After the end of Daikichi and Rin’s story, Yumi Unita revisits their early years together in a series of heartwarming tales. This is the final volume of the series that would inspire the hit anime adaption.

Years have passed since Daikichi and Rin first started living together, and now that their story is complete it’s time to take a look back at some of the nostalgic experiences that defined their time together. additionally, the first meeting between Masako and her husband is shown, as well as a concluding epilogue taking place in the time after the end to Daikichi and Rin’s story.

The first and better half of the book covers two short stories taking place in the year after Rin came to live with Daikichi as a child, providing more of the heartwarming stories that typified the first half of this series. The first shows Daikichi attempting to explain to Rin how to differentiate between “good” bugs and “bad” bugs which can be squashed. Of course, what seems like an easy distinction quickly turns into a big thought-problem for the pair which provided a touching yet hilarious teaching moment for Daikichi.

The second story followed a chain of events spawning from Kouki falling into a hole while walking to school, culminating in he, his mother, Daikichi and Rin heading to the aquarium. I loved this story for the moments of bonding it showed not only between Rin and Daikichi but also between Kouki and Daikichi, reminding me of the strong sense of family these characters evoke together despite not being related. Overall, these two stories were pure fanservice which fans of the series will be sure to love, and I greatly enjoyed revisiting the early days which formed such a special part of this series.

The second set of stories showed the first meeting between Masako and her eventual husband, as well as Kouki’s effort throughout junior high-school to get into the same high-school as Rin. While they weren’t as engaging as the first two stories about Daikichi and Rin, they were still an enjoyable part of this volume. I appreciated that they both added some interesting backstory to these characters, particularly in the case of Masako and her husband as it was interesting to see how they met considering the effect they had on the series.


The final story takes place after the ending to volume 9, providing an epilogue to the series. Unfortunately, this story incorporates a lot of what made this series so divisive for fans of the series. The fact that Rin and Daikichi are now married is more or less danced around by all of the characters, culminating in one seriously awkward (from a reader’s perspective) conversation between Daikichi and a visting Kouki about how Rin is doing. The conversation feels particularly awkward considering the focus of one of the flashback stories was to show the sense of family Rin, Daikichi and Kouki had, and the fact that Daikichi was a significant father figure to Kouki as well. I felt that this undermined the emotional impact of the first two flashbacks, making this story an uncomfortable yet somewhat fitting reminder of the way this series went with its story.

Bunny Drop Vol. 10 is a microcosm of the series as a whole; heartwarming in many measures but awkward in some unfortunate ways. While the time it spends revisiting Rin and Daikichi’s earlier years is as welcome as ever, it’s still difficult to reconcile this with the later development in their relationship. However, credit has to be give to author Yumi Unita for sticking to her thematic vision, and this volume certainly stays true to this series in both good and bad ways. If you’re a devoted fan of the series or want just a little bit more of Daikichi and Rin in their early days, you may want to give this volume a look.

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Bunny Drop Vol. 10 was published by Yen Press on April 22nd, 2014 and covers the final 6 chapters of the series. Authored by Yumi Unita, the series ran from 2005-2011 in Shodensha’s Feel Young magazine. Yen Press published all the previous volumes in the series in English, and an anime adaption is available from NIS America.

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