Many of my friends have never before taken the dive into the interesting world of manga. One of them was accompanying me one day when I was buying and made a bet with me: if I bought him a ridiculous volume of manga, he would read the whole thing. Naturally, I accepted. And what better way to start someone off with manga than the series Food Wars? As any of you that know the series might imagine, his reaction was very... interesting.

Warning: both the manga and the reactions would likely qualify as NSFW.

He decided to read the volume at two in the morning. Here’s a snapshot of his live reaction:

From there, things only got better.

and he made this astute observation:

His reactions to the manga continued in a similar fashion.

His reactions were in a groupme chat, so naturally others chimed in:

Food Wars is a series known for it’s absolute craziness. Many of the characters will make actual dishes, and in describing the sensations they feel as they eat, the manga will be very... vivid.

So after he finished, I decided to ask him a few questions about his thoughts and experiences.

Q: So overall, what did you think of Food Wars?

A: Enjoyably random.

Q: What was your favorite part?

A: Well the obvious choice here would be the multiple scenes of naked women being tickled by angels. The gorilla was good too though.

Q: What did you think of the food aspect of the manga?

A: It played a vital role that seemed almost irrelevant to the story line. It also made me hungry. (Editor’s note: the recipes are actually legit things that can be made)

Q: Do you regret making the bet?

A: Absolutely not.

Would you be interested in reading more?

A: If it meant being uncomfortable for the duration of the experience, then the only logical answer is yes.

Q: Who would you recommend the series to?

A: People with an interest in food, women, and being uncomfortable, in that order.

Of course, a special thanks to Yoav for participating in our little experimental bet here.


If you’re interested, Food Wars! is published by Viz Media and can be purchased in English from retailers such as Barnes & Noble or online on Amazon, and is also a currently airing anime being produced by J.C. Staff.

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