Or Hiroshi Nohara...He is Shin-Chan`s Dad.

On the January Issue (That will come on December) of Futabasha´s Manga Town Magazine, it will be the first chapter of the New Shin-Chan Spinoff: Nohara Hiroshi Hirumeshi no Ryugi (Harry/Hiroshi Nohara’s Luchtime Style).


The Manga will center on Shin-Chan´s Dad, the Hardworker Harry Nohara and basically his work life...Specially on Lunch.

The Picture has Harry saying something like “I am a litle Noisy when i eat”.The Mangaka in charge is Yoichi Tsukahara.


The Original Shin-Chan´s Manga ended with the sad Passing of his Author. Although a new one started with the name of “Shin Crayon Shin-Chan” (New Crayon Shin-Chan) made by Usui´s (The Author-R.I.P.) Team.

This is the third Spinoff (That i know of) of SHin-Chan, havin the SHin-Men manga and Action Mask (Based on his favorite Super hero...which BTW the manga is awesome) released in the past.

Via: Anime News Network