Welcome to OP/ED's a day by Ani-TAY! Each day the Ani-TAY community will be featuring an OP/ED which they found particularly remarkable, wonderful or impressive. Come along for the ride!

It's April now, spring has come! (without you) We'll be doing nostalgia related songs this month, so please be excited to feel those feels! Also, our monthly poll for March is out, please make sure to vote!

Here is our poll for the week! The poll will be open for 1 week and the winner will move on to the monthly battle to determine what is the best OP/ED of the month.

April Fools Entry! - Wednesday April 1st - By: FruityDrinks

It's All the Same - All

Thursday April 2nd - By: Exile

Kin no Nami Sen no Nami - Aria the Origination

Friday April 3rd - By: Dexomega

Century Color - Turn A Gundam

Saturday April 4th - By: Jonuiuc

Tell Me Why - Berserk

Sunday April 5th - By: Koda Kazar

Through the Night - Outlaw Star

Monday April 6th - By: Kinksy

Hiro no Tsuki - Outlaw Star

Tuesday April 7th - By: mdubs

Kirameki - Your Lie in April

Wednesday April 8th - By: MementoMorie

Rinbu Revolution - Revolutionary Girl Utena

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