Well, I’ll be well rested for day 2 since I’m going later since not much is happening till noon. I am however going to make it harder on myself, by bringing my laptop so I can try type up what I can for you guys while at the convention. Might as well since I’m probably going to be waiting in line for long periods of time today.

First, let’s start with what happened on the way to the convention. I saw this on the way.

How much business do you think a car dealership right under an over pass makes? Love the fact they add a jumper to try to attract the family. Take note this was in South Central LA.

Anyway, we arrived to the convention around 11,

and attended the panel for the Kill La Kill English cast. Man was that panel so much fun. Though I must say they did overplay Before my body is Dry. After all they did play it for about 25 minutes straight. They do realize there were other songs in that show right?

Anyway the panel began and the voice actors came in with introductions in character. It was hilarious. What was bad ass was the English VA for Satsuki, Carrie Keranen (basically Kiryuin) , actually came to AX in full out Junketsu cosplay.

Anyway the panel began with a top five Kill la Kill episodes voted by fans.

They were

#5 Episode 3, Junketsu and 22 Tell Me How You Feel (tie)

#4 Episode 4, Dawn Of A Miserable Morning (which the fans messed up, it should be one.)

#3 Episode 18, Into The Night

#2 Episode 24, Past The Infinite Darkness

#1 Episode 7, Fight Club

The cast then started answering questions about their favorite episode, and a bit of a rivalry popped up with a fair number people from the cast liking episode 7, while another bunch had the right answer, answering episode 4. Apparently Tod Haberkorn likes the episode where people were naked, where (teacher) was taking of his clothes, or that episode where Senketsu says Ryuko. Oh yeah they also showed a video earlier trying to explain Kill La Kill for people who might have somehow never seen it, and it was pretty much a super cut of every single time Senketsu says Ryuko, which I cannot believe I missed that he actually says it many times. They then proceeded to play random games with the actor’s characters. First they took requests from an online survey they earlier in the month. Funny shenanigans occurred such a

  • Satsuki and Mako Improv (they were at club)
  • David Vincet’s Nudisstttt BIIIAAAAATTTTCCCHHHH
  • Gamigori asks Mako on a date awkwardly (stress on the awkwardly), which is now canon bitches.
  • Matt Mercer seductively explaining Dungeons and Dragons.
  • The dark truth of Tsumugu after Kil la Kill. Like with nothing to do he has to get a job, forcing him to redo his resume, buy pants and a suit, and shave. Actually it sounded quite morbid and depressing.

Another game was played where actors said the lines of different characters, but had to play it as that character. Memorable highlights included

  • Erica Mendez (Ryuko) doing Takarada’s monologue you dip shits.
  • Apparently Christie Marie Cabos (Mako) has balls.
  • Tod Habberkorn voicing Mikisugi (that voice)

After words they played a blooper reel. The panel ended with them putting the words of Satsuki’s “Fear is freedom” monologue, and having every single person in the audience (which was a full house) say it, and then have everyone put their arms up in a cross and be Mako, complete with chanting of Alleluia. They played everyone off to Sirius (where were you when they played Before My Body is Dry?)


Right afterwards, me and my cousin rushed as fast as we could to the Keita hall to get in line,

for this.

I’ll defend this by saying the Kill la Kill dub is one of the better dubs that’s actually well done.


They were about 20 minute late but eventually they started signing. I remembered Carrie voiced Mami, so I appropriately changed into this.

I probably should have gotten picture with the cast also, but I did not want to hold the line up. In addition I was doing a mad dash as I was constantly switching the boxed sets, so that as close as possible the cast signed where there respective characters were on the box sets. I was able to get most of the cast.

The session went all well. I even got to ask if Patrick Seitz would audition as Nico for the Love Live dub (inside joke from the internet about Seitz). Apparently he and Kaiji Tang (Tsumugu) will be the leads. Seitz further remarked “Nico Nico Nii? More like Nico Nico me.”

The autograph session was the reason I could not go to the Aksys panel (Kevin). Though according to my friend it was amazing. And hey, a miracle Zero Escape 3. My friend also went to the NISA panel but according to him it sucked so much he left in the middle of it.

Anyway right after the autograph session, I went straight into line for the premiere of Little Witch Academia 2. Due to some weird things, the line would not actually start form for about ten minutes. To kill time my friend recommended we go to the Little Witch Academia 2 exhibit while we waited.

Possible spoilers for Little Witch Academia Enchanted Parade (if concept art, sketches, story board with no context are some how spoilers for you).

After about 10 minutes we rushed quickly to get back in line for Little Witch Academia 2. Along the way i found Jesus.

In case you have somehow not noticed, I was very excited for this. I don’t care how long I would have to wait, I was going to do all I can to be sure I would get in and if possible get good seats. After a lot of confusion on what was going on about lining up, (damn, sometimes disorganized, convention) I finally got in line. And was it a long line. About 5-6 layers of lines going back and forth made up the line. Luckily I was in the first line. Good thing I went early.

What ended up happening was that Funimation was having its industry panel in the same location the premiere would be held, and we convention goers were told those in the room after the panel could stay, so they let us in. By the way, that’s a tip for you if you attend any convention. Check if a panel you want to go to is in a room where it immediately follows another one, because sometimes they let you stay after the previous panel ends. What this means is that you should go the panel that is right before the one you actually want to go to, even if you get bad seats for that panel, cause usually a lot of people clear out after its done so you could get better seats. Note, I’ll provide you with a guide for attending a convention at a later time after AX is done.


Overall that panel pretty much announced things Funimation previously had in the past. Only new announcement was Full Metal Alchemist collector’s edition blu-ray. They did also announce one more interesting thing. That was for the first time ever in Funimation’s history, it would be part of the committee responsible for funding anime; that anime being Dimension W. They showed a trailer which looked intriguing.

After the panel me and my group were able to move up into better seats. We waited patiently, luckily I had a constant swarm of Miis coming through street pass on my 3ds so that kept me occupied. The entire room filled up quick. This was the calm after the Funimation panel ended.

and this is it about 7 minutes after.

It was packed.

Finally however the moment I had been anticipating came. After introductions and an epic countdown, it premiered. I’ll talk about it in more detail in another post, but I’ll give you the quick summary. It was the sequel to Little Witch Academia, so of course it would be a fun, light hearted, all ages short film that was just plain amazing.


After the premiere, the original plan was to wait till late night to go to an 18+ event, one specifically titled Boobs, Butts, Or Twintails? Unfortunately me an my cousins got hungry and left around 8. I did see a lot more things, but right now I’m tired and apparently carrying a laptop in my bag added the extra necessary weight to make my shoulders ache bad, so I’ll talk about that stuff later. Instead I’ll wrap with some other cosplay.

My cousin “resting” four smash characters at once.

Ever had an anime you know you should start but don’t feel like starting it right now? Well...

That’s it for now. Prepare for more to come.