Sometimes here at Ani-TAY, we do things after dark. What is Ani-TAY after dark, you might ask? Well, when it’s after dark, it’s the perfect time to watch anime... so in other words, nothing changes. It’s just a little bit darker.

With that in mind, I’m going to up the ambiance a little bit around here, it needs more.

Thanks, Death Parade. So what exactly does Protonstorm watch... after dark?

Well, I’m glad you asked, Protonstorm. Strangely enough, late night is not the time for gritty dramas or violent battles for me. Oh, no. I watch something far more dastardly. I watch... SLICE OF LIFE!

Especially shows like Barakamon, as pictured above. It’s just a good time. The funny thing is, my music tastes late at night are the exact opposite, I tend to listen to instrumental pieces of the more emotional or introspective nature, like the video above. So now I ask:

What anime do you guys watch late at night?

(Author’s Note: Raitzeno is not allowed to answer honestly)

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