A whole year has passed and we are back again with another Berserk covering, this time the person who will start it it is I, ShadowHaken, so come and see with us what these 2 chapters are all about!

Rent World

A group of Children were playing on a forest, exploring, suddenly one of them stops, the other kids argue to the one who stopped; until…they start feeling a certain disturbing aura, a slight laughter is heard and some presence can be felt.


On a nearby place, Zodd, a Monster, gets up and passes above the Children, who start running away after seeing such monstrosity.

Where is this monster going? What is his purpose? While the Children might not know or care for such questions and their respective answers, the objective of this being now is highly tied to the fate of the person who on the supernatural realm responded by the name of “Femto”.

In another part, Guts and Casca finally returned safe and sound to where Rickert and Erika are; Erika is happy to see them and proposes to both of them that they might stay and live with them! The Elves Mine is a safe haven for them and can be adjusted to look and feel more like a house, so Guts and Casca can live in there and if Guts is nice to Casca surely she won´t feel the need to get away!


Guts gives a Yes to Erika´s proposal and even promises that he and Casca will stay… A empty promises, no rather a half-assed one since while in truth that is a nice possibility, Guts went to hell, rescued Casca and came back. Surely anyone would want to live a life filled with tranquility and peace; but Guts… No, he can´t do this, this journey of Revenge –and self destruction- against Griffith, and the Apostles.

Is in that moment when Erika says that Rickert is with an acquaintance of him, a truly beautiful man with a shinning silver armor; his hair decorated with the color of such metal and a beautiful face that one can even find hard to recognizing it as a man… That description.

Quickly Guts went running towards that man, the one who once lead them and in the end betrayed them… Griffith. Rickert was on the “sword graveyard” with him, the young one is clearly happy to see that another survivor of the “Band of the Hawk” is alive and well, since he doesn´t know what happened that night and Guts doesn´t tell him anything, still… It is good to have him back.

Guts runs towards his nemesis with violent intentions, Rickert stop him; the Black swordsman still tries to get to it!The object of his hatred. Griffith, for his part reveals something… He just came in here knowing that Guts will come, he wanted to know if… Guts could move him, the same way he did back then… The answer is a clear no. his blood is cold, he can´t feel anything with Guts now…He is free now.

Finally Guts free himself form Rickert´s grasp and goes towards his enemy with the clear intention of killing him!

<<<I Shan´t betray my dream… That is all.>>>

The Moment Gut´s blade is moves towards Griffith, Zodd appears in front of him, Rickert is terrified by seeing such person in here. The Black Swordsman and the Monster start fighting each other! The fight is intense and the sound of both swords clashing each other is loud and clear!


Meanwhile Casca and Puck, who were eating at Erika´s house, detects that there is something near…

The fight continues and it turns more and more violent, the horse-killing sword that Zodd uses starts getting broken, both fighters uses some of the “sword graves” that decorates the place in order to hurt the other! While the fight is intense,and even Rickert can feel the focus, improvements and the strong feelings of Guts on this fight…Those things aren´t aimed at his opponent; but rather to the one who uses a Silver armor, to Griffith. Who thinks that after seeing such fight his blood should have frozen; but that is not happening, he wonders if that is because of the Baby who now is a part of him.

Guts finally is able to hurt Zodd and the sword of this Monster is broken…He has had enough.

Zodd transforms to his monstrous form and Rickert starts remembering that form, the form of the demon that both Guts and Griffith fought some years ago. The fight becomes more intense, the fight reaches the walls of the mine and this gets destroyed, the fight continues until Casca reaches them alongside Puck and Erika, Casca sees Griffith…

Like a fly to the honey, Casca feels drawn to the leader of the band of the Hawk, rocks start falling since Zodd was able to free himself; Griffith protects Casca. Their reunion is short since Griffith has had enough, he is ready to leave, he gives Rickert a message that no matter if he hates it for what he did; but if he wants to he can follow him again. After that Griffith gets on top of Zodd and both of them leaves, Guts attacks them with his arrows; but none of them is able to hurt him.


After that, Guts decides to explain everything to Rickert, everything about the Eclipse and the night where a big part of the Band of the hawk got assassinated by the demons who came following the wishes of Griffith.

After that, and such revelations Rickert wanted to go with Guts and his path of Revenge; but he doesn´t want to drag him to the same fate he has, and after seeing Erika cry his decision is obvious, he will stay; but both Guts and Casca has to go.

Meanwhile, in another part of Midland, the Kushan invasion continues and is destroying everything that comes near them, killing, robbing, raping and sacrificing. Still, one girl trust that their salvation is coming, and is coming very, very soon.


On another place in the city, the leader of that Kushan division is scolding the Bakiraka sect, the heretics and slaves that tried to hunt and kill the Black Swordsman, suddenly their conversation stops and the Bakiraka are able to kill a group of knights who tried to kill the commander. After that, they leave in order to continue their mission; their march is soon stopped by the arrival of Griffith, the white hawk.

Back with Guts, since the elves mine has been destroyed, Puck then gets an idea and it is to go to his home! That´s a safe place!

That was the moment when a new chapter on the story of Guts and Casca begun and he won´t leave her behind, not again.

Winter´s Journey

Griffith has come to the rescue for all the people of Midland, On the distance a witch and her Fairy sees that and wonders if this is in truth something good, or rather…


Meanwhile Guts keeps advancing alongside Casca, by fighting and moving on the night and resting while the sun is up; Guts has become in a some form of guardian to Casca who is unable to do anything by herself… Still, it seems that inside of him a conflictive wish lingers inside the Black Swordsman.

A wish that include both sexual and murderous intent, one that desires to posses Casca´s body and to see her blood splattered on the ground so he can keep going forward on his revenge path; such desires are seen in the dream realms when the Sun sets and Guts sleeps, the moment when the first demons and their intentions starts rising up.


Puck also speak about his house which is basically a land of never ending spring and filled with a lot of good stuff, still he leaved it because he got bored of it.

Meanwhile in another part, 2 humans are covering from the cold winds of the land and the horrors of the night: Farnese and Serpico, the former members of the Holy Iron Chain Knights, people who now are chasing Guts, for what purpose? Only Farnese knows that answer.

Farnese goes to sleep while Serpico starts guarding, while he looks at the night scenery in front of him, filled with the snow, he starts remembering that , yes… In a day like these he get to know her, he get to know Farnese.

Serpico came from a poor family, her Mother was getting old and Sick and had some signs of dementia; Serpico, who fought to live day by day taking care of his mother, and found himself constantly being bullied by the other kids, for some reason he attracted the attention of Farnese, a noble girl with an ugly and weird toy in the shape of a bunny.


Farnese took care of his wounds and made the decision that from now on Serpico will be her servant, no… Rather he is her property now. Serpico, who now was a servant for Farnese and therefore a job start getting a good ay so he was able to rise her mother´s living quite well; in exchange he had to endure all kind of twisted games that Farnese tried to put him through, since all the other servants whose mission was to be “her friends” escaped after such tortures; but not Serpico.

The reason for this treatment and the temper of this problematic Child? Well, that might be because her Father is always away and her Mother decided to give in to mundane pleasures and never look back to her own offspring, so is no wonder that Farnese resulted in a truly sociopath on this cage that it is the family´s mansion.

On a certain day, the Father and master of the house finally came and Farnese, while happy to see her Dad after so much time, she lost one of her most treasured things, the bunny toy, the only memento of the only travel she had with her family.


For his part, Serpico got to know his heritage, he is the Son of this man, an unrecognized child and Farnese is his Half-Sister. While the Master of the house decided to not to put him through any scold him or anything, he warned Serpico to not to tell to anybody his heritage, since the political mess that might make this knowledge could be troublesome to say the least.

The days became weeks, the weeks months and finally these ones transformed in years. Farnese grew to have the age to getting married, still she always rejected every men that dared to approach to her, with the only exception of Serpico, a man who now is a noble; but his origins as part of the townsfolks are secret to nobody. While on the outside this might look like a love story about 2 childhood friends, on the shadows… Farnese liked to put Serpico through a lot of dangerous situations and even hurting him herself, this out of frustration due to the fact that according to her he is not using his full potential, and in the end Serpico ends with scars all over his body; although… That might not be so bad in itself.


Another day came and the Master of the House has an announcement for Farnese, a noble man has decided to marry her and he doesn´t care the temperament of the lady, this decision was already done and she can´t do much about it other than accept it… That night Farnese burned the mansion, laughing, Farnese was dancing between the flames; Serpico was the only one who was able to snap her out of that state of mind. After such incident all the bachelors who might be interested in her stepped out.

In a way to escape more of that, and to escape on tis cage that she was in, Farnese joined to the Loy See and became the Comander of the Holy Iron Chain Knights, with the mission of chasing heretics, Farnese worked diligently on her mission.

In one of those raids, a group of Heretics was found on an Asylum…And between them, was Serpico´s Mother, totally crazy for the dementia, the old lady was unable to recognize even her own son… Still, Serpico couldn´t believe that his Mother, the Women who he so much cared and made sure she was safe was in this place and about to be burned out.


<<<Mother>>> said Serpico and his voice reached the ears of his superiors, he was in big trouble since as part of the rules a member of the Holy Iron Chain must not have any family on the “heretic´s side”. For that, Serpico had to do one last sacrifice… To burn his own Mother, by holding his hand and with tears on her face, Farnese stood next to him, both of them would burn the old lady, and maybe…Even if it´s in a twisted way, Serpico got himself free.

Back on the present, the dawn is about to come; Guts finds himself fighting against any supernatural horror that preys at night, Casca and Puck where witnessing his fight until a rat, meat, came to her eyes. She tried to grab it and some horrors tries to attack her; the Black Swordsman saves her from them…but not from him, an intense urges to kill her dominates his body and he grabs her neck putting more and more strength on his grasp, a Black Beast he was now, still with the first lights of the day, Guts regains his sanity and let her go.

Guts tries to see if she is okay; but Casca escapes from him, she is afraid of what this man in front of him can do to her.

Guts, by seeing no other way, ties her and obliges her to follow him, although Puck is not too Okay with this idea, it is the only thing they can do right now, since there is no time.


For Guts, he knows quite well that the only thing he is getting is more and more hatred from Casca, but the only thing important to him is the speed and her safety, even if she hates him, as long as she is alive and well, then there will be no problem for him.

After setting up a camp, Guts fell asleep, a time that Casca used in order to manage her escape, so when Puck finally is able to wake him up she is no longer with them.

On the vicinity 2 bandits are talking about the condition of the Kingdom, since the Kushan invasion has been very bad for the people and them. With little food, little things to steal and of course few women, suddenly they are able to see that Casca was behind them eating their food… This woman was a blessing for these bandits since now they might be able to put their urges to rest.

The bandits quickly stripped out of her clothes and start doing whatever they please with her body, in the moment one of them open her legs the hurtful memories of the eclipse reaches her, when she was raped by Femto and his minions on that hellish night.

Guts finally is able to find her and finds a bloodbath, the body of those 2 bandits lies on the ground and Casca´s body has been tainted with their blood, she has sword in hand. Guts tries to come close; but she points at him with the weapon, the Black Swordsman puts it away and… The second feeling for him starts floating from the deepest of his body to the touch of his skin.


Guts quickly grabs Casca and opens her legs, put his mouth on her breasts and bites them, the rape starts and then again…Guts doesn´t feel like himself; but rather as a Black Beast whose only desire is to cease his Sexual urges and kill.

Quickly Guts snaps out of it and gets up horrified for what he was doing to the one he wants to protect the most.

Puck, for his part finds Isidro, the kiddo who tagged alongside Guts during the whole Tower incident, he has been searching for them, although he is not alone now.

Finally Puck and company finds Guts who has dressed Casca and tied her to a tree. Alongside Puck is Isidro; but also Farnese and Serpico, they have come, not with the intent of killing him; but rather…To join him.

What the Band of the Haken say about this :


I’m just gonna admit, brain-addled Casca gets on my nerves sometimes


good thing the director has short attention span and everything is like 1.5x speed.


Guts is into the rough stuff


The CG still sucks but the plot is moving nicely so far




She was wearing clothes last episode

And it’s snowing

Nomadic Dec

Look, if you’re not strong enough to manage subzero temperatures while naked, then there’s no hope for you

Literally. You’d die


I think in that scene they just bathed, and had washed and were drying clothes? idunno. ah farnese and serpico. cray cray land.

they toned down the “scene”


serpico is actually “normal” in his choices. even the burning his mother alive part....


These are the nipple-less people

Serpico is the least damaged. Low bar, tho


Berserk’s enough eyebleeding for me. My doctor recommended


I Liked the chapters well enough. Although the first one had more impact than the second and I think that the production values got up for the moment, which is nice on its own.

Well, that is all. See Ya!