad, but those bits and pieces were quite intriguing and I liked the characters they introduced so far.

Lastly before I will say my goodbye this week, I have to address one more thing. It’s character animation - I’m used to see computer rendered animations from shows like RWBY (don’t stone me, I know it’s technically not an anime), but here it felt weird, where some characters (probably those which won’t appear again) were normally drawn and main characters were animated like that. It might be something I have to get used to.

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