Two weeks ago I spent my weekend at an Anime expo called "Geek Expo" here in Mexico City. This was the first iteration of said event so I was pretty interested in checking if it had something different to offer in a sea of Expos and Cons that are nothing to write home about.


The venue was actually quite big and nice, but it didn't have all that much promotion (they say otherwise, but I swear I just saw the event announced at only one place, and I move a lot in the city) and personally I found out almost by accident, so it was not a surprise to arrive at the place and finding out so few stands, and a lot, lot of free space.

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This could've been a problem, but as you can see, the place wasn't too crowded, so it was easy to take my time checking the stands one by one.

Aside from the stands, there was a stage where they were holding regular events

The schedule for the first day included a lot of cover groups, including some K-pop dance cover groups and Ani-song cover groups, a talk by Gus Rodriguez, who is probably the most famous videogame personality in the country, of course a cosplay contest (and international cosplay guests Lenneth XVII and Muze) and more.


One of the best presentations of the first day was the talk with Arturo Cataño and Moises Mora, which are the Latin Spanish voices for Mordecai and Rigby (Regular Show) which are a couple of incredibly funny guys, and they performed an awesome skit. On top of that at the end Cataño talked about a project his helming, which is the localization of the Kamisama Hajimemashita Anime which marks the comeback of a major production of dubbed Anime (which was, like I have told a couple of people here at Ani-TAY, a huge deal back in the day (90's) when Anime was incredibly popular)

The second day featured some recurring groups from the first day but this time the invited voice actor was the legendary (at least over here xD) Jesus Barrero, which is famous for voicing Pegasus Seiya in the latin dub of Saint Seiya (which is probably the most popular Anime over here, alongside Dragon Ball) and a childhood hero for a lot of us and the person in charge of voicing Nanami for the Kamisama Hajimemashita dub. Also a presentation by Cristobal Orellana (shit! he has an english wikipedia page) and his K-pop dance cover group LOkY, and I have to admit they had some really quality production values and their presentation was nice.

The main event both days of course was the Mika Kobayashi concert which even if it was short (6 songs), it was really good and very enjoyable. Hearing "Before my Body is Dry" or "Me & Creed" live is an incredibly experience. Even with all the hate Aldnoah.Zero has around Ani-TAY, the music is nothing to complain about and BRE@TH//LESS is a very catchy song. You can watch a video here that includes the performance of Tetsuro Shimaguchi at the mid part (And even the hiccups they had with the audio in the first day).

There was a Mika Kobayashi autograph session at the end of each day and yeah, that was pretty much it.


As for what I bought, even if we had too few stands selling I was able to grab some decent merchandise.

So at the end I have to say Geek Expo reflects more or less the current status of Anime/Manga (etc.) culture in the country. It is still at a bare bones state, but it's slowly recovering and growing once again and it looks it's going somewhere, trying to reclaim the place it once had in popular culture. It was a welcome and fresh proposition and definitely excited for the next one.