If any of you read my weekly write ups for Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans you’ll likely also remember Gundam Music of the Week where I tried to highlight some amazing music from Gundam. Some of it was my personal favorites (from Wing mostly), others by popular demand (G Gundam...), while others were fitting for the episode at hand.

This post is the collected works of that little feature. Starting with Episode 9 I’ve selected (with help) seventeen amazing songs from Gundam. In my enduring effort to not double up this will also be a helpful reminder for me. However I’m aware I have missed some stuff and as always would appreciate some help. Tell me in the comments what music you’d like to see featured on Gundam Music of the Week - when Iron-Blooded Orphans returns in just a couple weeks.

There is a reason Just Communication was the inaugural song for the feature its one of my favorites. It holds a eternal place on any one of my music playlists, was the first “anime song” I really enjoyed, and is again just all around good. For 90's anime fans Gundam Wing was seriously hard to ignore and quiet revolutionary at the time and rocking music like this was a major reason why.

The first selection from the audience Gundam: Unicorn’s Merry Go Round was a good pick because as I wrote then this song is kinda awesome. While not the song I imagine when thinking Gundam Unicorn it has a good tempo and beat to it and makes it a fast pace piece that works with the shows overall feal. While not my favorite it is a great modern addition to the list. This entry also marks the first (of many) Universal Century picks.

Although made in the early 1990's Stardust Memory’s The Winner has all the stylings of a 1980's rocksong. Hell I could imagine Kenny Loggins producing an (awesome) cover of this song. What was great about this pick is I myself would never have even thought of Stardust Memory being one of the few Gundam series I haven’t watched myself.

Another one of my favorites. If Gundam Wing was my gateway into anime Gundam OO was one that helped rope me back in almost a decade ago. While WANA isn’t the best music of the series, hell probably not even in the top five for the series. It’s still a great piece of music that has (at least for myself) a real ear worm quality to the whole thing. Not much else to say other then it was nice to break away from the Universal Century a bit

Shining FINGER! For those who know me you know I don’t think too highly of G Gundam as aGundam . Why? Because its barely a Gundam having more in common with shonen fighting animes like Yu Yu Hakusho. Hell the director/creator himself wanted to make one of those, so when he was told he was making a Gundam show which he felt was little more then a commercial for plastic models he said F*** It and made his show within the Gundam franchise. It turned into the least “Gundam ” of all the multiple timelines but was still an amazingly fun series all around; it just wasn’t Gundam.

(This was directly copied from the initial Impressions article)

Every Gundam must have a Char and most Gundam’s live or die by them. In honour of McGillis’ officially donning the mask becoming Iron-Blooded Orphans Char clone we have Char’s theme. Interesting since the mask was first placed on his head McGillis’ has become Char’s most obvious rip off, right down to his betrayal of a purple haired friend. Can McGillis live up to the legacy of Char, we shall see next season but so far he’s been one of the best.

Remember how I said above WANA wasn’t likely in my top five songs of Gundam OO. Well that is because amazing music like Ash Like Snow also comes from the series. Like Just Communication above Ash Like Snow has a permanent spot on most of my playlists, especially my gym list as its high energy just makes you want to move.

I was cheating here as I really enjoyed and still do IBO’s second ending. While a lot of attention was given to Man with a Missions - Raise your Flag Iron-Blooded Orphans had some of the best music in recent years for a Gundam all around. This was one of them, especially as the production team blended the beginning into the series many times with great effect. All around a great ending and a great use of it.

It took me until Episode 20 to get a SEED song, I’m kinda impressed I held out so long, as the two series are litered with some gems. Forgoing an Opening or Ending I chose In the Quiet Night performed by Rei Tanaka as it is just a pretty song. Furthermore it’s a nice change of pace to the more fast paced and rock style songs from previous picks. Variety is the spice of life after all, also Rei Tanaka as Lacus Clyne is in my opinion one of the better space princess archetypes in the series.

Episode 21 was a bloody episode... and in honour of the death of Biscuit the man we all had a pool on when he was going to die. I went with an opening from Zeta Gundam one of the darkest and bloodiest from the Universal Century - or any Gundam really. Kill-em-All Tomino at his best.

I held off for a while for this one. As listening to it now White Reflection may yet be my favorite piece of music to come out of Gundam and yes I’m aware at how much I’m dating myself with this admission. Not only is White Reflection just a good song but Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz is some of the most pure Gundam action you’ll find anywhere. With some of the best mech designs in the entire series (the Wing Zero Custom is still in the top five Gunpla sold world wide), politics and intrigue, with fluid animation it’s a great movie. Not quiet Char’s Counterattack but still pretty good.

So lets have some cool jazz. This is also kind of reminding me that I should do my second Thunderbolt write up soon (never did happen...). I like it because of how well it fits the series and is well integrated. Also as such a different piece of music from other Gundam music I thought it’d be a good entry this late in our series.

(Copied and pasted right from the original Impressions Article)

For the penultimate episode of the season I decided to go a little deeper into the vault. Due to the high apparent body count of the episode I settled on Victory Gundam another Kill-em-All series. Very much inline with Zeta Gundam it matched the tone of the series. Sadly the next episode would undo all the awesomeness of the episode, however for one week everyone was wondering who lived and who died. For one week IBO lived up to its initial bloody promise...

More Gundam Wing putting it’s count up to three. However with a title like Last Impression who could I not use the song. Well as we know it wasn’t my last Impression article as Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans of course got its long suspected confirmation of a second season at the end of the episode. However it was still a wild ride all the way though and I’m not going to lie a draining one.


At fourteen entries Gundam Music of the Week did exactly what I wished it would do by showing how broad Gundam music is. With the series ranging from 1979 to 2016 Gundam has a lot of music each as unique as the series they orginate from and we only scratched the surface of it. I look forward to continuing this tradition into Season 2 of Iron-Blooded Orphans. So what favorites of yours are missing? Let me know in the comments and check back later for Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 2 Impressions. As always thanks for reading.