Boruto: Naruto the Movie the Manga finally starts kicking into high gear with its first truly enjoyable chapter since its inception five months ago. While the issues regarding the art remain a constant there has been some improvement, I’ve noticed the panelling has become more varied and interesting to look at. While the action scenes at least seem to flow better then they did a few chapters ago. It’s not much but it’s a start.

Furthermore we’ve finally moved into the third act of the movies plot with the climactic conflict. With any luck we will be moving away from Boruto: Naruot the Movie the Manga before the first snowfall. However who knows pacing has been a little weird in this manga so far, I mean this entire chapter took place in the span of about fifteen minutes of the movie.

Beginning the chapter begins as Naruto scolds his son for cheating in the Chūnin Exam. Having just expelled his son uniting the whole stadium in disgust with the little “Ninja” who Naruto has also taken his headband from. The disappointment in Naruto and the rest of the Kage is palpable, with Himiwari not understanding what is going on. Pleading with Hinata to know if Boruto is alright.


However the painful moment is cut short as Momoshiki (small one) and Kinshiki (big one) drop from the sky revealing their presence to the stadium (yes I know another big and weak/small and strong Shonen manga pairing...). Displaying their strength Kinshiki unleashes a powerful shockwave ripping apart the stadiums floor with a single strike. The Kage and other high level fighters such as Sakura and Temari jump into action to help the survivors.

The young Sand Ninja revealed to be named Shinki is simultaneously revealed to be Gaara’s son. While this isn’t surprising it’s a little neat to learn for sure that one of the most morose characters even after his redemption had found some happiness.

On the floor of the stadium things look bad as Momoshiki drops down and sucker kicks Naruto as he tries to protect his jackass son. Also in the hot zone are Sarada who luckily has a demi-god level Ninja as a father herself, who swoops in on one of his best moments so far, pulling Sarada away from danger.


While Naruto is still MIA Boruto attempts to engage Momoshiki with his ill gotten Jutsu. However revealing a Rinnegan in his hand Momoshiki absorbs the Jutsu, leaving Boruto to fire helplessly at the overwhelming foe. Showing Momoshiki’s Rinnegan shares similarities to Nagato as the Six Paths of Pain.

However before Momoshiki can put down the brat, Naruto comes from behind to deliver a powerful blow to the Moon races head, which he easily dodges as well. Now with the big and little two of Naruto, Sasuke, Sarada, and the Brat united Sasuke explains the whole plot he learned from the scroll he scroll chapters ago.

Apparently they are members of the Ōtsutsuki Clan of which Naruto and Sasuke’s greatest foe Kaguya was a member. They have come to the Earth to find the fruit of the Chakra Tree which Kaguya planted (and was featured in a not terrible recent Naruto Shippuuden filler arc) to gain great power when they grind it to a drug “Red Earth”.

It’s basically the plot of Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might but this time the fruit is literally Kurama and the other Tailed Beasts. Eating a dose of the drug Momoshiki powers up unleashing the Jutsu he absorbed from Boruto only at a level several magnitudes higher. Which ironically is VERY reminiscent of Freiza’s death ball that destroyed Namek in Dragon Ball. I’m thinking the animators we’re fans...

Powering up into Kurama Chakra Mode Naruto prepares to defend the stadium. However things look dicey until Sasuke volunteers his comprable amount of godly Chakra. The two old friends then manage to deflect the attack as the chapter ends setting up the final battle of the arc. Between Sasuke and Boruto and Momoshiki... oh ya Kinshiki is there somewhere...

With this chapter coming to an end I can honestly say with no reservation I enjoyed it. I was genuinely surprised by how the battle was translated from anime to manga and how it kept its kick. If anything the additions for the manga actually added to the experience, this is the first time I could say the manga surpassed its source material.

Even the mediocre art didn’t bother me as much. This is likely though the focus for this chapter shifted from the brat as I so lovingly call him to Naruto and Sasuke, characters that are actually enjoyable to read. Anyways if this keeps up for a few more weeks especially moving into the original content this could be something to read.

Boruto Potential Anime
NO NO NO NO NO! Do not do it! Seriously I’d be fine with another movie as long as it doesn’t step on the foot of the manga, however an anime series would be INSANE at this point. With only five chapters, about 200 pages of material all of which have already been animated it would be a repeat of a repeat to animate it again.


Beyond that as a monthly manga it’d have the issue that every monthly manga has (think Attack on Titan or Blue Exorcist) it would run out of material too quickly. An “Adaption” would end up becoming something like 90% filler by the end, I’d have to right a “Canon Guide” Rather then a “Filler Free” Guide.... While I understand wanting to continue Naruto: Shippuden following the upcoming Naruto/Sasuke fight (I’ll be writing that up shortly) Boruto is a bad choice.

With several novels and not to mention Naruto Gaiden and the awesome Mitsuki One-shot (although that has spoiler issues for the character) waiting to be adapted it would be a little foolish to jump straight to the Next Generation. Give it more time to grow and then consider an anime adaptation. Besides Naruto Gaiden is quality material with better characters (Sarada beats Boruto any day of the week) anyways...