In the latest Naruto filler episode, a suspiciously familiar shinobi made his way on the screen. What can I say, North Korea's Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un is an easy target when it comes to poking fun. Now, I'm not one to push a point, but there are to many similarities here to let it slide. If the guy from the anime is supposed to be who I think it is, then the only discouraging factor is his weight. He seems to be heavily exaggerated (sorry about that one folks).

For those of you that don't know what Kim Jong-un is supposed to look like, here's a huge ass photo of him because my resize didn't properly scale the image and I have to go to work.

To give a bit of back-story, everyone is waiting to eat the food that is positioned on tables in the middle of the room. The guy in question is eating a preemptive granola bar which causes him to sweat a storm. The people around him realize that the second he moves to the food, all of that sweat is going to fling onto everything. Of course, their worst nightmare begins happening in front of their eyes, and the only way to stop him is to kick his ass (logic in the Action genre).

While the people were about to kick his ass, a funny thing happened. For the first time, at least for everything I know of, a shot of "Kim Jong-Un's" hair was shown from behind. It looks a bit silly in the anime, but after doing some research, they might not have been far off.

Here's the best comparison of the his hair from the back that I could find:

Here are the results of the ass-kicking:

Continuing on, these are some full profile shots, as well as a good size comparison, from later in the episode.

Now, funny enough, this guy is probably not a one-off character. He was given a name (Burami) and he is part of a Genin team that is participating in the Chunin exams. They are already at the second round, so I'd expect that he'll show up again.

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